Must be Severely Punished!

Hua Manman had thought that she was out of her mind when she had rushed forward so foolishly to protect Zhao-wang.

But after waking up from her dream, she realized that she hadn’t lost her mind at all.

She had seen a familiar shadow in Rouwan-junzhu‘s expression.

A shadow of her father.

With open jaws and piercing claws, full of ferocity and violence, just like a man-eating monster.

Back when she was being abused by her father, she always held hope that someone would come to save her.

It turns out this hope turned into a lingering obsession.

It prompted her to rush forward when Rouwan-junzhu tried to attack.

No one was able to become her savior.

Then she’ll be the one to fulfill this obsessive wish in her heart.


The next day, rumors about the fight between Zhao-wang and Rouwan-junzhu spread all over the capital.

For outsiders who didn’t know the details of what happened, when they first heard that Zhao-wang dared to stir trouble with his own biological mother, they thought it was incredibly treasonous.

There were even officials who immediately submitted an impeachment of Zhao-wang.

‘The current Emperor rules the country with filial piety.
Such a disobedient and unfilial person must be severely punished!’

Under such pressure, the Emperor sent someone to summon Zhao-wang into the palace in order to inquire about the truth of the matter in person.

Although he was facing the Emperor with supreme authority, Li Ji didn’t feel very nervous.
He sat in his wheelchair with a blank expression on his face.

The Emperor first inquired about Li Ji’s injury, then asked an imperial physician to check on Li Ji.

With the pleasantries out of the way, the Emperor only then seemed to have remembered to ask about the matter with Rouwan-junzhu.

“I heard that you went back to Duke Zhen’s Residence yesterday and had an unpleasant quarrel with your mother?”

“Mn1,” Li Ji responded calmly.

The Emperor sighed helplessly.

“I know that Duke Zhen’s death has nothing to do with you, but your mother refuses to believe this fact.
She seems to be convinced that you’re responsible for Duke Zhen’s death.

I even asked the Empress to persuade her, but she wouldn’t listen.

There’s really nothing I can do about this.

Fortunately, you’ve already moved out of Duke Zhen’s Residence now, so you don’t have to live with her every day.”

“My apologies for troubling Your Majesty with this,” Li Ji said in an emotionless voice.

“The rumors this time arose very strangely,” the Emperor said.
“Would you like me to help you investigate the circumstances?”

“No need, I know who did it,” Li Ji said.

Hearing this, the Emperor stopped discussing this matter.
He offered some gentle words as comfort, and in the end even permitted Li Ji to remain in the palace for lunch.

By the time Li Ji left the palace it was already afternoon.

At the gates of the palace, there was already a carriage from the Grand Eldest Gongzhu2 Ningyang’s Residence waiting for him.

The servant stepped forward to salute him, respectful and sincere.

“Wangye, Her Highness the Grand Eldest Gongzhu invites you to her residence to have a meeting.”

Li Ji gave a slight nod in response.

He knew that for Ningyang-gongzhu to invite him over at this time, it must be to discuss the matter with Rouwan-junzhu.

Sure enough, he was correct.

Once Ningyang-gongzhu saw him, she began playing peacemaker as soon as she opened her mouth.

“The blow that Duke Zhen’s death dealt to your mother was too heavy, it was too much for her to bear, so something went wrong with her mind.

No matter what she says, don’t take any of it to heart.

You are still her child that she bore for 10 months, and her cherished darling.
She has always loved you.”

Li Ji smiled lightly, but it was a mocking smile.


He had also once believed that there was no mother in this world who could not love her children.

But the facts proved to him that he was too naïve.

Rouwan-junzhu never loved him.

In this world, there is no one who could ever love him unconditionally.

Ningyang-gongzhu tried to persuade him for a long time, until her mouth became dry from talking, but Li Ji’s expression remained calm and unmoved, obviously not listening to what she was saying.





Mn = an onomatopoeia, more like a grunt of affirmation.
A very casual/informal way of saying yes, just to show how casual Li Ji is being to the Emperor. Gongzhu = Princess, just figured I should try to be consistent with italicizing titles.

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