Bringing About Her Own Doom

In the original novel <>, there indeed was a scene where the supporting character Hua Manman slapped the heroine, Hua Qinqing.

This scene was meant to showcase Hua Manman’s arrogance and unreasonableness, as well as to incite the readers’ hatred.

Readers hated Hua Manman so much that after both sisters entered the imperial palace’s harem, commenters were looking forward to the heroine’s quick rise in both salary and rank until she reached the highest pinnacle of reputation and life, so that she could step all over Hua Manman in revenge for this incident.

Hua Manman didn’t expect this.

Even though she has already gotten rid of the plot of entering the palace as a concubine, she still can’t escape the fate of becoming the heroine’s enemy!

As readers all know well, anyone who becomes an enemy of the heroine will suffer a bad ending.

Isn’t this system forcing her to bring about her own doom?!


Hua Dingzong invited Zhao-wang to the martial arts training room in the name of asking Zhao-wang to critique Hua Dingzong’s two sons’ martial arts techniques.

Hua Manman, on the other hand, was taken to the Songquan Court.

Songquan Court is the place where Hua Dingzong and He-shi lived.

He-shi had been looking forward to this moment for a long time.
The moment she saw her baby girl appear, her eyes lit up immediately.

She rushed up to greet her, held her daughter’s hands, and spoke excitedly:

“Manman, my sweet girl, I’ve been thinking of you every day for these past few days.
Even in my dreams I’m worried about whether or not you’ve been wronged or bullied.
Let me take a look, have you gotten even skinnier?”

Hua Manman’s mind was still full of that awful task assigned by that stupid system, so her reaction was delayed by half a beat.

He-shi examined Hua Manman from head to toe twice.
Once she saw that Hua Manman didn’t look too thin at all, and that her complexion looked very rosy, He-shi felt relieved.

It looks like her daughter is doing well in her new residence.

He-shi led her daughter to sit down, then began to ask her questions about trivial matters regarding her marriage.

Hua Manman occasionally nodded to agree, but her entire person seemed distraught.

Seeing how worried her daughter was He-shi couldn’t help but ask:

“Are you in any trouble? Or is someone bothering you? Don’t be afraid, if there’s anything going on just tell me, and I’ll help you solve it!”

What Hua Manman was worried about was the task assigned by the system.

But she couldn’t tell anyone about this.

She opened and closed her mouth, hesitating again and again, but in the end she finally asked:

“Mother, how is Elder Sister doing recently?”

He Shi: “She’s doing pretty good.
Lately, the Old Madam has been preparing a dowry for her.
It seems like her marriage with that boy from the Song family will be arranged soon.
When it happens, you should also come back to celebrate and drink.”

Hua Manman replied absent-mindedly: “Okay.”

He-shi knew that the relationship between her daughter and Hua Qingqing wasn’t very good.
She was afraid that her daughter would have some bad thoughts, so she comforted her in a low voice:

“Although people outside say that Song Ding is a rare and exceptional young talent, compared to Zhao-wang he is still lacking.

You can tell just by looking at your father.

When he knew that you were coming back today, he woke up at the crack of dawn to fix his appearance, and repeatedly told me to prepare meals that you like.

If it was Song Ding, your father would definitely not be so considerate.”

After He-shi finished speaking, she couldn’t stop the corners of her lips from curling up.
Even in her tone there was a hint of sarcasm.

No one knows who exactly she’s mocking.

When Hua Manman heard the name “Song Ding” her heart moved slightly.

She remembered that Song Ding was the name of a cannon fodder, a male supporting character in <>

Song Ding was originally supposed to be married to Hua Qingqing.
The two of them were childhood sweethearts and had a very good relationship.

The two families had originally agreed to plan to have Hua Qingqing marry Song Ding after Hua Qingqing reached a marriageable age.

Unexpectedly, Song Ding’s father suddenly passed away.

Song Ding had to mourn for three years to observe filial piety.

This year marked the third year, and soon his period of observing filial piety will be over.

Song Ding and Hua Qingqing’s marriage was now in the midst of being scheduled, and they were just waiting for an auspicious day to hold the marriage ceremony and officially become husband and wife.

But Hua Manman knew that this marriage between these two people would never work out.

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