Just You Wait

Although Li Lou’s face bore resemblance to Li Ji’s in two or three places, his physique was not as slender or tall as that of Li Ji, who used to practice martial arts all year round.
Without the cover of his clothes, Li Lou’s thin and slender figure was completely exposed.

The melon-eater1 Hua Manman pretended like there was nothing to see here.

Chen Wangbei held out the clothes that had been stripped off of Li Lou in front of Zhao Wang and waited for Zhao Wang‘s next orders.

Li Ji didn’t even look at the clothes.
He sincerely didn’t care about them.

“Since they’ve already been worn by him, the clothes are now dirty.
It can’t be washed clean, so just burn it all.”

Hua Manman, who had been watching quietly from the shadows, began to feel her common folk’s mentality tremble upon seeing this.
She couldn’t hold back, and suggested:

“The clothes are still fairly good, it would be a pity to burn them.
How about you exchange them for money and donate them to charity instead? This way we could also accumulate some merits for Wangye.”

Li Ji glanced at her from the corners of his eyes.

Hua Manman blinked back at him, smiling cutely and innocently,

At this moment, Li Ji couldn’t hear any other thoughts from her heart.

She really just wanted to do something good.

Li Ji suddenly smiled.

This time, his smile didn’t contain a single trace of sarcasm.

“Okay then, we’ll just do as you say.”

Hua Manman didn’t expect this.
She was just casually suggesting an idea, and was even readying herself to get scolded, but she didn’t think that Zhao Wang would accept her proposal so readily.

This man’s temperament is indeed fickle, and hard to predict.

Chen Wangbei immediately folded the clothes away and handed them to the guard next to him.

Li Lou wrapped his arms around his thin frame, his whole body trembling.
He looked like he was about to go crazy.

“Even if you are a Wangye, you can’t humiliate me like this! Just you wait, I’m going to go find Aunt!”

He firmly believed that Rou Wan Junzhu would help make things even for him.

When that comes, he’ll make sure Li Ji watches carefully2! .

Chen Wangbei looked at Zhao Wang and, upon seeing that Zhao Wang had no intention of stopping Li Lou, Chen Wangbei didn’t move a muscle and instead watched Li Lou run away.

It was impossible to know what Li Ji was thinking.

“Go to the Haiyan Residence,” he said leisurely.

Hua Manman didn’t know where the Haiyan Residence was located.
Fortunately, with Chen Wangbei there to help point her in the right direction, she eventually successfully found her way to the Haiyan Residence.

As Li Ji sat in the wheelchair, he looked up at the words “Haiyan”3 written in calligraphy above the arch of the door.

This plaque had been written for him by Duke Zhen back when Duke Zhen was still alive.

Everyone says that words reflect the people who wrote them, and indeed Duke Zhen’s handwriting was just like him: upright, with integrity and courage.

Li Ji gazed at it for a while, then suddenly said:

“Even if I don’t want my possessions anymore, I don’t want them to be coveted by a dog.
Wangbei, bring people with you and move out everything within the Haiyan Residence.
Then take them, exchange them for money, and donate it to charity.

As for anything that can’t be removed, just smash and destroy it all.”

Chen Wangbei clasped his fists and responded:


He immediately rushed into the Haiyan Residence with a team of personal guards.

Soon, the screams of maids and servants could be heard resounding within the Haiyan Residence.

“What are you doing? These are all belongings of Duke Zhen’s Estate, what right do you have to take it away? Put it down!”

Following that, there was the sound of shattering, as if something had just been smashed.

Even though she couldn’t see anything, Hua Manman could vividly imagine the current chaotic state of the Haiyan Residence just by hearing these sounds.

This was the place where Li Ji grew up.
He must have plenty of memories that were born here, so normally speaking he should be filled with nostalgia at this place.
But right now, as Hua Manman looked at Li Ji, there were no traces of nostalgia on his face.

There was only indifference and ridicule contained within his pair of long and dark narrow eyes.

After a while, Rou Wan Junzhu hurried over.

A large group of people followed behind her, including Li Lou.

He had obtained a piece of clothing from who-knows-where and randomly put it in on a hurry.
Because the size didn’t fit, it looked inappropriate and out of place, truly comical.




Melon-eater = an onlooker who’s interested in watching a spectacle but has no say in what’s going on. “He’ll make sure Li Ji watches carefully” = Li Lou wants Li Ji to watch as his mother, Rou Wan Junzhu, takes his cousin’s side and punishes Li Ji, so that Li Lou can rub it in his face that Li Ji is no longer favored. Haiyan = should have included this last chapter, but the Hai in Haiyan means “ocean”.
This is also apparently the name of the Haiyan county in Haibei Tibetan autonomous prefecture

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