Collen bent down and checked her pulse. After a few moments, Collen looked up.


I opened my mouth.

“Oh my God, is she dead…?”

The city was a scary place. I was so shocked that my heart wanted to jump out of my chest. I covered my mouth with both hands.

“But on the body… there are no wounds.”

I could not resist and screamed.

“People can die without trauma, like a heart attack.
You’re so smart, baby,” Callen whispered.

As I stumbled, the coachman helped me climb in the carriage.

Alas. This was my world. Moreover, it was rumored that the capital of my kingdom has the highest crime rate in the world. This was also described in the book.

“The person is dead!”

“Oh, damn it! But she’s so young!”


People soon gathered.

The staff of the dressing room came out to their screams.

Collen looked distant. On the other hand, I was paler than white.

“This is the police. Have you just witnessed the death of this woman? Your name?”

“Duke Collen de Lewellton.”

“Oh, you are the Duke!”

The police immediately saluted.

“Then, I’ll just ask you to settle a few formalities.”

The police asked Collen about this and that.

“The dead woman’s name is Bennett Alleim. She is the daughter of the owner of several shops at the fish market. A decent woman, but poor health. I don’t think she had any chronic illness, it looks like a heart attack.”

“I’m sorry I wasted your time, Duke.”

The police took off their hats and said goodbye politely.

‘Just an accident… isn’t it?’

It can’t be.

‘It would be nice if I could know the contents of the book.’

But my memory is very incomplete.

I clenched my fists tightly and suppressed my shock. Collen looked at me and whispered very softly:

“You were so brave the day I met you. But now you’re scared. What are you afraid of?”

“A whole world of scary things,” I gritted my teeth and mumbled.
However, perhaps it was because I was faking illness, a fever began to rise on my forehead.

[Look at the dot.]

Toy store.
And the suspicious woman who tried to drag me out of the alley.

Her voice kept coming to mind.

* * *

Collen brought me home.

“Welcome, Master.”

Zion opened the door. He looked surprised when he saw me.

“How did you two end up together?”

“I found her on the way.”


Jade came down from the second floor and said the same thing.

“Father, how are you two…?”


Collen answered briefly. When I saw Jade, my heart was full of sorrow.

Jade glances at me, as if reprimanding me for missing the balloon.


I looked at Jade and hesitated.
Jade, who had been watching the butler who had received Collen’s hat and coat to help him go upstairs, turned to me.


“I’m sorry. I lost my balloon.”

“What’s happened?”

I briefly explained what had happened in the wardrobe. Jade made a strange expression.

“You worry about such little things. It is interesting.”

“But this is my first gift, Jade gave it to me…”

“Did you like the balloons that much?”

“Yes. When I went outside today, whenever I got bored, it was great to have a balloon. Marianne tied it on my wrist. I was so happy…”

Jade stroked my head. I was still sad, but I was a little glad that he wasn’t angry.

“Don’t cry. Such things are replaceable. Oh, I’m going to take a boat ride. Do you want to go with me?”

Are you trying to comfort me?

“But aren’t you busy?”

“it’s okay.”

Jade’s words were short and blunt.
But he strangely reassured me.

So much has happened today. I overheard Lady Rose’s venomous hiss, the woman died before my eyes. My balloon had gone. I clearly needed an outlet.

I rubbed my eyes and smiled.

“Please rest and come to the dining room. After your meal, you should go to the wine room and listen to some music,” said Jade.

Jade whispered.
I nodded, not knowing what it was.

‘I think I’ll remember something.’

The face of the fallen woman constantly resurfaced in my memory. I had a feeling that something was about to come to mind.
Oddly enough, my hands trembled even when I left to change.

‘What’s the matter with me?’

I got too hot.

‘Is it because of my mood?’

* * *

“There is nothing suspicious about her,” Collen muttered.

In his hand was a glass of brown liquor and ice.

“I didn’t find anything other than that this child is very cute. Is it safe to leave her or not? What do you think, Zion?”

Dark power streamed from Collen’s fingertips. Zion, who stood frozen like a painting, gave no answer.

“It’s good that I quickly found her on the street. Otherwise, I would have to punish someone.”

The black smoke at his fingertips turned into a snake and disappeared.

He put down his glass with a satisfied face.

* * *

It’s been a long time since I saw the dead person. The day my mother died, the day the plague came, and my friends from the street died.

‘Come to think of it, I also lived a very uneven life.’

“Are you okay, lady?”

At dinner, Zion asked as he poured me a drink.


Perhaps Collen had told him about what had happened in the city? But Collen acted as if nothing had happened.

The supper went quietly. At the end of the meal, Zion handed the note to Collen. Collen went through the note with a grim expression.

“His Majesty sent a secret message,” Collen whispered.
“Do you remember what we saw today?”

I was very surprised and nodded.

“It’s not the first time something like this has happened.”

“This is true?”

“The person died suddenly from a strange heart attack. They say that three different women in different places have already died of heart attacks. While there were two cases, I considered it a coincidence. But then the third death happened. It seems the police are starting to keep an eye on it. What they have in common is that they have red hair and are the daughters of merchants or nobles. Their social status is different.”

Collen smiled. His perfect smile was creepy.

“I hope it’s a good thing.”

From Collen’s point of view, it would be nice to be able to ‘hunt’ if there is a murder case.

‘But it’s good for Kalen.’

I just blinked my eyes instead of asking what that meant.

“I don’t know what to say, but it’s good if Duke likes it.”

Collen nodded slowly at my words.

“You’re kind.
I hope you call me father someday.
First of all, I’m your guardian.”

I pursed my lips.
I wasn’t used to it yet.
It’s a bit embarrassing…

“When she gets used to you, she will start calling you that. What a shy child she is,” Jade added politely: “Right?”


” Are you feeling better?”

” Yes.
Well, I was a little sad about losing the balloon, but Jade comforted me.
It’s okay now.”

“Great. Eat slowly.”

Jade handed me a plate of goodies. Collen looked at the two of us in surprise. Jade’s manner seemed to be new to him.

“The gramophone is an expensive thing, so few people have it. My father and I drink wine once a week and listen to music. The butler comes too,” Jade said.

Collen turned on the gramophone with the flared loudspeaker. Then he took one of the records and set it up. When he put the needle down, the plate began to spin slowly.

‘A gramophone powered by magic stones, it’s a very expensive item.
It’s the first time I’ve seen magic tools.’

Soon a crackling sound accompanied by damp music spread through the air.
It was a piano piece with a bit of a slow feeling.

‘…The music is good.’

This was the first music I heard in this world. I was focused as if possessed.


“I’ll play you one more tape later,” Collen bent down next to the gramophone.

Zion passed the wine to Jade and Collen and finally gave me peach juice.

“Thank you, butler.”

“Don’t say thank you for everything. He’s just doing his job, you don’t have to be polite to him,” Collen smiled.

Even if you say this, I already know that you are good masters and servants.

“He creates a lot of problems for me, which I then have to solve.”

Collen shook his finger right in front of Zion’s eyes. Zion was not surprised. Sometimes, Zion looked like a handsome statue.

I replied with a smile.

“I’m grateful though.”

Collen sat down on the sofa and beckoned to me.
I glanced at Jade across, sitting next to Collen drinking wine.

“Can Jade drink wine? At his age…”

“It’s okay. Alcohol and drugs are not well absorbed by our family.
I’ve been drinking since I was ten,” Jade replied.

“Then I…”

“You can’t. You are still too young. Even if it’s half of Jade’s, it’s too much for you,” Collen just cut me.

“How old is Jade?”


I thought he was seventeen.

“How tall are you?”

“Well, the last time I measured it, it was over 3 tina (180 cm).”

How much is this? I don’t even know such things. What I can say for sure is that it is just huge. He has already grown to the level of a monster.

‘Is this a monster gene or a presbyopia gene?’

Again, he came from an unusual family. Or am I too small? I put my hand to my head to gauge my height.

“What are you doing?”

“I want to grow taller.”

Why is Jade laughing?

Collen stared at me and leaned in my direction.

It was drowsy.
The sound of music filled the room, but I lowered my head without realizing it.

“Go to sleep if you want to sleep. You are still so pale,” Callen whispered.
My eyes were closed, but I shook my head.

“It’s okay.
I’d rather be with you than sleep alone.”

Collen took off his gloves. He always wore gloves, even at home. He put his big hand on my forehead.


At that time, something like an electric current passed through my body.
And for a brief moment I saw an illusion.

‘In addition…’

[…Tuesday 9th August.

The target this time was ‘Lee’, a young girl from the slums.

Poorly, her only fortune was the name her mother gave her, and she fell prey to her temptations.

“Come here, baby. Have you lost your mother? I can tell you how your mom is doing there in heaven. Yes, very good.”

Lee, who was taken away, was treated differently from the other women.
Unlike others women, she had no one to look for.
The fortune teller forcibly gave Lee medicine.

Then Lee was left behind bars.

“You have a very pretty hair color.”

These were the last words Lee heard before her left arm was cut off.]


My heart skipped a beat. I grabbed my left arm.

If that’s what I think, then today was the day that homeless girl Lee dies in the slums.

It was me.

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