“Is it your friend?”

But he looks two to three years older than Jade.

“Senior. We’re not that close. We just do things together sometimes.”


“We are on the student council. So, you can think of it as a meeting to plan an event or something.”

Hmm, is sitting on the student council a responsible position? Then they should be close, but it seems not.

“Doesn’t it interfere with your studies?”

“We do this after class.”

“Is Jade good at studying?”

“Enough to skip a class for a year.”

Hey, isn’t that elite then? But he doesn’t seem to be particularly diligent in his studies. I have never seen him study. After all, he played with me all day.

“But don’t you have to go to the academy every day?”

“You usually have to show up every day to get a good score.”

“Then Jade is not normal?”

“Oh, I could just do well on the exam. The exam score is more important than the semester score.”

It was easy to say, but not easy to do.

“Could I study there?”

“Our family is one of the few magical families in the kingdom. Better go to the tower of magicians to practice magic.”

“And hanging out in the mansion?”

Isn’t that a lie then…? I blinked.

“These days, I usually play with you, so you’re an accomplice too.”

Does that make any sense?

I opened my mouth slightly.

‘The school fees attended by nobles must be very expensive.’

I was happy to just learn the letters, but I would like to go to the academy someday.

‘But just being allowed to live in the ducal family is something I’m thankful for.’

I started to develop an interest in learning. However, I didn’t have to wish for too much. Otherwise, you could lose everything at once.

I hid my thoughts and said playfully.

“I think Jade teaches bad things.
You teach me the tricks first?”

“Being bad and excellent is just as good as being good and sincere.”

“Hmm… then I’ll just do what’s right.
Not too nice, not too bad.
I’m only just learning to write.
That’s too much for me.”

“If you just learn to write, you’ll become a lot smarter.
Now you say you know how to write a few words?”


I shyly nodded.

I was ashamed of my ignorance, but the teacher praised me for learning very quickly. I wanted to show off to Jade anyway.

“I already know how to write my name. Although sometimes it is wrong…”

Jade laughed.

“What else?”

“I know how to write the words father and elder brother. And I also learned how to write your names.”

My teacher emphasized that aristocrats often write letters to close friends. After that, I decided to write a letter to Jade someday.

Hearing my words, Jade clenched his fists. He seemed to be trying to endure something.

“You’re driving me crazy, really. You’re so funny.”

What? I felt a little teased.

“Don’t tease me.”


Jade chuckled again.

Well, I don’t like being treated like an idiot, but it’s nice that Jade laughs a lot these days.


Jade looked at me.

Actually, I now have a proper name for a noblewoman, Leticia. But Jade, Collen and Marianne didn’t always call me that.

“Don’t you miss anyone?”

At those words, my movements stiffened.
It was an unexpected question.

“…I have a friend named Walter with whom I used to hang out with on the street. He helped me a lot in the past.”

“Okay. And besides this friend?”

I shook my head. On good days, other children would show up and share the bread.

However, the close friendship was limited to Walter.

“It was commonplace. On the street, everyone promised to pretend they didn’t know each other if something happened.”

“Did you promise?”

“Yes. Even if someone is sick and dies, even if he is beaten, even if he is caught and dragged away. If you are unlucky and you disappear, don’t try to drag others along with you.
That’s a fact everyone knows.”

It was an unspoken agreement of street children. Therefore, I didn’t cry when others were dying of the plague.

No one came to me when she fell ill for three days and was defenseless.

Of course, we also had our own loyalty. As long as each other’s body is fine, we help each other.
This is basic.

There were times when bad-tempered kids bullied me, but including that, forgetting everything once you go out on the street is also a rule.

“I’m so lucky. Winter is coming soon. Winter is very difficult to survive outside. That’s why I’m always grateful to the Duke and Jade.
It’s terrible to sleep in a blanket with your feet warmed up.”

Jade looked at me.

“The alley where you slept is warm?”

I stiffened.
That’s… That’s a lie I said when I tried to look good in the interview.

“That… but I’m healthy.
It’s true.
Except for midwinter, I’ve been warm.”

“Well… I’m still more or less healthy.”

Jade stared at me and leaned closer.

“There is no need for thanks. It’s naturally. Now my home is also your home.”

“…Not really. The more obvious it becomes, the more I appreciate it.”

This is what my mom taught me from a previous life.



“Then I will be grateful to you in return. Thank you for coming to our house.”

I blinked.
A smile slowly forms on my lips.

If I could say anything about happiness, wouldn’t it be a moment like this? I’m glad that such a moment happened when I discovered that this person would be a good brother to me.

Good feelings. How nice would it be if you could write all these feelings down like a postcard and keep them in your heart?

Then, even if you have hard times in the future, you can still relive the emotions. At this time, the boat stopped.

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