There’s Poison in the Medicine

Li Ji looked at her solemn and sincere expression.
If he hadn’t heard her inner thoughts already, Li Ji would have almost believed her nonsense.

This woman said so many nice-sounding things, but her only purpose was just to eat as soon as possible.

Li Ji raised his thin lips and smiled evilly.

He pushed the bowl of medicinal soup in front of him towards Hua Manman.

“Seeing as you care about my health so much, how about you taste this medicine for me first to check if there’s any poison in it?”

Hua Manman froze.

She didn’t expect that he would react like this after hearing a few words of persuasion from her.

Just one glance and she could tell that this medicine was very bitter.
She doesn’t want to drink it, not even a tiny sip!

But Li Ji was still looking at her, as if he wouldn’t let her go until she drank a mouthful.

Everyone else lowered their heads.
No one dared to open their mouths and stand up against Zhao Wang‘s words.

Hua Manman had no choice but to resignedly lift up the bowl and carefully take a small sip.

As soon as the medicine entered her mouth, it was extremely bitter!

Her little face immediately wrinkled in distaste, but she still had to force out a smile.

“Wangye, there’s no problem with this medicine.
Please hurry and drink it.”

Li Ji looked at her with an undecipherable expression.

“When I asked you to taste the medicine,” he said.
“I meant for you to use your spoon to try it, not for you to drink straight from the bowl.
Are you trying to make me drink your saliva?”

Hua Manman has never taste-tested medicine for anyone before, so how was she supposed to know that she should have used utensils?!

She had no way of defending herself, so she could only act shy and polite.

“Then, this concubine will have someone go and brew another bowl of medicine for Wangye.”

However, Li Ji instead directly lifted the bowl of medicine in front of him up to his lips, threw his head back, and drank it all in one go.

He put down the empty bowl, met Hua Manman’s surprised eyes, and smiled indifferently.

“Alright, we can eat now.”

Hua Manman inwardly cheered, immediately sitting back down in her seat and merrily started eating breakfast.

When Gao Shan had silently begged for Hua RurenIf you’d like to support my translations, feel free to visit my Ko-Fi here at help just now, it had been a desperate last ditch effort in the face of a hopeless situation.
He hadn’t expected that Hua Ruren was so highly skilled that she actually succeed in persuading Zhao Wang to drink the medicine.

It looks like Zhao Wang really is quite fond of Hua Ruren!

In his heart, Gao Shan elevated his opinion of Hua Ruren.

When he noticed Zhao Wang‘s indifferent gaze landing on him, Gao Shan, who knew that Zhao Wang disliked being waited upon by others while eating, wisely took the servants with him and withdrew from the dining room.

Once they left, Li Ji took out a small pouch from the insides of his wide sleeves.

He tapped out a small pill from the pouch, threw the pill into his mouth, and swallowed it down with a mouthful of chicken broth.

When Hua Manman saw his actions, she couldn’t help but be curious.

“What did Wangye eat just now?”

Li Ji, who put the small pouch back where it had come from, replied casually:


Hua Manman: “…”

My guess is that you’ve got a big fish head!

Li Ji heard her inner thoughts and smiled.

“I ate a detoxification pill just now,” he answered.

Hua Manman’s eyes grew large and round as she became more and more curious.

Generally, people only take detoxification pills once they’ve been poisoned.
Was Zhao Wang poisoned?

“The medicine I drank just now was poisoned,” Li Ji explained slowly.
“So I need to take a detoxification pill to cleanse it.”

Hua Manman was so frightened that her face turned pale.

“The m-m-m-medicine was poisoned?!” she stammered.

She had taken a sip of that medicine just now, doesn’t that mean that she’s also been poisoned?

Is she about to die?

Wuwuwu, but I haven’t even finished breakfast yet, I don’t want to die!

Li Ji: “……”

So the only reason why she didn’t want to die was because she wasn’t done eating yet?

This seems promising!

“The person who poisoned me is very careful,” Li Ji explained slowly.
“Whenever he poisons my medicine, he adds a very small amount.
Since you only drank one sip, you should be fine.”

“Really?” Hua Manman asked dubiously.

Li Ji deliberately smiled maliciously.

“No, that was a lie.
I just wanted to mess with you.
As long as you drink that medicine you’ll definitely die.”

He thought that this woman would cry out of fright.

As a result, Hua Manman froze for a moment.
Then she picked up her bowl and chopsticks and began to quickly inhale food.

Li Ji could clearly hear her inner thoughts —

If I’m about to die anyway, then I have to eat all this delicious food first.
That way, even if I die, at least I’ll be full even as a ghost!

Li Ji: “……..”

She’s very authentic.

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