Wedding Day

Hua Dingzong’s head was spinning and scheming.

If Prince Zhao doesn’t want Hua Manman, then he’ll just offer up his eldest daughter.

In terms of appearance, figure, and temperament, his eldest daughter was leagues better than his second daughter.

Prince Zhao would most likely be willing

As for his eldest daughter’s birth-assigned 8 words1, he can just think of a way to change it.

At this moment, Hua Dingzong suddenly saw Prince Zhao lift his lips into a smile, though he could not discern the tone or meaning of it.

“Next time, don’t hit her.
That person is soon to become the wife of this prince2.”


Hua Dingzong respectfully sent Prince Zhao and his entourage out the gates of the Bo residence.

Even after everyone had long gone, Hua Dingzong was still in a daze.

Just now, Hua Manman had attempted to commit suicide in front of Prince Zhao.
But not only did Prince Zhao not get angry, he even continued to discuss their wedding date as if nothing had happened.

As expected, only few people can understand the thought process of this imperial highness, Prince Zhao.

The place where Hua Manman lives is called the Orchid Residence.

At this point, she had already changed her clothes and was currently being comforted in the arms of the original body’s blood-related mother, He Shi.

He Shi: “My dear child, how could you be so stupid? If there’s something that makes you unhappy, you can talk to me instead.
How could you decide to commit suicide by jumping into the lake without thinking things through? You are the heart and liver of this mother that I carried for 10 months, if you die, how can you expect your mother to live?!”

Hua Manman dropped her previous stubborn façade, obediently snuggled into He Shi’s arms, and honestly admitted her mistakes.

“Mother, I was wrong, I won’t dare do this ever again.”

Due to the original body’s arrogant and domineering personality, the original body was not very welcomed in her own home.
In the entire Bo residence, only He Shi protected and cherished her wholeheartedly.

Hua Manman felt a pang of guilt in her heart.

Because of her dangerous actions, He Shi felt frightened and anxious.

It was rare for He Shi to see her so obedient and quiet, and thought that she must have been scared by her father’s slap just now.
The thought made He Shi even more distressed.

“Good girl, it’s okay as long as you know what you did wrong.
Don’t worry, as long as your mother is here, I won’t let you be wronged in the slightest.
You should take a rest, this mother will go find your father right now and have him push away the marriage between you and Prince Zhao.”

Hua Manman thought in her heart that even if her father doesn’t bring it up, Prince Zhao would definitely refuse this marriage.

The reason why Hua Manman became the prime candidate to become Prince Zhao’s official wife was due to the blessing of Grand Eldest Princess Ningyang.

Grand Eldest Princess Ningyang is the aunt of the current emperor, as well as the grandmother of Prince Zhao Li Ji.
She is a very powerful figure.

She invited an expert to give a divination for Prince Zhao, and learned that because the influence of evil in his fate is too strong, he has to marry a woman born during the Dragon Boat Festival on the fifth day of May as a concubine in order to suppress his evil karma.

This Grand Eldest Princess Ningyang is also a particularly talented person.

Adhering to the principle that more is better, with one breath she found four unmarried women of the right age who were born on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival.

But none of these four candidates can match up to Prince Zhao’s status.

As such, Grand Eldest Princess Ningyang would select the two with higher statuses and appointed them as official wife candidates, and the other two would be accepted as concubines.

Hua Manman happened to be a candidate for the position of official wife.

According to the plot of the original story, after she caused a ruckus and tried to commit suicide by jumping into the lake, Prince Zhao called off his marriage with Hua Manman.

Then Hua Manman and her older sister both entered the palace to participate in the concubine selection ceremony.

Both sisters were selected, and ended up remaining in the palace as concubines to the Emperor.

Thus, the backstory was set for the main plot of “Palace Scheming”……

Just as He Shi walked to the entrance of the room, she saw Hua Dingzong entering with large steps.

He Shi dabbed away tears from her eyes and complained:

“What are you doing here? Could it be that you want to hit Manman again?”

Hua Dingzong didn’t want to waste his breath arguing with this long-haired and dim-witted woman.

He walked straight to the side of the bed, looked down at his second daughter whose face was swollen on one side, and said in a harsh tone:

“The wedding date has been set for the third day of next month.
During the period of time until then, you are to obediently recover and remain in your room, and I will have people watching you.
Without my permission, you are not to take a single step out of the Orchid Residence!”

Hua Manman was dumbfounded.

What wedding?

Didn’t Prince Zhao already call off their marriage?

(End of chapter)

Birth-Assigned 8 words = One’s date of birth for astrological purposes.
Combined from year, month, day, hour, heavenly trunk, and earthly branch. Imperial characters often refer to themselves as “本王”, which translates to “this prince” or “this seat”.


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