So That was Their Goal!

The two girls knelt down in front of Hua Manman, pleading tearfully.

“We servants are willing to stay by the Ruren‘s side and work like horses and cattle.
Our only hope is that the Ruren keeps us as servants, and don’t drive us back to our quarters.”

Seeing them cry so loudly, Hua Manman assumed they must have suffered misfortune in the residence’s inner court.

Usually Gao Shan handles these trivial matters, so Hua Manman asked someone to call Gao Shan over to ask him personally.
Just how did Gao Shan arrange these girls?

Gao Shan answered truthfully:

“Wangye thought that they were annoying and he didn’t want to see them, so he asked this humble servant to have them settle down somewhere farther away.
I placed them in the west courtyard of the residence.

The west courtyard is located the furthest from the Shanhai Quarters, where Wangye lives, and the west courtyard has a separate corner door from the main entrance.If these girls want to go outside, they can leave through the corner door instead of having to go through the front courtyard and potentially affecting Wangye‘s mood.

As for the monthly allowance for these girls, it’s arranged according to the standard amount that housemaids reserve, so they receive two taels of silver every month and two sets of new clothes every season.”

“Have you ever done anything to slight them?” Hua Manman asked again.

Gao Shan denied it hastily:

“Of course not! Although Wangye doesn’t want to see them, they were still sent by the Emperor, the Empress, and the Grand Eldest Gongzhu.
How could this servant dare to neglect them?

Ever since they entered the household, the servants have been properly providing them with food and drinks, and they’ve never been asked to do anything.

If you don’t believe me, you may also ask other people in the residence.”

Hua Manman believed that a man of Gao Shan’s shrewdness wouldn’t lie about such trivial matters.

She appeased Gao Shan, then looked at the two girls kneeling on the ground, her eyes full of puzzlement.

“This royal residence provides you with delicious food and drink, and not only doesn’t require you to work for anything, but also gives you an allowance to buy clothes for yourself.
You can even go outside whenever you want, and your personal freedom isn’t restricted.

Yet, instead of accepting such a comfortable life, here you girls are crying and shouting for me to work you like horses and cattle.

Are you sure there’s nothing wrong with your brains?”

Hua Manman had always dreamed of a life with food, drinks, no work, money, and beautiful clothes!

The two girls were left speechless by her question.

Gao Shan was almost accused of neglecting the people he was in charge of because of these two girls.

He was still a little upset at heart, so at this moment he smiled strangely.

“Ruren may not know, but these two girls are not out of their minds.
They’re just unwilling to be trapped in the west courtyard, and want to use you as a stepping stone to get closer to the Wangye.”

Hua Manman came to a sudden realization.
So that was their goal!

The two girls’ faces turned pale after their motives were laid out by Gao Shan.

They kowtowed to Hua-ruren as their beautiful faces were stained with tears, like raindrops on pear blossoms, and begged her to not punish them for their crimes.

It just so happened that Zhao-wang came back at this time.

When he entered the Liuli Pavilion, he immediately saw the sight of two strange women kowtowing to Hua Manman.

These two women were crying a river, looking very pitiful.

Anyone with a shred of compassion in their hearts would normally feel sympathy for these two women when seeing this scene, and would be left with the bad impression that Hua Manman is being arrogant and bullying them.

However, Li Ji clearly heard the inner thoughts of these two women–

‘So this is Zhao-wang.
He really is a cripple.
What a pity, his face is handsome but it’s wasted.‘

‘Whether you look at figure or appearance, neither of us are inferior to Hua-ruren.
Zhao-wang will definitely take a liking to us.
Once we get the chance to get close to him, we’ll be able to complete the task Master assigned for us.‘

Li Ji lifted the corners of his thin lips.
Just look, here are two more idiots trying to scheme against him.



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