She Wants to Live

The main reason why Song Ding and Hua Qingqing’s marriage failed in the end was due to Hua Manman, this vicious and brain-dead female supporting character.

Ever since she was a child, Hua Manman liked to compete with her sister over everything.
Naturally, she wouldn’t let go of her sister’s beloved man.

That’s right, this story is full of dog blood!1

In the original story, Hua Manman deliberately found an opportunity to get close to Song Ding in order to snatch away her sister’s fiancé.
It just so happened that she was Song Ding’s type.

However, Hua Manman didn’t explain anything clearly, and deliberately led on Song Ding.

Song Ding was seduced by Hua Manman even up until two days before the wedding, when he suddenly asked to cancel his marriage with Hua Qingqing.

He publicly stated that he doesn’t like Hua Qingqing, but actually likes Hua Manman instead!

This was undoubtedly a huge slap to Hua Qingqing’s reputation, and also caused Hua Qingqing to lose face in the city of Shangjing.

Hua Qingqing was outraged and couldn’t stop herself from running to Hua Manman to argue with her, but she was severely slapped by Hua Manman instead.

This was the original backstory behind why Hua Manman slapped Hua Qingqing.

Ever since Hua Manman transmigrated here, she hadn’t seen Song Ding.
If He-shi hadn’t mentioned him, she would have completely forgotten that he existed.

He-shi still had a lot to say to her daughter.

But Hua Manman couldn’t delay any longer.
The system was reminding her that there were only 20 minutes left before her mission deadline runs out.

“Mother, it’s rare for me to have a chance to come back.
I haven’t even seen my grandmother yet.
I should go and greet the Old Madam.”

He-shi agreed: “Yes, yes, you should go and say hello.
Let’s go, I’ll accompany you.”

He-shi knew that neither she nor her daughter were favored or welcomed by the Old Madam, so she took the initiative to go with her daughter when visiting the Old Madam to give her daughter some courage, and so that her daughter would not experience any discomfort when visiting the Old Madam.

Thus, mother and daughter came together to Changsheng Court.

At this moment, Hua Qingqing was drinking tea and chatting with the Old Madam.
When she saw that He-shi and Hua Manman had arrived, Hua Qingqing immediately put down her teacup, stood up, and greeted them gracefully.

“Greetings, Mother.”

He-shi brought Hua Manman to greet the Old Madam.

The Old Madam smiled and said: “You’re all a part of my family, there’s no need to be so polite.
Let’s all sit down.”

Hua Manman sat down right next to He-shi.

She looked at Hua Qingqing, who was sitting next to the Old Madam, and felt extremely conflicted.

If she had a choice, she would never want to become an enemy of the heroine.

But right now she didn’t have the luxury of choosing.

If she doesn’t complete this task, she’ll be punished by the system.

As soon as she thought about that sensation of heart pain that hurt worse than dying, she could only brace herself and complete the task.

If she offends the heroine, she may die in the future.

But if she goes against the system, she’ll die right here!

She wants to live.

Even if she has to struggle to survive, she still wants to continue living.

Hua Manman said silently in her heart–

‘I can only apologize to you, Hua Qingqing’

As usual, the Old Madam exchanged a few words with Hua Manman.

Although she tried her best to act obedient and natural, the Old Madam still noticed that she was a little nervous.

The Old Madam thought that Hua Manman was uncomfortable because she didn’t know how to get along with the Old Madam, so she didn’t force her.
Instead, the Old Madam sent her elsewhere to hang out with Hua Qingqing.

This was exactly what Hua Manman was waiting for.

She immediately stood up and followed Hua Qingqing out.

Today, Hua Qingqing was wearing an apricot colored dress with a long flowing skirt that fastened above her chest.
Her hair was tied up in a falling horse bun3.
With her beautifully drawn eyebrows and her elegant and demure temperament, she had a very gentle and ladylike demeanor.

She said with a smile: “Second sister, would you like to come sit in my room? While you’re here, you can also see Xiao Bai.”

Hua Manman nodded and said yes.

Hua Qingqing noticed her strangeness and couldn’t help but take a closer look at her.

“Why is my little sister so obedient today? Are you in some kind of trouble?”

At this time, Hua Manman received another reminder from the system.

[There are only 10 minutes left before the mission deadline.
Please complete the mission as soon as possible!]





Dog blood = Chinese slang to describe a situation that’s overly dramatic or cliché.
No animals were harmed in the making of this novel. This specific dress/style is called Qixiong Ruqun, where the skirt is super long and fastens right above the chest. It’s a popular hairstyle during the Wei and Jin dynasties, supposed to resemble the “carefree and loose hair of a woman who has just fallen from a horse”.

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