Just Let Her Do It! It’s what she Deserves!

One month ago, Li Ji was severely injured on the battlefield.
He had fallen into a deep coma, and was on the brink of death.

Everyone thought that Li Ji wouldn’t be able to survive this time, and the people by his side had even made all the necessary preparations for a funeral.
Contrary to expectations, he suddenly work up after being in a coma for three days.

After he woke up, Li Ji found that he had gained an ability–

As long as he makes eye contact with someone for more than the duration of a breath, he would be able to hear what the other person is thinking.

He had no idea where this ability came from, or for how long it would continue to work.

But he knew that this matter must not be told to others.

This was a secret that only belonged to him.

At this moment, the unvoiced thoughts in Hua Manman’s heart were all transmitted to Li Ji’s ears completely and clearly.

It stands to reason that Li Ji would be angry.

After all, no one likes to be scolded as a complete villain, from head to toe.

However instead of getting angry, Li Ji raised the corners of his thin lips, revealing the first smile since he appeared in the room.

His appearance was already dazzling, and when he smiled like this he suddenly became even more peerlessly elegant.

Hua Manman was stunned at the sight.

Even though she had seen countless handsome men while surfing the internet, none could compare to this so-called villainous man in front of her.

“You speak well,” Li Ji said as he smiled.

Hua Manman thought that her shameless flattery had worked, and in her heart she thought of the saying, “although one can wear thousands of clothes, one cannot wear flattery.”1 The ancients did not deceive her!

“This concubine is saying the truth,” she said quietly and shyly.
“Wangye need not take it as empty praise.”

The smile on Li Ji’s face faded a little at these words.

“Everything you say is true?” He asked vaguely.

Hua Manman nodded without hesitation.

“It sure is!”

Li Ji seemed to have lost all interest.
He threw the circular fan aside and leaned back in his wheelchair.

“Wangbei,” he lazily called out.

As soon as the sound fell from his lips, the door was pushed open.

A tall man dressed in all black entered.

His name was Chen Wangbei, and he was one of Zhao Wang’s most trusted confidants who was always by his side, as well as the commander of Zhao Wang’s personal guards.

After Chen Wangbei entered he didn’t even spare a glance at the beautiful bride sitting on the bed.
Instead, he went straight to Zhao Wang, raised his fist clasped in his other hand in greeting, and bowed.

“Wangye, what are your orders?”

“This place is too boring,” Li Ji said.
“I want to go outside and get some fresh air.”


Chen Wangbei didn’t speak any unnecessary words and immediately reached out to grasp the handles behind the wheelchair as he prepared to send Zhao Wang outside for fresh air.

As he turned around, Li Ji glanced at Hua Manman out of the corner of his eyes.

He saw this woman sitting still on the bed, her beautiful eyes filled with tears, looking like a pitiful little rabbit.
She seemed very aggrieved.

When she noticed that Zhao Wang was looking at her, Hua Manman subconsciously stood up and took two steps forward.

“Wangye, where are you going?” she asked in a pleading tone.
“Could you bring this concubine along with you? This concubine… This concubine does not wish to remain here alone.”

Seeing this, Chen Wangbei knew at once that this woman didn’t want to be left alone on her wedding night.

As a Ruren who just married into the household, if she failed to keep hold of Wangye on their wedding night and rumors were to spread, how would outsiders view her? How would she be able to live peacefully in Zhao Wang‘s household in the future?

But once he thought about how at that time in the Bo household this woman had tried to avoid getting married to Zhao Wang to the point of trying to kill herself, a matter which caused Zhao Wang to lose face, Chen Wangbei felt pleased.

Just let her do it! It’s what she deserves!

Li Ji stared hard at Hua Manman, and was able to clearly hear what she was thinking at this moment —

“Go go go! Brother2, go forward bravely, and don’t look back! Once you’re gone, I can have this big bed all to myself, hahaha!”

That barbell-like laughter echoed in his ears, ringing for a long time.

Li Ji hooked his thin lips upwards again, but this time his smile was meaningful.

“In that case, then you may accompany me.”

Hua Manman: “…….”

She almost lost control of managing her facial expression.

(End of Chapter)

“Although one can wear thousands of clothes, one cannot wear flattery” = an old saying that basically translates to “Flattery will get you everywhere”.
If anyone knows this idiom more in depth, please feel free to add a comment and I’ll edit it in with credit! Brother = often times, people will refer to non-blood related similar-aged people as brothers or sisters.
Think like oppa or noona in Korean, or onee-san in Japanese.
It can also technically be translated as mister/missy (thanks Tears of Themis).

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