Will You be Disappointed?

Hua Manman forced herself to put down her chopsticks and eagerly looked at Zhao Wang, hoping that he would hurry up and drink the medicine so she could go ahead and stuff herself with food.

But Li Ji didn’t move.

He just looked expressionlessly at the medicinal soup, his eyes dark and frosty.

Upon seeing that the medicinal soup was getting cold, Gao Shan had to gather his courage and cautiously reminded:

“Wangye, this medicine must be taken while hot in order to be effective.”

Li Ji lifted his right hand, with its well-defined joints, and and held the bowl firmly with his fingers.

He had finally picked up the bowl of medicine.

Just when Hua Manman thought he was going to drink the medicine, he suddenly threw the porcelain bowl in his hand off to the side!

The porcelain bowl fell to the ground and shattered with a CLASH.

The medicinal soup also spilled all over the place.

Gao Shan hurriedly knelt down.

“Wangye, please calm down!” he said.

All the other servants within the room who were helping serve breakfast also knelt down.

“Wangye, please quell your anger!” they said in unison.

Hua Manman was taken aback by this sudden change.

She hurriedly stood up, but then hesitated.
Should she be kneeling down with this crowd?

Li Ji’s eyes passed over her.

“Why are you standing up?” he asked coldly.

Hua Manman was afraid that she, as an innocent bystander, would get dragged into this incident, so she spoke timidly:

“The ground is dirty now, this concubine will go and call someone to come clean it up.”

Li Ji beckoned for her to sit down, then sent a glance towards Gao Shan.

Gao Shan understood immediately and rose, calling for someone to come and help clean up the mess.

Once the ground had been cleaned thoroughly, another bowl of medicinal soup was delivered in front of Zhao Wang.

Gao Shan braced himself before he spoke.

“Wangye has still not recovered from your serious injury.
It is necessary to take medicine on time as prescribed by the imperial doctor; this is the only way your body can recover quickly.”

Li Ji lifted the corner of his lips and smiled coldly, as if he was listening to some funny joke.

“But I don’t want to drink this medicine.
In fact, I prefer being a cripple.”

Gao Shan was stunned speechless.

Gao Shan was originally a chief eunuch in the palace, and was transferred to Zhao Wang‘s estate by the emperor’s decree for the sole purpose of overseeing and serving His Highness Zhao Wang‘s daily activities.
Normally, he handled all the trivial matters in Zhao Wang‘s estate.

Gao Shan was able to manage the entire estate in an orderly manner, but when it came to facing Zhao Wang directly he had no idea where to even start.

This Zhao Wang‘s temperament was completely unpredictable.
No one ever knew what he was thinking in his heart, and when he was upset he would rage without any qualms or considerations.
He didn’t care about being mindful of and giving face to Grand Eldest Princess Ningyang or even the Emperor himself.

But the Grand Eldest Princess Ningyang and the Emperor indulged him instead of scolding him, so much so that he became this great demon king of chaos.

No one in the entire city of Shangjing dared to provoke him.

Gao Shan quietly wiped cold sweat from his forehead.

He really didn’t know what to do, and so he could only look at Hua Ruren helplessly.

Hua Manman actually didn’t want to be involved in this situation.

But at the rate things were progressing, as long as Zhao Wang didn’t drink the medicine, she wouldn’t be able to eat breakfast.

For the sake of her precious food, she had no choice but to muster up her courage and take a step forward and stretched out two soft and slender fingers to slightly tug on Zhao Wang’s sleeve.

“Wangye,” she begged.
“You are born with such peerless handsomeness, and you are truly the favored son of the heavens.
Wouldn’t it be a pity if your two legs were never able to recover?”

Li Ji looked into her eyes and clearly heard her inner thoughts–

“Drink it, drink it, hurry up and drink the medicine! I’m so hungry, wuwuwu1~!

Li Ji replied with a faint half-smile:

“If my legs never recover, would you be disappointed?”

Hua Manman shook her head vigorously.

“Of course not!” she said.
“No matter whether or not Wangye‘s legs can recover, this concubine will always be by your side, through thick and thin.
But as long as there’s a choice, this concubine still wishes that Wangye will be able to recover.
Your health and wellbeing is more important to me than anything else.”

Wuwuwu = a common sound effect denoting a crying sound.

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