Collen looked me in the eye.

“The bad guy leaves these flowers. He’s a very, very bad person.”

“How bad is he?”

“I do not know. I don’t know who he is.”


I bulged my eyes. Collen explained briefly.

Several murders. This red flower is a clue. And that he doesn’t know anything.

‘Oh, then…’

I swallowed dry saliva.

‘Who the hell left this flower for me?’

Suddenly I felt creepy. Anxious thoughts flooded my mind.

‘The reason Collen adopted me…’

It wasn’t just luck. I brought him this flower and he adopted me? I really don’t know anything about this flower. Was I suspected of something? Was there some background that I didn’t know…?


What came as a shock even more than that fact was the thought that perhaps then there would be no need for him to adopt me.
I like Collen, Jade, and Zion too.

‘But I really don’t know anything. Even in the original work, this kind of content didn’t appear.’

I hid my trembling eyes.

“You’re a really quick-witted kid, you.”

Collen stroked my hair.

“At first I doubted you because you are too smart. You jumped out of nowhere and helped me when I was in crisis. Then, I tried to protect you. This flower was in your pocket. I thought you, too, could be the target of an assassin.”

“Do you doubt me?”

“Not anymore. I owe you my life. It doesn’t matter now, even if you’re a little suspicious.
Aren’t there a variety of father-daughter relationships in this world?”


I opened my eyes wide.

“It’s fine, now.”


I was surprised. Collen looked at me very seriously.
That day, Collen told me a long story.

“…I do the job of punishing the bad guys.
Things the cops can’t solve.”

Wasn’t that Collen’s secret? I didn’t think Collen would be so frank. I nodded stiffly.

“You have been very helpful to my investigation this time. Only Zion and Jade are aware of my business. But now you are my stepdaughter, so you deserve to know.”


There was a noise in my head. My heart was pounding.

“Do you feel something?”


How am I supposed to feel?

“Now you are the daughter of this house. As long as you know my secret, you can’t escape.”

“Duke, I will keep this a secret. I’ll take it to my grave.”

I nodded.
Collen laughed.

“In any case, one more question. There is something important, honey.”

Huh? What else? I got nervous and looked at him.

“Why am I the Duke?”


“You have to name me properly. Who am I to you?”

Huh? What is this atmosphere…?

‘What kind of topic change is this all of a sudden?’

I felt my cheeks getting hotter.

“Ah… uh… Duke… sir?”

“…Not that.”


“Why didn’t you call me like before?”

He’s talking about when we were in basement.


I hesitated. My face was burning with fire. And at the same time I was afraid. I didn’t think he would really consider me a real daughter.

It’s all so complicated, and I’m afraid to do something stupid. After all, I really wished have a family. I want to have hope.

“Good. Try to call me Daddy from now on.”

But Collen’s expression was satisfied.

“Where is Jade?”

“Oh. He said he would sleep in the next room.”

“Brother Jade stayed by the lady’s bed all last night.”

“You have a knack for bewitching people from the duchy,” Collen laughed.

“Call Jade.”


“Let’s go home, honey.”

Home. The word felt warm.

Collen picked me up.
I wrapped my arm around his neck with my right hand.

Finally I’m going home.

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