It’s Over!

Li Ji spoke leisurely.

“Now you know to be afraid? When you were out there spreading rumors about me, did it never occur to you that this would happen?”

Li Lou didn’t expect for him to find out the truth so soon, so he was in a panic.

But on the outside, Li Lou pretended to be calm and denied it.

“I don’t know anything, what are you talking about? You must have made a mistake, let me go!”

Li Ji glanced sideways and gave a meaningful look at Chen Wangbei, who was standing behind him.

Chen Wangbei understood, and immediately asked the guards outside to bring in their special guest.

Once Li Lou saw the face of the person who was brought in, his complexion changed drastically, an explosion seemed to go off in his brain, and only two words were left in his mind–

It’s over!

The person who was brought in was none other than Li Lou’s personal manservant.

Li Lou trusted this young man very much and entrusted him with many important tasks, such as the task spreading rumors about Zhao-wang being unfilial to Rouwan-junzhu.

The wounded servant knelt on the ground, his face overflowing with snot and tears as he cried.

“I’m so sorry young master, I didn’t mean to betray you.
I was forced, there was nothing else I could do.

If this servant hadn’t told the truth, not only would I have been killed, but my parents and family members would have been exiled and forced to join the army.

I could only… could only spill everything.

I’m so sorry young master, this servant deserves to die!”

After he finished speaking, he began to kowtow vigorously.

Li Lou was furious.
He can’t wait to rush up and tear this lowly servant into pieces!

However, he was tightly bound and unable to move, and he could only curse at the top of his lungs.

Although he came from a noble family, he was able to spew some truly filthy curses.

Chen Wangbei didn’t want his Wangye to dirty his ears, so he said in a low voice:

“Wangye, you should go outside to get some fresh air.
Please allow us subordinates to handle this here.”

Li Ji didn’t want to waste too much time on this raving clown, so he left the room.

The door closed behind him.

In the next moment, Li Lou’s piercing screams could be heard coming from the room.

Truth be told, Li Ji has many ways to make Li Lou quietly disappear from this world.

But he chose not to do that.

He just chose the simplest and crudest method.

As for how much trouble this might bring him, he didn’t care at all.

Sitting in his wheelchair, Li Ji slightly raised his head and narrowed his eyes, enjoying the comfort brought by a light breeze.

In this world, there’s no longer anything worthy of his attention.

After a long time, Li Lou’s screams gradually weakened.

Until all that remained was silence.

The room’s door was opened, and Chen Wangbei stepped out.
His hands and the hem of his clothes were stained with blood.
Coupled with his cold expression, he painted a frightening picture.

He clasped his fists in a salute:

“Reporting to Wangye; Li Lou has already passed out.
Would you like us to wake him up and continue torturing him?”

“No need,” Li Ji said casually.
“Send him back.”


Li Lou, who was covered in blood, was carried out by the guards and sent back to Duke Zhen’s Residence.

When Rouwan-junzhu next saw Li Lou, it was already the next morning.

She was taken aback by the horrible and bloody state of his body.

After Li Lou woke up, Rouwan-junzhu asked him about what happened in order to get to the bottom of the matter.
When she found out Li Ji had done this, she immediately became furious and scolded Li Ji for being inhuman!

Ignoring the dissuasion of everyone around her, she rushed out of Duke Zhen’s Residence and hurried to Zhao-wang‘s Residence in a carriage.

In her heart, she secretly swore that she would teach this rebellious son Li Ji a lesson so that he would never harm another person ever again.

However, once she arrived at Zhao-wang‘s Residence, she was told that Zhao-wang himself was no longer on the premises.

Gao Shan spoke politely:

“Today marks the third day after his wedding with Hua-ruren, and is the day when Hua-ruren returns home. Wangye has accompanied her back to her maternal household.
I’m afraid they won’t return until very late, would you like to come back another day, Junzhu?“


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