“We have arrived, young master.”

A servant with an oar said politely. Jade climbed out of the boat, hugged me and pulled me outside.

Two servants were left to work with the boat. In the meantime, I went out to the rose garden.

“Wow, that smells good. It’s so beautiful here. Blue roses are really blooming here.”

The first blue roses that I have ever seen. It was a mysterious sight.

My world has always been small. In a past life, I spent all the time in a hospital ward, and in this life my home was my narrow alley.

This is the first time I’ve seen anything like this. The water is blue and very clean!

“Look at this, Jade!”

I was in a good mood right away, and I ran around holding the teddy bear I brought.

“Go over there.”

“Calm down. You still haven’t recovered.”

Jade told me. I pouted out my lips in response.

“Seriously, don’t run around like that.
If you overdo, you’ll get tired quickly. And we still have to play all day.”

“I’m full of energy,” I said ambitiously.

“Don’t touch the thorns on the roses, otherwise it will hurt your hands.”

“Yes,” I nodded.

“But there are really no people.”

The surroundings were quiet.

“Once, during the blooming of blue roses, a dead man was suddenly found here. Since then, rumors have spread about the curse of the rose field.”

“…Right here?”

“Yes. Under this bush.”

I stopped.

Although, such things were common in this country. I thought that this was where the murder happened, and I felt a little creepy.

“In fact, the color of these roses is due to the mineral deposits in this place.”


“Until this was discovered, there was such a superstition that people go crazy over the poison of the blue rose.”

I nodded.

A flock of butterflies flew through the rose field. It was a wonderful sight.
I made a sound of admiration.

“It would have been nice if the Duke would have come too.”

“Today is the annual national meeting. The father had to go regardless of the circumstances.”

I was sorry, but I nodded as if I understood.
The duke seemed to regret leaving me in the morning.

At that moment, a noise was heard in the distance.

“These troublesome people have come,” Jade said.

“The picnic is ready.”

We were called by a servant. The servants had already spread the tablecloth, and baskets full of champagne and strawberries were already waiting for us.

‘…They are people I don’t know.’

I hid behind Jade. I felt that the curiosity of other children was aimed specifically at me.

‘Young aristocratic men are scary.’

When I lived in the alleys, some of the meanest young nobles beat children for fun.

Because of this memory, I was still afraid of young aristocrats.

“Jade, it’s been a while.”

“Something you haven’t seen in the academy these last days.”

The young men approached Jade and spoke to him in a friendly manner. Jade’s expression quickly turned cold.

“Long time no see.”

“Okay. What are you doing here?”

“Ah, I thought to bring my sister here, to show her flowers.”

I listened to Jade and wondered. Mmm, Jade should introduce me, right?

I knew that, too, when I was just starting to learn etiquette.
But Jade didn’t seem to want that.

“I see.
It’s fate that we met like this…”

“It was nice to meet you.
Then, let’s enjoy it.
Everyone on their own,” Jade was literally close to an iron wall.

‘…Is this okay?’

I only blinked my eyes behind Jade’s back in embarrassment.

“This friend, haha.
You’re still stiff.
You should give the young lady a chance to say hello.”

A brown-haired young man with a good personality… No, the boy laughed.

Jade gently pushed my back with an expression that did not hide that it was annoying.
You mean I need to say hello?

“This is my sister,” Jade said coldly.

“Hello, my name is Leticia.”

I bowed slightly. I felt that I was being appreciated.

“Oh, she’s so cute.”

“There was such a cute child in the duchy?”

The guys looked at me with surprised eyes.

“Good morning. I’m Leon.”

A nice guy came up and greeted me tenderly.

‘I think I saw it somewhere.’

The moment I saw the man, I felt a strange familiarity.

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