“Drinking is the same pleasure for everyone, Jade. Drinking is my way of looking after my health.”

“Even so, you drink well, aunt.”

Mariane was also an unconventional saint. I pulled her sleeve.

“Isn’t Marianne coming with us?”

“There will be an event in the temple in the afternoon.
Have a good trip.”

Marianne kissed me on the cheek and released me. Jade led me along to the carriage. The weather was sunny.

“Wow, how beautiful.”

The picnic area, Lennox Island, was across the river. According to Marianne, there was a meadow covered with flowers, a very beautiful place.

Our plan was to slowly cross the river and find a picnic spot.

While the servant rowed the boat, I put on my parasol and looked around.

The autumn wind was cool, but the sun was still warm. The sparkling sunlight tickled the surface of the water.

The boat rocked and moved.

“Blue roses must have bloomed on the island today.”

“Blue roses?”

“Oh, blue roses bloom on Lennox Island only three days a year. There were very few people at this time, so the walk was determined for today. To enjoy the picnic while nobody is there.”

“Huh? Why?”

Isn’t it a big rarity if bloom is only three days a year? Shouldn’t people come to watch?

“There are bad superstitions about blue roses.”

“Bad superstitions?”

“There is such a terrible legend about Lennox Island: on the days when the blue rose blooms, people die because of its poison.”

I flinched. Jade laughed when he saw my widened eyes.

“It’s been three years since this superstition began, and no one has died yet. Besides, my family is a true magicians family.”

And how did I forget?

However, I was not very much afraid of these superstitions. What superstitions were there in my past life?

If you fall asleep with the fan on in a closed room, you will die. If you write your name in red pen, it will lure a ghost. The current legend is no different from those stupid signs, so my fear disappeared.

“The blue rose isn’t at all harmful to the body. Rather, it is people who are harmful.”

“Oh, yeah. I also hate it when there are a lot of people.”

“Ah, I think I know what you mean.
I don’t like crowds either.
I can’t even go to flower viewing if I don’t have time to set foot.”

“Um… it’s understandable.”

Jade laughed.
Jade thinks I’m having fun.

‘When will we get there?’

Then someone screamed from the side.

“Hey! Are you on the island too?”

When I raised my head, I saw a group of young people standing on another boat, and they were waving to us.

Who are they? I opened my eyes wide and gripped the teddy bear tightly.


People on the other boat shook wine bottles and waved to us.

“Hey, Jade!”

Jade grabbed his forehead. Are they people Jade knows? But Jade wasn’t very welcoming.

“Bad luck. Today they are also sailing to Lennox Island.”

The servants rowed with the same diligence. The distance between the boats was still decreasing.

“Those… aren’t people you know?”

“Ah… they are my acquaintances from the academy.”

Jade opened her mouth reluctantly.

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