Don’t Think That Your Affections Are Appreciated!

Hua Manman, who has always reminded herself that her role was to act as an arrogant female supporting character, picked up the bracelet and inspected it, as if questioning its authenticity.

“Just this broken little bracelet, aren’t you embarrassed to take it out?”

After saying this, she was getting ready to throw it at the ground.

But then she remembered that this is a jade bracelet, and would definitely break if it hit the ground.

Her hand turned mid-air, and threw the jade bracelet onto her bed with force.

The jade bracelet was slammed onto the thick and soft bedding, and left completely undamaged.

When Hua Qingqing looked over at her, Hua Manman deliberately put her hands on her hips and glared, as if saying “Did you see that? I’m super fierce!”

Hua Qingqing, who had seen Hua Manman’s swift change in movement just now, could feel her heart getting increasingly softer.
She never would have imagined that her second sister, who usually gives off such an arrogant appearance, was actually just pretending.

In truth, her second sister has a very good heart.

Hua Manman, who had no clue what the female lead was thinking about, was applauding herself like a seal in her heart.

Clap clap clap, I’m unexpectedly such a remarkable acting genius!

Hua Qingqing felt that her second sister had become much cuter than before, and even wanted to spend some more time with her, but at this moment the Old Madam sent someone over to urge her to return.

She could only get up and bid farewell.

Once Hua Qingqing had left, Hua Manman immediately picked up the bowl of soup and drank it in large gulps, glug glug glug.

She wasn’t blindly flattering her elder sister just now, truth be told the soup really is delicious!

As expected of the female lead, even her cooking skills are top-notch!

At this moment, Hua Qingqing, who was supposed to have left, suddenly returned.

As soon as she entered the door the first thing she saw was her second sister holding the bowl of soup up and drinking it in large gulps.
The appearance Hua Manman and her greedy mouth gave off was like she was trying to bury her entire head in the bowl.

“Second Sister…”

When Hua Manman suddenly heard this familiar voice, she was so frightened that she almost spat out the soup she had in her mouth.

It took her a lot of effort to swallow down the soup in her mouth, quickly put down her bowl, and fiercely glare at Hua Qingqing.

“Didn’t you leave already? Why did you run back here again?”

Hua Qingqing pointed at the handkerchief that was lying on the floor next to the bed:

“I left my handkerchief here.”

Hua Qingqing tightened her red lips to hold back her smile and walked over to pick up her handkerchief.

When she straightened up again, she realized that there was just a few remnants of soup left in the bowl.

She finally couldn’t hold it back anymore, and her lips curved up into a smile.

“If Second Sister likes to drink soup, I can stew some for you every day.”

Although Hua Manman is greedy, she’s not arrogant enough to make the female protagonist cook soup for her every day.

She licked her lips that were moistened with soup and hummed disdainfully.

“Of course I don’t like your soup, don’t falsely believe that your affections are appreciated!”

Hua Qingqing glanced back at the bowl with only a little bit of soup remaining and her smile only deepened: “Then I’ll get going, I’ll see you again on a different day.”

Hua Manman deliberately put on an annoyed look and coldly said: “Hurry up and leave, and don’t come back in the future.”

Hua Qingqing returned to the Longevity Residence, where the Old Madam lives.

She spoke to the Old Madam about how her second sister actually has a very good heart and character, she’s just not good at expressing it, so she comes off as a somewhat difficult person.

The Old Madam didn’t believe this statement at all.

Hua Manman is already this old, who amongst them hasn’t seen what she’s like? Hua Manman is just a bad kid who was spoiled rotten and wants everything, is greedy and selfish, only cares about her own happiness, and has never cared about others’ feelings before.

The Old Madam felt that her eldest granddaughter had been deceived by Hua Manman, and repeatedly told her eldest granddaughter to be careful, and to absolutely never let her guard down around Hua Manman.

Hua Qingqing knew that just a few words wouldn’t be enough to persuade the Old Madam to change her mind.

After all, seeing for oneself is much more effective than hearing from someone else.

So Hua Qingqing simply smiled and said: “There’s still a lot of time, eventually you’ll realize whether what I’m saying is true or false.”

(End of chapter)

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