While tilting my head, I grabbed Jade by the sleeve.

The handsome brown-haired man, who had been watching it blankly, smiled and came closer to me and bent down.

“I’m Percy. Three years older than Jade.”

I made a small wink and nodded my head.

“Yes, hello.”

Percy groaned and bit his fist.
What is this?

“My name is Jax.
I thought a fairy appeared in the flower garden.”

Lastly, Jax was an ordinary boy with blond hair. Jax tried to kiss my hand. I was so surprised that my eyes widened.

At that moment, Jade picked me up in his arms. My legs dangled freely in the air. And Jax’s hand that held mine remained awkwardly in the air.

“I’m sorry, but my sister is shy with people she don’t know.”

“Oh, hahaha.”

The boy named Jax laughed awkwardly.
He looked very frustrated.
Percy slaps him on the back.

It’s because your sister is so cute.”

“Oh, yes. But if you grab her hand too, you’ll have problems. Her hand is mine.”

Jade was relaxed but spoke harshly. This Percy seemed to be a very nice guy. He just laughed when he heard this.

“This friend’s joke is funny, haha!”

Joke… But I didn’t think so.

‘Is it because Jade is the Duke’s heir?’

These people continued to talk among themselves, even when they sensed Jade’s coldness. The whole thing seemed a little complicated.

‘Isn’t Jade younger?’

Jade looked even taller.

‘Hmm, that’s a bit strange.
Maybe it’s because they’re nobles.’

It feels like there is a hierarchical relationship.

* * *

The sun was warm on Lennox Island.

‘There is no wind. The weather is perfect for a picnic.’

Sandwiches and fruit, biscuits and chocolates were served in the shade in front of us. Plus black tea with milk.

“Then we will leave,” the servants said they would go to the other side of the island.

“… What an unfortunate coincidence. I have come to spend time alone with my sister.”

I sat next to Jade and ate a sandwich while watching those ‘unfortunate coincidence’.

We were with Jade’s academy seniors. Soft guy Jax, sweet, helpful Percy. And even the shy Leon.

“Is it delicious?”

“Yes, the sandwich is delicious.”

The chef made the sandwiches exclusively with my favorite ingredients. Boiled eggs, fresh vegetables and sliced ​​meats.

Jade has been pretty good to me, especially since the moment I got hurt. However, when he lifted his head and looked at the others, his gaze changed dramatically. This was the first time I saw Jade’s look.

“Take a cup of tea and go on your way.”

“Our picnics crossed, but you are such a grump, Jade!”

Percy exclaimed.

“You skipped classes and came to test your courage, right?”

“Hey, this guy is sharp,” Percy admired.

“The curse of the blue rose is a scary thing, so you better go.”

Jax shook his head.

“Why? I like blue roses,” Leon said.

“You seem a little different today.”

“Yes. Marianne helped me with that.”

I said to Jade, stroking my hair, braided into two pigtails by Marianne.

“…If it’s Mariane-sama, then you’re a saintess? I once met her by chance… I couldn’t even imagine such beauty,” Jax muttered.

“The whole family of Duke is an object of admiration.”

Leon said kindly.

‘Um, but I keep thinking I’ve seen this person somewhere…’

But it can’t be.

‘There’s no way I’m acquainted with an aristocrat.’

Growing up in the back alleys, the only people I saw were the people from the lower town who came to play occasionally, or the porters at the train station.

“Oh, how about stories from Jade’s academic life?”

“Ah, like what happened while everyone was scolded at the student council initiation ceremony? There was a terrifying atmosphere that day…”

“Seniors, please be quiet.”

“Oh, or what about that story? How Jade performed at the Academic Ball.”

Percy’s stories were pretty interesting.

“Bring your sister a tour of the academy later!”

“I’ll come then!”

“Get off her,” Jade snapped.

‘They are friendly people.’

In particular, Leon took care of me in many ways.

‘It’s also an illusion.’

The more I looked at the kind Leon, the more I realized that something was wrong.

“Leon is the best student among us.”

“I’m ordinary compared to Jade.”

“Being too shy is a talent.”

“Come to think of it, wasn’t it worse when I was younger? It was worse when I was Jade’s age.
I couldn’t speak properly back then.”

“We were fifteen then. At some point, Leon began to develop by leaps and bounds. Look at whom he has grown now.”

“It’s because the two of you have always been friends.”

The three seemed to be friends from early childhood.

‘Friends are a good thing.’

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