A peaceful day has come.

Opening my eyes in the morning, I felt something soft rubbing against my cheeks.


When I opened my eyes, I saw something tickling my cheek.
It was the thick feet of a teddy bear.

“It’s a teddy bear!”

I jumped up. Pain shot through my shoulder. But that didn’t stop me.

‘How cute and fluffy! Pretty…’

It is a soft, soft brown bread-colored teddy bear. The bear seemed to fit perfectly into my arms. The eyes were blue and red.

“Why are the eyes different?”

I tilted my head.
But for a while, I fiddled with the soft cotton.
It was obvious to see whose gift it was.

‘The promised gift from Collen!’

When I turned my teddy bear and looked at the back, there was a postcard with a message on it.

Collen wrote that?

I left the room in pajamas and slippers. Ah, Zion told me not to walk around in pajamas. This will be the last time.

“I have to ask Zion to read the card.”

Zion always got up first in the mansion. I ran to him with a postcard in one hand and a teddy bear in the other.


Zion, who was busy preparing for breakfast, saw me and his eyes widened. He hurriedly walked over to me, got down on one knee and looked at me.

“Miss! No need to run like this. You need to get well.”

Hehe, I laughed.

“I’m not sick. Rather than that,  when I woke up and saw it on my bed.”

I showed the teddy bear.

“Ah, this is a gift from Master Collen.
It took quite a while to make.”

“Uh, this postcard is here. Can you read it to me, Zion?”

I handed the card to Zion.

A smile slowly appeared on Zion’s face as he read.

“This is a real gift from the Duke.”

“For me?”

It’s a gift I’ve been meaning to give you for a long time. I can of course read the postcard, but how about Duke read it himself when he gets up.”

Then the Duke will like it very much.
Zion added so.

“What is it about?”

“It is the new name of the young lady given by the Duke.”

My name?

‘I don’t want the name my mother gave me to disappear.’

Moreover, the names of the nobles are three times longer than those of the commoners. Will I be able to remember it? Suddenly my chest began to pound.

“Why are you reading, Zion?”

When I turned around, I saw Collen in his nightgown. Zion was taken aback.

I had a presentiment of such a turn.


“Come on.
Read it properly.”

In the end, Zion could only sigh and start reading the card, maintaining a stoic expression on his face.

“Hello, princess. My name is Teddy Bear.
Give me a new name.”

I opened my mouth. It was another shock for me when Zion read this, imitating the tone of a child.

On the other hand, Collen looked very pleased.

“Zion. You should read it with sincerity.”

Zion looked at us and seemed to have signed a surrender. He raised his voice one tone and began to read.

“From now on, I’m the princess’s bear friend. I will give the princess a new name as a gift. The new name of the beautiful princess is ‘Leticia’.”


“Leticia means the sky with thousand moons. So now I will protect Lady Leticia from nightmares. My eyes are gems that will reflect moonlight to the lady. Please take care of them.”

I was speechless. A beautiful, but eerie sight was imagined in my head: a sky with a thousand moons.

Alas, now it was like that. My name is ‘Lee’. This meant a girl born on Monday.

Collen inserted my original name ‘Lee’ into the new one. He wanted to say that so that I do not forget my past on the street? That he just gave me a thousand moons, me, one of the many children born on Monday?

My heart skipped a beat.

“Do you like it?”

Zion bent down and asked. I nodded.

“Thank you for reading, Zion.”

Zion coughed.
Collen also said:

“It was funny. Zion.”

“…You’re really mean.
Did you write the contents of this card yourself?”

“That’s a secret.”

Collen leaned over to me.



My face turned red. Leticia. My name. My heart pounded like a hammer.

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