“Oh. I know how you feel, but please don’t say this in front of her, Father.”

For some reason, Jade and Shion looked at Collen with serious faces at the same time.
What’s the matter? Does ‘I want to bite you’ sound a little creepy when it comes from Collen’s lips?

Zion looked at me and said quietly:

“My lady, do you want something from a toy store? I’ll take whatever you say. You will not be allowed to go outside for a while until you feel better.”

Take, not buy.

It was unusual.

“Did you really buy a toy store?” I said carefully.

I was embarrassed because too much money had been spent on me.


“Well, I’ll give it to you when you grow up.”

“I don’t need a whole toy store. Maybe you would just pick one doll and buy it? I’d be really happy if you could buy me my first doll in my life.”

I was forced to come up with a compromise.

“Tell me to buy one more.”


“The doll.”

“Uh… do you think I won’t be happy with the doll the Duke buys for me?”

Collen was silent for some reason. He looked at me and kissed me on the forehead.

“It’s a pity that I became a Duke again.
I’ll buy you the best one.”

Only then did I laugh bashfully.

“And the store must be returned to the owner.”

Collen shrugged silently.

The carriage finally arrived.

New, white and beautiful mansion. This is my home now.

* * *

As soon as I got home , I was half confined to my bed.

“Stay here and rest, lady, until the priest and doctor come.”

Zion firmly warned.

‘It doesn’t hurt.’

I really almost died, right?

It has been several days since I came out of my coma, but thanks to the priests, I haven’t felt a single drop of pain. Finally, I got out of bed at midnight.

‘Ugh, the body is heavy after all.’

Even if I walked a little, my body didn’t move as I wanted.
I tried to walk down the hallway for a bit, but gave up and looked outside through the open window.

‘The moon is pretty.’

Come to think of it, today was the day the Minus moon rose.
The day when the biggest moon rises.

“I will now always listen to your comments.”

Collen’s words. Anxiety gripped my heart. This was the last episode of the book that I remember.

‘It won’t be helpful in the future.’

Besides, Collen said he suspected me.

‘You’re a very, very bad guy.
Who the hell is that?’

In the book, Collen always succeeded in getting things done. By the way, about this man, the killer with the red flowers. This nickname sounds ominous.

Come to think of it, there was something odd about it.

‘The culprit in this case, the fortune teller, is from a poor.
How could such a person obtain such an expensive poison?’

Even though this world is filled with all kinds of villains, not everyone can get poison without smell and taste.

‘Is Collen thinking that way too?’

I suddenly looked up at Collen’s room.
The room seemed far away.

“Call me dad.”

Of course, I would like to have a father. And he, too, seems lonely.

Before, I never dreamed of finding a family.

‘But I’m still anxious.’

It’s scary when too many good things happen.
What if I call you dad and things don’t go well? What if I bother you later? I wondered what to do if you told me to leave because I wasn’t as helpful as you thought.

‘I want to stay in this house.’

That was my only desire right now.
I closed my eyes.

* * *

“We also dealt with the boy who sold flowers. The body was left in a conspicuous place. He could describe our faces to them. It would be a hindrance.”

The man spoke through the open window. There was no one else to be seen. Only the bright silver hair of a man in the moonlight.

“The moon is full today, isn’t it?”

“Yes it is.”

“”It’s a day when everyone is under the same moonlight, so day and night are equal to each other.
Isn’t that right, Eins?”

The man laughed. The boy called Eins didn’t answer.

“The fortune teller didn’t deserve such a precious poison. This one was worthless. Please, next time choose a criminal who is more conducive to our goal.”

“I can help anyone who needs my advice. Planning crimes is my job.”

The man sat comfortably in the chair.

“So, Collen, a new adopted daughter has entered the duchy?”

“Yes. It’s a girl, nine years old.”

“Nine years old. It is too early to receive flowers as a gift. Then the red flower that I sent her should be the first flower in her life. I’m looking forward to meeting her.”

The man hummed.
He raised the back of his hand.
On the back of his hand was a clear red flower tattoo.

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