You Unfilial Son!

“Stop!” Rouwan-junzhu shouted sharply.

Although she was rather advanced in years and no longer as movingly charming as she was in her youth, she was still attractive.

Additionally, she had been holing herself up in her room these past few years, so her already fair complexion was paler than usual.

At this time, she was wearing a long, snow-blue dress.
Her willow-leaf eyebrows were raised, her thin lips were tightly pursed, and her pale cheeks were abnormally flushed in anger.
Her facial expression, coupled with her excessively slender and thin body, gave the appearance of almost a morbid level of fragility.

Leaning on Zhang-mama1 for support, she quickly walked over to Zhao-wang, her beautiful eyes blazing with anger.

“First you insulted your brother, and now you’re going around smashing up the Duke’s Estate, are you trying to rebel?!”

Li Ji raised his head to look at her.

He had went out of his way to bring the newly married Ruren over to greet her, yet she deliberately avoided meeting them.

Yet now, as soon as he had slightly bullied Li Lou2, she couldn’t wait to hurry over and bring a crowd to condemn him.

Looking at it this way, Li Lou seems more like the son born of her flesh and blood.

Then what is he?

Li Ji knew that he held no place in her heart.

If this had taken place a month ago, he might have been hurt and saddened by this revelation.

But now, he’s able to let out a quiet chuckle.

“Ha, a rebellion would implicate nine generations of our family.
Mother should speak more carefully.”

Rouwan-junzhu was furious at his indifferent attitude, and her voice rose suddenly:

“You unfilial son! You still have the face to tell me what to do?!”

Hua Manman’s eardrums trembled at the shrill voice, and she couldn’t help but frown.

She had thought that Zhao-wang‘s temperament was already pretty bad, but it seems that Rouwan-junzhu‘s temperament was even worse.

After just a couple words, Rouwan-junzhu‘s emotions were already out of control.

Even as an adult, she wasn’t able to exert control over her emotions.
This clearly meant that she has some sort of psychological issues.

In modern times, this kind of issue could have been treated by a psychiatrist.
But in ancient times, people had no awareness of mental illnesses at all, so it was naturally difficult to resolve Rouwan-junzhu‘s psychological issues.

At this time, Chen Wangbei emerged from the residence with his team of guards.
Each of them were holding a large collection of objects in their arms, ranging from treasures adorned in gold and silver to calligraphy and paintings, everything and anything.

They first bowed towards Rouwan-junzhu, then looked towards Zhao-wang as they awaited his next instructions.

When Li Lou saw that they were about to snatch away all of the valuables from Haiyan Residence, he finally couldn’t hold back anymore.
He jumped up and shouted:

“You dogs all have such great guts! To think you even dare to rob things from the Duke’s Estate?

Just look at this, Aunt! My cousin clearly knows that you’re ill, but not only does he not come back to look after you, he even wants to have his people empty out the Duke’s Estate.
He doesn’t have you in his heart at all!”

When Li Ji looked over at him, Li Lou instinctively felt fear and immediately hid behind Rouwan-junzhu.

There was a thick tone of disgust in Rouwan-junzhu‘s voice as she spoke:

“These things all belong to the Duke’s Estate.
Since you have already moved out of the Duke’s Estate, you are no longer entitled to a single needle or thread belonging to the Duke’s Estate.”

Li Ji responded in a leisurely manner:

“When my father bequeathed me with the Haiyan Residence, he told me that everything within the Haiyan Residence belongs to me, and I can do whatever I want with it.”

Upon hearing him mention the late Duke Zhen, Rouwan-junzhu felt a sting of pain in her heart, and her face became even paler than it was before.

Upon seeing this change, Zhang-mama, who was beside her, asked worriedly:

“Junzhu, are you alright?”

Rouwan-junzhu ignored the caretaker’s question.
Her stare was trained on Li Ji the entire time.
Her gaze was not that of a mother looking at her son, but more as if she were looking at her mortal enemy.




Mama = not written with the same characters as “Mom/mother”, here it refers to a wet nurse or a caretaker that helps watch over someone.
Can also refer to a nun. We can all agree that Li Ji bullied Li Lou pretty harshly here, but keep in mind this is from Li Ji’s point of view and his default when people annoy him is to immediately kill him.
Having Li Lou stripped near-naked is considered pretty tame for him.

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