The Female Lead Hua Qingqing

The Old Madam asked Hua Dingzong to say something, since she believed that her eldest son would definitely be on her side.

Normally, this would hold true, and when conflict arose between He Shi and the Old Madam, Hua Dingzong would almost always stand on the Old Madam’s side.
The reason is because no matter what, filial piety comes first.

However, on this rare occasion, Hua Dingzong did not follow the Old Madam’s wishes.

Because of how he’s strong-arming his second daughter to marry Prince Zhao, he now already owes her a debt.

He felt guilty in his heart and decided to increase his second daughter’s dowry to count as his reparations towards her.
This way in the future, once she has a firm foothold in the prince’s household, she can reach out and help pull the Zhong An Bo household up.

This couple refused to give way.

The Old Madam returned in low spirits and was so angry that she refused to eat lunch, instead hiding herself away in the Buddhist hall of worship to sulk alone.

In the end, the Old Madam was only appeased after Eldest Miss Hua Qingqing came forward to coax her.

After Hua Manman learned of this, she couldn’t help but sigh in her heart.

As expected of the female lead of “Palace Scheming”!

As long as she makes an appearance, this trivial Old Madam will have nothing left to say.

Speak of the devil and he’ll appear.

Hua Qingqing came to visit the Orchid Residence.

As the female lead of “Palace Scheming”, her appearance is naturally impeccable.

To describe her in one phrase, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that her beauty could cause the downfall of cities and countries.

Otherwise, how could she stand out from three thousand beauties and become the final victor of all that palace scheming?

She’s a very traditional type of female lead from a palace-scheming novel.

Before entering the palace she was an innocent, lovely, gentle, and simple white flower who showed kindness to everyone.

Then later, after having experienced a series of convoluted conspiracy schemes in the palace, she gradually blackened and became more and more calculating.

Currently, Hua Qingqing is still maintaining her personality as as little white flower, and is very simple and harmless.

Even though she knows that her second sister does not like her, once she learned that her second sister was injured after jumping into the lake, she still came to visit her second sister with soup that she had cooked with her own hands.

“Second sister, this is a kidney bean soup with stewed trotter.
I know that you don’t like to eat green onions, so I made this specially for you without green onions.
Why don’t you have a taste and see if you like it?”

In order to obtain the female lead’s favor, Hua Manman must accept it!

Hua Manman picked up the bowl and drank a large mouthful of soup, then vigorously praised:

“It’s delicious! Sister’s cooking is amazing!”

Hua Qingqing was very surprised: “Second sister, why are you…”

Before, whenever second sister saw her, second sister would criticize her left and right, and find all kinds of reasons to pick at her faults.

Right before Hua Qingqing came to deliver soup to her second sister, she had mentally prepared to be ridiculed by her second sister.

But she didn’t expect that her second sister would react like this.

This caused Hua Qingqing to develop a lot of doubts in her heart.

Hua Manman reacted quickly, and realized that this was out of character for herself.

She immediately put down the bowl, cleared her throat, and lifted her chin to deliberately give off an arrogant feeling.

“I was teasing you just now, don’t tell me you took it seriously? Who would like this stupid bowl of soup?”

After saying this, she even let out a heavy snort.

But she didn’t notice that at this time, there was still a piece of kidney bean stuck to the side of her mouth.

This, paired with her red and swollen cheek, made her look less like a vicious and arrogant female supporting character and more like a poor, cute little white cat.

The doubts in Hua Qingqing’s heart dissipated, and she even had the urge to reach out and pet her second sister.

But she knew that she and her second sister had not fostered a relationship good or close enough for her to suddenly pat her second sister’s head, so she could only suppress this impulse in her heart and smile gently.

“Next month you’ll be getting married, but I don’t own anything good that I can gift to you.
This jade bracelet is a gift from my mother, and I’ve always worn it and kept it close.
If you don’t dislike it, I can give this to you as a wedding gift.”

After saying this, she took the white jade bracelet off her left wrist and placed it in front of her second sister.

(End of Chapter)

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