Li Ji gave clear instructions to Chen Wangbei, who was standing beside him:

“Drag these two women out, and beat them to death with paddles.”

Hearing this, the expressions of the two women changed drastically.

“Wangye, please spare our lives!” they hurriedly begged.

Chen Wangbei ordered two personal guards to step forward and capture them.

Seeing that they were doomed, the two girls steeled their nerves.
They suddenly pulled out sharp daggers from hidden compartments in their sleeves, and recklessly rushed towards Li Ji!

‘If we’re going to die anyway, why not make one last attack!‘

Even though they may not be able to kill him, as long as they hurt him and cause a big scene, it can still count as having completed the task that was assigned by their Master.

However, Li Ji was already prepared.

Almost as soon as they moved, he pressed a hidden mechanism on his wheelchair.


Two crossbow arrows shot out from both armrests of the wheelchair, piercing the two girls right in their hearts.

Their eyes were opened wide as they looked down in disbelief at their bleeding wounds.

In the next moment, they staggered and fell into a pool of blood.

“Throw their bodies out to feed the dogs,” Li Ji said coldly.
“Let it be known to those outside the residence that these two attempted to steal property of this Royal Residence, so they were beaten to death with paddles.”

“Understood!” Chen Wangbei said.

The two corpses were carried out by guards, and the blood on the ground was quickly cleaned up by servants.

Whether it was Chen Wangbei, Gao Shan, or any other servant in the residence, none of them said a word about this incident.

All of them maintained a high degree of silence and obedience.

It was as if the two who were killed just now weren’t two living and breathing adults, but rather two small insignificant ants.

Only the four maidservants that Hua Manman brought with her from the Bo Residence were frightened by what had happened.

They had never seen such a scene before, so all of them were so frightened that their faces turned pale and their hands and feet went cold.

Of course, they had all heard the rumors about Zhao-wang before, but they had all believed that these rumors were just fabricated or exaggerated.
They never would have believed that the rumors were all true, and that this Zhao-wang really is an ill-tempered person who kills without batting an eye.

At this moment, none of them had the courage to look at Zhao-wang, and endless fear filled their hearts.

Seeing them like this, Hua Manman made up an excuse to send them all away.

The four maidservants retreated in a panic, like they had received a royal pardon.

Eventually, everyone else in the room also retreated.

In the end, only Hua Manman and Li Ji were left.

Hua Manman hesitated for a moment, but she was still unable to swallow down the curiosity in her heart.
She asked curiously:

“How did Wangye know that those two were assassins?”

Li Ji leaned back, his entire body in a relaxed posture, as he answered lazily:

“Take a guess.”

“Could it be because they showed some flaws that gave them away just now?” Hua Manman guessed.
“But this concubine didn’t see any problems with them.”

Li Ji: “That’s because you’re blind.”

Hua Manman: “…………..”

Her expression looked resentful, and she secretly sneered at him in her heart.

‘That’s right, if I wasn’t blind then how could I marry a dog like you?!’

Li Ji narrowed his eyes, and his gaze became dangerous.

Hua Manman inexplicably felt that his appearance was a bit scary at this moment, so she hurriedly changed the subject:

“Since Wangye knew that they were assassins, why didn’t you keep them alive to interrogate them? Maybe you could have asked about the mastermind behind them.”

Li Ji smiled inexplicably.
“You can tell from their skills that they’ve received professional training.
Even if they were captured alive, they wouldn’t tell the truth.
They would probably take the opportunity to bite back and stir the water to make more trouble.”

There was one more thing he didn’t mention.

The fact that these two women were given to him by the Emperor.

No matter who their actual master was, as long as their identities as assassins were exposed, the Emperor would be implicated.

Although the mastermind seemed to be aiming at him, the actual target was the current Emperor.

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