Soon all sounds cut off. As if nothing had happened. The house became quiet, as if he was already dead.

‘What’s going on inside?’

The atmosphere was ominous. By any chance, has Collen been hit already?

The content of the novel, which I know, flashed through my head in an instant.

Upon learning of the fortune teller, Collen bursts in here at dawn.

In the basement I am, which bleeds and dies.

And when Collen rushes to ‘me’, an arrow comes from nowhere at Collen.

So, if my predictions are correct…

‘There is a possibility that someone is hiding in the room, or that the fortuneteller has a gang.’

Worst of all, Collen is already there and he’s injured.

I went to the front door. Jade grabbed my shoulder from behind.

” What the hell do you know?”

Jade knew about Collen’s plans for this morning. It was about ‘hunting’.

But I shouldn’t even know what Collen is doing in this house tonight.

“I have to check what’s going on there. I have a bad feeling.”

Jade released my shoulder. There was wild bewilderment in his eyes.


“Jade, you already promised me. Please help, huh?” I whispered quickly.

“Jade, when the door opens, watch the wall on the side of the door.”

Jade was a nobleman. He was healthy and strong. In his years, he was already strong as an adult.

‘The direction the arrow came from was from behind the door.’

I took hold of the door ring.

My whole life in an instant flashed before my eyes.

I scratched the back of my head.

Tonight ‘is originally supposed to die here.

But I don’t want to die in vain like in my previous life, or even younger than that.
I want to live.

But still… I don’t want to hurt Jade. I also want to keep Collen safe. It has come this far. I need to be brave.

I open the door. Seeing the scene in the room, my mind went blank.

The rope is thrown over the railing of the stairs. A person with a long neck hangs on it.

She was wearing a long dress.

‘The culprit of this case…’

A real killer.

She waved her hands desperately, her mouth gagged.

“Eup! Eup!”

But his face was growing pale.

The other end of the rope was in Collen’s hands.

But I saw the scene in which Collen is injured.

Collen turned slowly towards us. He stared at us with wide eyes.

Collen was safe. However, this was not yet a happy ending. Instinctive fear overtook me.


“What does it mean?”

He answered calmly.

“Jade, how did you know about this place?”

Collen licked his lips and said.

Really? Is that all? I even thought it was ridiculous.

“You, let’s talk later.”

Collen looked at me and whispered. Then, without a bit of embarrassment, he pulled the rope even tighter.

“Oh, ugh… Ugh…-”

The culprit on the rope twitched harder.

“Get out of here, Lee. It’s too early for you to see something like this.”

“It’s better if you never saw this at all,” Jade added. He pulled me towards him.

It was at this moment that I saw how the fortune-teller lowered her hands, as if giving up.

There was something sinister about the gesture.

I reflexively dodged Jade’s hand and ran towards Collen.

“You can’t stay here, Duke!”

The dying assassin put his last bit of energy into one movement that would be difficult for an outsider to understand. She rubbed her finger.


The killer touched the ring on his hand. And I clearly saw how the stone on the ring began to move.

Soon after, the killer’s body went limp.

And there was a mechanical click in the room. I rushed to Collen.


What happened afterwards was so fast that I had no idea if this was real or not.

Collen turns his head towards the sound, his hand freeing the rope.


Thanks to that, the culprit fell to the floor like a doll.

At this point, the sound of the wind hits my eardrum. A gap opens in the wall, an arrow flies out of there.

‘Oh, I see.
It was an arrow trap.’

It wasn’t that the shooter was hiding in the shadows. This assassin’s ring set off a trap.


I rushed forward to try and push Collen away.

But all I could do was block him and stretch out my arms.
When I came to my senses, Collen was looking at me with surprised eyes.

The next moment I felt pain pierce my back.


My shoulder.


Jade’s voice dimly reached my ears. Collen held me in his arms.


There was horror in his red eyes.


I reached out to Collen.
I ran my hand over his body.

Collen’s eyes twitched.

“My shoulder hurts.”

I saw an arrow flying at me. I saw Jade jump towards me.

‘Am I dying?’

My vision became blurry. Strangely, I gradually lost my mind from the pain.

“Listen to me. You mustn’t lose consciousness. Everything will be fine now. Okay? Look at me.”

Collen exclaimed.

‘But it hurts so much…’

The next moment, I saw an illusion. The illusion of a bright light in front of my eyes.

People’s faces. Everyone looks down at me. These are the people who care about me. My mom and dad cried when they saw me.

Ah, this is a memory before I went to the operating room when I was sick in a past life.

My vision was returning to normal. The figure of my father has disappeared.

“Dad …”

When I muttered that, my father’s image in the vision had become Collen’s face. I was trembling in his arms.

“Help me…”

It was the first time I knew that tears wouldn’t come out if it hurt too much.

“It hurts, dad…”

It kept getting dark in my eyes.

“Wake up. Please.”

It was Jade’s voice.

Until now, I didn’t know how his voice could tremble.

My pulse was quickening and my head was ringing. At least it’s good that what is described in the book didn’t happen.

I’m glad they didn’t cut off my hand. I’m glad I saved Duke.

“What a relief,” I whispered.

My head twitched reflexively.

And next time listen to me I wanted to say that.
But her tongue didn’t move.

The head moved mechanically.


The real killer in this case was the fortune-teller. And she knew her business.

Turning around, I saw her moaning and crawling towards the door.


A tall young man enters the room and hits her on the head with a rod.

It was Zion. Still in his neat butler outfit. Zion swept the fortune-teller’s head with minced meat.

“Sorry for being late. The young lady and the young master have disappeared.”

Zion’s eyes found me on the floor.

“Young lady…?”

I can’t take it anymore. My eyelids dropped slowly.

“I’m sorry.”

From the very beginning I would like to tell everyone about everything.

I wish I could explain why you shouldn’t be here today.

I would like to remember the whole plot.

‘But I really only know this far.’

I’m sorry about that too.
At the last thought, I passed out.

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