Why are You Not Willing to Marry This Prince?

On the third day of the lunar new year, Hua Manman was forced to sit in front of the dresser and have her makeup done for a very long time.

The red swelling on her face had long since faded away.

With the help of the Snow Jade ointment, the skin on her face became even more smooth and delicate than before.
It was like the finest white porcelain, without the slightest blemish.

When the nanny came to trim the fine hairs on her face and neck, she saw how good Hua Manman’s skin was and just waved her hand, saying that there was no need for trimming or further preparations because the Second Miss was already perfect.

Once dusk arrived, Hua Manman bid farewell to her parents and family.

She used a circular fan to cover her face, and was carried out of the Bo Household one step at a time on her Third Younger Brother’s back until she arrived at the horse-drawn carriage sent by Prince Zhao’s household.

Surrounded by the joyous clamor of gongs and drums, she and her accompanying escorts proceeded towards Prince Zhao’s household with great clamor and vigor.

Even though she was only marrying in as a Ruren1, Zhao Wang‘s household still paid the right amount of respect to Zhong An Bo’s household, and the marriage ceremony was lively and exciting.

The Grand Eldest Princess Ningyang even appeared personally at the venue, and with the status of a “grandmother” she accepted this newlywed couple’s respectful kneeling.

Once night fell, the evening lights were lit.

The guests dispersed gradually, one after another.

Zhao Wang‘s household returned to a state of tranquility.

Hua Manman sat on a bed that was covered with a scarlet quilt, her hands shaking nonstop as she fanned herself.

The big red circular fan was embroidered with auspicious images of a dragon and phoenix pair using gold thread.
At the end of the fan’s handle even hung a jade pendant shaped like two intertwined hearts.

As she fanned herself, the two intertwined hearts composing the jade locket would tap against each other, producing a crisp sound.

It was currently early summer, and the temperature was already relatively high.
Her wedding dress was composed of many layers, and wearing it on her body was almost too hot to bear.
But as she was unable to take it off, she could only lift up her skirt, revealing her pair of fair and straight legs, and fan herself to cool down.

Shi Yun walked to the door to take a look, then quickly returned.

“Second Young Miss, Wangye2 is coming!”

Hua Manman immediately let down her skirt, covering her legs, and simultaneously kept the fan in front of her to block her face.

Soon, the sound of a wheelchair gradually approached.

The fan in Hua Manman’s hands that was blocking her face was taken away by someone.

She lifted her head and looked upon the man sitting in the wheelchair.

Li Ji was adorned in a vermillion round-necked brocade robe, and his black hair was tied up and held in place by a golden crown.
His long and narrow eyes were fixed upon Hua Manman.

Within those dark eyes seemed to contain a sea of stars, swirling amidst a bottomless abyss.

It was impossible for humans to perceive what lied beneath.

By this time everyone else had already left the room, leaving only Zhao Wang and his newly married Hua Ruren in the new room.

Hua Manman’s cheeks blushed red, and she called out in shy voice:


Her voice was soft and tender, as if full of deep affection.

Li Ji turned the circular fan in his hand, and the jade pendant shaped like two intertwined hearts chimed as they dangled from the edge of the handle.

He looked at the young woman, whose beauty was endowed with the radiance of peaches and plums, sitting in front of him and asked:

“Why do you not wish to marry me?”

Hua Manman wasn’t expecting that the first words out of Li Ji’s mouth would be so straightforward.

Fortunately, she had already prepared her excuse long ago.

She secretly pinched her thigh.
The corners of her eyes reddened at the pain and her eyelashes trembled, as if she were on the verge of tears.

“Because this concubine heard rumors that Wangye was a very scary person, and in my heart this concubine was too scared, so I did not dare agree to the marriage.
It was not until this concubine saw Wangye‘s demeanor with my own two eyes that I realized all the rumors were lies.

Not only is Wangye not scary, you are on the contrary handsome and unrivalled in appearance, with the delicate charm of a jade tree in the wind and a striking appearance.
You’re very good looking!”

Once she finished, she became too embarrassed and lowered her head as her face flushed red.

Li Ji lifted her chin using the circular fan.

Hua Manman was forced to raise her head again, revealing a pair of beautiful eyes shining with unshed tears.
The corner of her eyes still glowed faintly with a peach-colored blush, giving her a pure and charming appearance.
She was breathtakingly beautiful.

Li Ji looked deep into her eyes, and the sound of her innermost thoughts rang in his ears:

“Damn it, my thigh hurts so much! I must have pinched so hard I bruised myself just now, if I knew it’d hurt this much I wouldn’t have used so much force.”

Li Ji continued to ask, without showing any emotion or change on his face:

“Apart from my appearance, what do you think of my temperament?”

“Of course, Wangye‘s character is of the utmost highest quality!” Hua Manman said as her eyes shone, full of admiration.
“You are open-minded, wise, mature, and upright; truly a great man!”

However, in her heart she was actually thinking of the description of Zhao Wang in the novel “Palace Scheming” —

“Li Ji is a wicked and treacherous person, whose temper is as fickle as the weather, vengeful, and murders without batting an eye.
From top to bottom, he’s a complete villain!”

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