I Don’t Want to be Married to a Disabled Person!

Hua Manman first transmigrated to this world three months ago.

The reason why she transmigrated here was simply because she read a novel about fighting in the imperial harem titled “Palace Scheming”.

Right now, her entire body was submerged in freezing cold lake water.
She couldn’t breathe, and felt unbearably uncomfortable.

If she had known beforehand that she would transmigrate into a book and become the vicious and brain-damaged female supporting character, then even if she was bored to death or had to jump from the apartment building she used to live in, she would never have clicked on “Palace Scheming”!

Someone jumped into the water, grabbed her by the arm, and dragged her towards the shore while swimming.

Once Hua Manman was rescued onto the shore, before she could even catch her breath, she was fiercely slapped by Hua Dingzong.

The slap made a loud, crisp sound.

Everyone present was too frightened to move.

Hua Manman was hit on the side of her head, and her left cheek was stinging with pain.

Hua Dingzong fiercely scolded her to her face.

“You’re already 15 years old, and have already reached the marriageable age.
Why are you still so headstrong? Do you not think before you do or say things? Just what evil did our Hua family provoke to have raised a rebellious and unfilial blockhead like you!”

Not far off, Li Ji sat in his wheelchair, watching all this unfold with cold eyes as a bystander.

Zhong Anbo’s master was beyond upset, no one dared to dissuade him.

Someone snuck away to find and inform Madam Bo.

Hua Manman covered her swollen red cheek, and with her eyes filled with tears and her beautiful body unable to stop trembling, she appeared extremely embarassed.

But even so she raised her head and, as if desperate, choked out the words.

“I don’t want to be married to Prince Zhao! I don’t want to marry a disabled person!”

She knows that Prince Zhao is watching from a short distance away, and also knows that this disabled prince who is currently sitting in a wheelchair will hold great power in the future, and become a regent who holds overwhelming power over the court and people.

If you were to offend him, you would no longer be able to eat good fruit.

But she has no other options.

She must complete the task.

She can only cry loudly in her heart —

Woo woo woo, Your Highness Prince Zhao, I beg that you, as the bigger person here, don’t remember my small existence, and please by all means don’t take my bullshit to heart.

Hua Dingzong was angered half to death by his second daughter’s stubborn appearance.

He raised his hand to slap his second daughter’s face again.

But he was stopped just in time by Madam Bo, He Shi1, who had rushed over in a hurry.

In front of her precious daughter, He Shi protects her and uses her most effective persuasive techniques.

“Manman is already so miserable.
It doesn’t matter if you care or not, but to even beat her and scold her, can you still call yourself her real father? Come now, direct your hits at me instead.
If you have the right, you might as well beat this mother-daughter pair to death!”

Hua Dingzong is about to be driven crazy with rage by this mother-daughter pair.

But with outsiders present, he still wants to find a way to preserve the reputation of his Bo household.

As such, he allows He Shi to do what she wants and take Hua Manman away.

A notification from the system sounded in Hua Manman’s head —

[Congratulations to the host for completing an important plot-related task!]

Hua Dingzong told the servants around him to keep their mouths shut, and to not spread the matter outside.
Then he walked over in front of Prince Zhao, bent down, and constantly apologized.

“It’s that little girl who doesn’t understand, and disturbed Wangye.
I ask that Wangye please take into account her young age and penchant for ignorance, and not feel the need to pursue this conflict with her.
I will definitely discipline her well later, and I will ensure that this kind of situation will never happen again in the future.”

He waited for a long time, but still didn’t receive Prince Zhao’s reply.

Hua Dingzong cautiously raised his head, but Prince Zhao was gazing faintly in the direction of where He Shi and Hua Manman left.

Han Dingzong’s heart grew more and more uneasy..

Although this Prince Zhao had only just returned to the capital, there are already many rumors surrounding him.
They say that he’s temperamental, doesn’t blink when killing people, he’s vicious and treacherous, and will seek revenge for the smallest grievances…

In other words, it’s all bad rumors.

Today, Hua Manman made such a big mess that Prince Zhao must have been offended to death.

Unfortunately, it seems that this marriage between Prince Zhao and Hua Manman can only turn sour.

(End of this chapter)



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