So Moving

Li Ji didn’t want the mastermind to succeed, so the best solution was to pretend like nothing had happened and to deal with these two female assassins quietly in order to minimize the impact of this incident.

Hua Manman let out a heavy sigh.
She never thought that Zhao-wang, who looked so beautiful, would be surrounded by so many hidden dangers.

‘It seems like being a villain isn’t easy!’

Li Ji raised his eyebrows.
It turns out that in this woman’s heart, he’s a villain.

Instead of finding it annoying, he was rather amused.

“Were you scared by what happened just now?” he asked with a smile.

Hua Manman immediately entered her acting mode and spoke shyly:

“As long as Wangye is around, I’m not afraid of anything.”

If she had to score her answer, she’d give herself full marks!

With such a perfect answer, she almost manage to stir her own emotions!

She refused to believe that Zhao-wang wouldn’t be moved!

Li Ji stretched out his hand, brushing her chin with his fingertips, and spoke with a half-smile:

“Tomorrow marks the third day after our wedding, so it will be the day you return to your mother’s home.
When you leave to make your visit, I will accompany you.”

It stands to reason that Zhao-wang would normally not need to personally accompany a mere Ruren during her visit home.

At this time, for him to offer to accompany her, this was clearly meant to support her.

Hua Manman felt flattered.

Li Ji’s fingertips rested on her chin.

He lifted her chin, exposing her fragile neck.

This position made her feel very vulnerable.

“I’m treating you so well.
Don’t you feel moved?” Li Ji asked.

Hua Manman stiffened: “I d-don’t dare to move.1“

Li Ji: “Hm?”

Hua Manman: “Moved! I’m very moved, so touched!”

Only then did Li Ji show a satisfied smile, and his fingertips let go of her chin.

… …

Li Lou is in a bad mood today.

He had deliberately spread rumors everywhere that Zhao-wang had done something to his own biological mother.
He had wanted to use this incident to discredit Zhao-wang, and eventually disqualify Zhao-wang from inheriting the title of Duke.

Who would have thought that the Emperor would just summon Zhao-wang into the palace to say a few words, and then lightly resolve the matter so easily?

Li Lou’s schemes all came to nothing.

How could his heart feel settled like this?

It just so happened that Ningyang-gongzhu came to visit Rouwan-junzhu today at Duke Zhen’s Residence, so Li Lou pulled himself together and tried to win Ningyang-gongzhu‘s favor.
Instead, he was mercilessly reprimanded by Ningyang-gongzhu.

Li Lou left Duke Zhen’s Residence feeling disheartened.

He took a manservant with him into a flower building, intent on using drinking to vent his frustration and resentment.

He downed cup after cup of alcohol.

Instead of being appeased, the resentment in Li Lou’s heart only increased.

He slammed his wine cup on the table forcefully, saying bitterly:

“He’s already a cripple and a waste, why does the Emperor still favor him so much?!”

Before, it could be said that the reason was because Zhao-wang was brave and talented at fighting and warfare.
The Emperor cherishes talents, so he had a special preference for Zhao-wang.

But now that Zhao-wang is already disabled, why does the Emperor still go around favoring him?

Is it possible that the Emperor is too old and confused?!

Before he knew it, Li Lou was already drunk.

His mind was like a muddled mess.

He couldn’t help but fall asleep right there on the table.

When he woke up, he found himself in a small dark room.

His hands and feet were tightly bound, and he was unable to move.

A strong sense of unease permeated through his heart, so he opened his mouth and shouted with all his strength:

“Someone come! Help! Is there anyone outside?”

The door swung open from an outside force.

Li Ji entered, with someone pushing his wheelchair.

The moment he saw Li Ji, Li Lou’s face trembled violently, and his complexion became extremely ugly.

“You’re the one who tied me up here? What are you planning to do?

I’m warning you, if you dare to do anything to me, I’ll definitely tell Aunt! I’ll make sure you won’t have a good life in the future!





A pun that also works in Chinese; “感动” (meaning “emotionally moved” or “touched”) is phonetically similar to “敢动”(meaning “dare to/have the guts to move).
Both are pronounced “gǎndòng”

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