She Won’t Take a Single Step Backwards

Once again, Hua Manman called out to the system.

“What is this medicine used for?”

This time, the system finally responded.

[This is Snow Jade cream, which can promote blood circulation, reduce swelling and pain, remove scars, and make your skin more delicate and smooth.]

Hua Manman took this opportunity to also ask about the plot deviating from the original storyline.

The system once again went into a near-dead state and did not respond.

Hua Manman deduced that, as long as it’s related to the plot, the system won’t say a single word.

She sat in front of her vanity mirror and very carefully applied the Snow Jade cream to her face.

This ointment looks white, but once it’s applied to her face it became transparent and was quickly absorbed, leaving behind a cooling and refreshing sensation.

It actually feels pretty nice~

She couldn’t tell if it was just her delusions, but she felt as thought the redness and swelling on her face was reduced.

When He Shi came in and saw her daughter’s dress, the first thing she did was to fiercely praise her daughter, but then she couldn’t help but sigh.

“It must be difficult for you.
For the sake of our Bo household, you’re forced to wrong yourself and get married to someone you don’t like.”

Although Prince Zhao has a high status and is very powerful, he is still a disabled man.

On that day, He Shi saw Prince Zhao sitting in a wheelchair with her own eyes.

Whenever she thinks about her treasured daughter getting married to a disabled man, her heart feels incredibly uncomfortable.

He Shi: “How about I talk to your father again, and have him find some way to withdraw from this marriage agreement.”

Hua Manman immediately grabbed onto He Shi.

“There’s no need! It’s perfectly fine for me to get married to Prince Zhao.”

He Shi looked at her daughter in surprise.

This daughter of hers was willing to use all sorts of methods just to avoid getting married to Prince Zhao.
Why has she now suddenly change her mindset?

Hua Manman knew that she couldn’t destroy the image she had built, otherwise she would easily rouse other people’s suspicions.

She pouted her small mouth and let out a dissatisfied hum.

“After yesterday’s events, I can already understand that it’s impossible for Father to withdraw from this marriage agreement.
Even if mother goes to make trouble with him, it would not change his mind.
Forget it, just let it be, I’ve already accepted my fate.
Mother, don’t argue with father about this matter of mine anymore, it’s annoying for you two to quarrel back and forth.”

He Shi sighed.

As the official head wife of Master Bo, she can naturally see that Master Bo has his heart set on establishing a marital connection to Prince Zhao’s household.

Unless Prince Zhao or someone from his household proposes to withdraw from this marriage agreement, no one else will be able to change Master Bo’s decision.

He Shi was just unwilling, and didn’t want to watch her daughter enter his palace and suffer.

She looked at the daughter in front of her who was delicate as a flower and precious as a jade and helplessly said:

“I originally wanted you to marry Zhiyuan.
That child is one that I watched grow up, and the two of you are cousins.
If you could have married him, he would definitely treat you well, and his family would not mistreat you.
It’s such a pity…”

It’s a pity that the plans of mortals do not hold as much weight as the will of the heavens.

While Hua Manman comforted He Shi, she secretly rejoiced.

Fortunately, she wasn’t married to her older cousin Zhiyuan.

She couldn’t accept the concept of marrying close relatives.

In order to protect her daughter from being belittled by the people of Prince Zhao’s household, He Shi specially prepared an immense dowry for her.
All kinds of properties, shops, gold and silver treasures, silks, satins, antique calligraphies, and paintings, anything He Shi could obtain she would add it all to her daughter’s dowry.

This caused dissatisfaction to rise in the Old Madam1 and the second and third wives.

All the dowries of the daughters of the Bo Household are fixed.
Even though Hua Manman is marrying a prince, they can’t possibly increase the dowry by four or five times the original amount, right? This is too much!

The Old Madam had someone go talk to Hua Dingzong and He Shi, and wanted them to cut Hua Manman’s dowry in half.

Currently, the head of the Bo Household’s rear court is He Shi, but the Old Madam’s words still hold a lot of influence.
In this current dilemma was switched to any other situation, He Shi would be willing to step back and retreat.
But this current situation involves whether or not her daughter will be able to live peacefully after marrying into the prince’s household, so she refuses to relinquish even a tiny bit!

This made the Old Madam go mad with fury.

(End Chapter)

Old Madam = the mother of the current head of the Bo Household (aka Hua Dingzong’s mother)

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