‘It was very important for me to save Collen.’

Jade stepped closer and took my hand.

“There are many things I want to ask you. But first of all, I want to ask why you did such a stupid thing. If my father received an anesthetic arrow, it wouldn’t be a big problem. But you rushed to cover him.”

“But an anesthetized arrow can be very harmful if it hits the chest, right?”

Jade blinked.

“You’re so amazing. So small, but braver than anyone I’ve ever seen.”

Jade complimented me. I was a little embarrassed and lowered my eyes.

“I’m not that great person. However, if something happens to Duke, Jade will also suffer. I would like to prevent this,” I said timidly.

A smile blossomed on Jade’s face.

“Yeah, even candy isn’t as sweet as you.”

How I have to understand this? I thought, but kept my mouth shut. Collen and Jade aren’t ordinary people, so don’t even try to understand them.

“Sorry I didn’t believe you at first. I had to go with you as soon as you asked.”

Sorry? Oh. Was you angry with me when I dragged you to the fortuneteller’s house?

Goose bumps ran down my spine.

‘Come to think of it, what excuse do I have for breaking into the fortuneteller’s house?’

Jade, thankfully, hasn’t questioned it yet. I read this in a book, but this is not an excuse?

“So that’s what you mean.”

“Jade, I’m hungry. And I want to sleep.”

Desperate, I turned away and abruptly changed the subject.

“Oh yeah.
Let’s prepare the meal first.”

Soon the nurses came in to help wash her face and scoop up some warm food.

“Father is at home now. I’ll send someone for him.”

I jumped to my feet.

“No. I feel good already. You don’t have to distract him.”

What will become of me if he has questions? How can I explain my extraordinary awareness?

‘In addition, I saw Collen murder!’

A state of not knowing what will happen to silence me.

“…Are you okay?”

“Yes. I’m so grateful that Jade took care of me. But I understand everything, Duke is busy and he can’t come to the hospital.”

“…Do you think there was a day this week when your father didn’t come to visit you?”

“Uh… He must have visited the hospital once.”

Jade’s face became strange. At the same time, my eyes widened.


“Don’t be silly. He came every day. Now he’s gone out for a while.”

You wouldn’t be angry enough if you come visit me, would you?

‘You saved his life.’

…Maybe it was so.

Jade’s expression became stranger. What’s the matter? What happened after I passed out?

“We’ll talk more about this when Father comes.”

My heart sank at Jade’s words.

‘Should I lie that I hit my head and don’t remember anything?’

In my past life, a technique called ‘I don’t remember’ had an incredible effect if you had to hide something.

‘But there’s no way it will work on Collen.’

He’s a ruthless dark hero.

‘Let’s think.

Desperately I fell headlong on the pillow. Jade left me and left the room.

* * *

“What’s this…?”

Zion was speechless.

“Does the police in this country get their salaries for nothing? What are they doing anyway?”

Collen spat indignantly.

“They said that the whole incident would soon be cleared up. They’ve been messing around for days.”

They stood in front of the home of a fortune teller, a transvestite assassin who had been captured a few days earlier and executed by Collen. The stage was covered in blood. Before them lay the body of a white-skinned boy.

“Red flower with a gold label.”

Collen frowned.

“Wait a minute.”

He slowly approached the flower grave.

In the boy’s hand was a flower from this flower bed.

“This is the body.”

Collen whispered.

“Order the police to come back, Zion.”

He whispered in a low voice.

A few hours later, the policeman briefed Collen on the progress of the investigation:

“The investigation revealed that this boy was selling flowers on the street.”

Collen’s movements froze.

“Does this fortune teller have anything to do with it?”

“I heard the testimonies of the children. The boy who sold flowers injected poison to women.”

“So you are the protégé of this fortune-teller.”

“By the way, I don’t know what these flowers have to do with it,” the policeman muttered without thinking.


“Even if it’s to hide the body, aren’t there too many flowers filling the room?”

At that moment, something occurred to Collen.
Collen’s movements stopped.

“Did the kids from this back street mention anything unusual about the boy?”

“Yes. That’s it. It is said that this boy often gave unsold flowers to children. Duke?”

The expression muscles on Collen’s face twitched.

On that very day, Lee said that someone had given her this flower.

“Someone left this flower this morning. Unsold flowers are often given away. Oh. I have a friend who sells flowers, and he gives extra to children.”

So this is her friend… and he’s dead.

“Zion, let’s go.”

Collen turned away. He rushed to the carriage.

“We need to check Lee. Now!”

* * *

Husty footsteps sounded in the corridor. The door flew open wide. Collen in a long coat entered the room, and Zion, with a slightly absent-minded gaze, minced behind.

‘Why are you both like this?’

Collen didn’t even say hello.

‘He must be very angry.’

What to do? Should I tell you first? That I didn’t notice anything about collen’s secret.
i don’t know anything.

But I’m glad Collen is safe…


Collen came close to me and hugged me.


Why is Collen acting this way? Looks like he’s been extremely relieved…

Collen kneels in front of me and looks me straight in the eyes.

“Daddy is here.”

The moment I heard this, I was suddenly speechless.
I blinked.

“I’m sorry for being late. Something happened in the city. It’s good that you are safe.”

Strange, Collen was just as worried about me as I was.
The same goes for Zion, who stands behind Kalen, who looks at me strangely.

‘I’m sure you’ll be relieved to wake up, right?’

I thought he was going to get mad.
But that’s more… It’s a friendly feeling.

“I was so worried.”

I felt like all the answers I had prepared in my mind flew away.

My eyes were glazed over for no reason.

In the past, on the street, when I was sick or hungry, I had to take care of myself. Even if I had friends.

‘It’s so nice to have someone worry about me.’

I suppressed the strange feeling rising up in my throat.
I felt like I was addicted to that feeling.

“Do you want to ask me something?”

I looked into Collen’s eyes and asked carefully.

“I went out at night without the Duke’s knowledge.”

“Oh yeah. This is the first moment.”

Collen showed me a flower. It was the same red flower that didn’t even have a name. It smelled fresh and pleasant.

“Have you seen this flower?”


“You really don’t know anything about this flower?”

Why does he ask? I tilted my head.

“It’s a pretty flower. But I really don’t know anything about it. This is the same flower that I brought when I first visited the mansion.”

Then Collen laughed helplessly.

“It’s him. I’m sorry.”

What the hell is it?

“Oh yeah. And I have something to tell you. Firstly…”


“…Thank you for saving me. But don’t do it next time,” Collen said, running through my hair.

My heart tensed. Oh, I see.
Collen wanted to thank me before questioning.

“I’m your protector.
You are my adoptive daughter.
A father is supposed to protect his children. So, never sacrifice yourself for me. The same goes for everyone else.”


I was speechless.
I know Collen will get hurt, but what is he saying?


“I understood.”

I nodded slightly.
You must be worried about me.

That felt good.

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