Facing his question, Su Wei'an was speechless.

She wanted to tell him “don't like it” simply and neatly, but she was so clumsy that she didn't even believe it.

She desperately told herself in her heart that it was just an accident, but the feeling of her heartbeat made her unable to deceive herself.

She didn't know when she fell in love with Gu Yunzheng, maybe it was when he took her back to the hospital from a pool of blood; maybe it was when he pulled her behind him to protect her; maybe it was when he had a brain hemorrhage In her surgery class, he answered all her questions one by one, word by word and methodically. So he clearly admired his knowledge, but he still held his chin and said, “Aren't all these things he should know?”; so he couldn't help speaking for him; so at the moment of being stabbed, the first He is the one who wants help…

But what's the use of liking?

The things he said were not important were just extremely important to her.

In the face of life, this little love is so insignificant and powerless.

She suddenly wanted to cry a little, maybe she really wanted to cry, but she took a deep breath and said with a smile, “I can't like you, I finally managed to convince myself that as long as I get sick, I will give up on myself and not burden others, I Can't Let there be more things in this world that I may miss.” She raised her eyes, the water in her eyes was still dry, she looked directly at Gu Yunzheng, and said word by word, “I don't like you, not at all!”

“Why can't there be something that makes you nostalgic? You are still alive and well, but you only want to give up yourself.
What's the reason?”

She broke his hand and said, “This is my reasoning.
It is better to give up as soon as possible rather than live to suffer others and myself.
You see, we can't even make sense of such a simple reason.
You like-minded girl!”

“I don't need any kind of girl!”

“I don't need you either!”

blurted out.

She was afraid that she would never say these words again.
She almost didn't even think about it.
She said these hurtful words by instinct.
Between her mouth and her mouth, she just wanted to cut off her little affection for him with a knife.

That ridiculous little thought.

“Gu Yunzheng, the reason why I seem to be close to you is that you are the only person I have known since I came here.
As for those other thoughts, I really have no idea at all.”

She said that, but didn't dare to look up at him.

Gu Yunzheng didn't know what to do with his expression, he just frowned, glared at her, and asked, “Are you serious?”

Su Wei'an saved a smile and said, “Of course I'm serious, how dare I make fun of the teacher?”

His repeated insistence on facing the stubborn Su Wei'an was in vain.
He tried hard to get close to her, but she stubbornly refused him thousands of miles away, and he had nothing to do.

Gu Yunzheng closed his eyes, sneered at himself, turned, and left the ward.

Seeing his figure disappear outside the ward, Su Wei'an's strength seemed to be taken away.
She leaned against the wall and slowly squatted on the ground.

She kept telling herself in her heart that she was doing the right thing, and that it was right for Gu Yunzheng to restrain herself from the precipice.
Gu Yunzheng was just a novelty for her, and she finally accepted herself, how dare she hope that there is another person in this world Accepts her wholeheartedly?

People have so much greed, she has so much greed, if they are together today, they will think about tomorrow, and tomorrow they will think about the future, but she…
has no future!

She hugged her knees, buried her head, and curled herself tighter.

Sister Lan came to the ward not long after this and said, “Doctor Gu said you need to go to the bathroom and let me come over to take care of you.” After a pause, she saw Su Weian raised her head and her face was full of tears, she said in surprise.
, “Wei An, what's wrong with you, why are you crying?”

Su Weian shook his head and said, “It's nothing, it just hurts a little…”

Sister Lan hurriedly squatted down and asked anxiously, “Is the wound open?”

Su Weian still shook his head and said, “No…”

The wound that was so painful when I stood up before seemed to have disappeared now.

It just hurts.

It's just that she lost someone who didn't belong to her in the first place.

She did nothing wrong, this is the choice she should make, but since she is not wrong, why is it sadder than the feeling of making a big mistake?

After that, Gu Yunzheng never came to her ward again.
Occasionally, when Su Weian leaned against the wall and walked to the door to breathe, he would see him passing by by chance, but he just glanced at her and didn't do anything unnecessary.

Su Wei'an vaguely felt that his chest was stuffy, and vaguely felt that maybe that was the case.

Time will heal the wound, just like she was taken back to the hospital by Gu Yunzheng more than half a month ago, but now she can walk by herself.
When Dr.
Xu came to the ward round, she said that she was recovering well, and that she could be discharged after resting.
Yes, she smiled politely and thanked her, thinking it might be time to leave.

When the shift was over, Gu Yunzheng went to the ward round and passed by Su Wei'an's ward by accident, but unexpectedly found that the door of the ward was open.
He glanced inside in surprise and saw that people had already gone there.
The house is empty.

He immediately found Dr.
Xu from General Wai and asked, “Where are the patients in Ward 201?”

Xu reacted for a while, and then he realized who was living in Ward 201.
He said strangely: “Translator Su has been discharged from the hospital this morning, and has been gone for a while, don't you know?”


Of course, he doesn't know!

Although she counted the time, Su Wei'an's injury was almost recovered, but she didn't hear the slightest rumor that she was going to be discharged from the hospital.
She made a sudden decision and deliberately chose to leave at such an early time, which was clearly intentional!

Gu Yunzheng didn't care to talk to Dr.
Xu, he turned his head and walked outside the hospital building.
When he took out his mobile phone and pressed Su Wei'an's number, it was almost a subconscious action.
He wanted to ask her where she was, and he wanted to ask her where she was going.
, She is a young girl who is unfamiliar here, and her injuries have not yet fully recovered.
What should I do if someone stabs her in the same way as before?

She didn't even say hello, just left in such a self-righteous manner, and she didn't want to see him like this.

What does she take him for?

However, when the call was made, the French version of “The call you dialed is turned off” came from the receiver.
He listened to it many times, until his previous annoyance was quenched by the cold voice.
An unfamiliar and empty feeling was like a vine tightly choking his neck.

Shut down…

Maybe the number will never be turned on again.

Su Wei'an…

Without even saying “goodbye”, she just left in a lighthearted way, as if they were really just passersby, as if their acquaintance was superfluous as if his liking for her was superfluous as if even him was superfluous.

He smiled suddenly and self-deprecatingly.

It turned out that it was so easy to lose someone as if in a blink of an eye, he would never find her again.

One of the original two local translators fell ill, and only Jiang Muying and the other local translator were left in the hospital, and they were very busy for a while.

As a result, Jiang Muying's workload increased, which also played a significant role.
Gu Yunzheng proposed to double Jiang Muying's salary.

Hearing Gu Yunzheng's affirmation of her, Jiang Muying was delighted in her heart, and her eyes flashed with unidentified light, she shook her head: “No, I don't do this for money, I do it for…”

Gu Yunzheng took it naturally: “I know you do this because you have love, but you deserve it.”

Jiang Muying shook her head faster and said, “No, not all…”

During the time she came here, she had been waiting for a good opportunity.
They had gotten to know a lot these days.
Thanks to the interpreter who fell ill, she was one of the only two interpreters left in the hospital.
Now she is with him.
There seems to be some weight in front of him.
Even for the hospital, he has to give her more affection.
This is probably the good opportunity she is waiting for!

She pondered for a while, seeming to be hesitating about her words, then looked at Gu Yunzheng and smiled, with red lips and white teeth, her own style. She said, “Doctor Gu doesn't know that I came to this hospital as an interpreter for you, Dr.

Gu Yunzheng frowned and asked, “For me?”

Jiang Muying nodded and said, “I fell in love with you from the first time I saw Dr.
The reason why I stayed here for so long was just to be closer to Dr.

Those thoughts of the girl's family were spoken generously and directly by her, and her eyes looked straight at him.

She was expecting his answer.

Gu Yunzheng's brows furrowed even more, and he said, “I'm sorry, I made Miss Jiang waste her time.”

Jiang Muying froze for a moment.
It wasn't that she didn't think about the possibility of being rejected by him, but she didn't expect that he would answer without any hesitation.

She asked in disbelief, “Did I do something wrong?”

Gu Yunzheng said calmly: “No, it's just that I have someone I like.”

When he spoke, his tone was even, without a trace of turbulence.

Jiang Muying just thought he was lying to her, and asked, “I don't believe it.
I asked the people around you, and they all said that you have never had any scandals at all.
When did you suddenly have someone you like?”

“Not long ago.”

not long ago? Was this not long ago in Central Africa?

But there are only so few people in Central Africa.
Except for nurses, where else is there? It's never…
it's never going to be Su Weian, right?

Jiang Muying's heart froze.

She suddenly remembered how Gu Yunzheng was about to lift the emergency room when he returned to the hospital with the injured Su Wei'an in his arms.
She suddenly understood something.
His nervousness was not just because of the kindness of the doctors.
He held Su Wei'an tight The look of being hugged tightly in his arms is clearly a gesture of possession.

That's his man.

Jiang Muying's heart became cold and cold.

She had long noticed that Su Wei'an was different in Gu Yunzheng's place, she just thought it was because he was his former student, but she didn't expect…

That's who he likes…

Jiang Muying's heart became colder and colder.

But didn't Su Wei'an leave?

Although I don't know why Su Wei'an left immediately after recovering from her illness.
For so long, it was Jiang Muying who stayed here with him, wasn't she?

She was not reconciled and asked Gu Yunzheng, “Is there anything in her that I can't match?”

Gu Yunzheng was a little disgusted by her questioning tone, he looked up at his watch, it was not far from the start time of the clinic in the afternoon.

He put the envelope containing Jiang Muying's salary on the table beside her and said in a calm and somewhat boring tone: “I usually hate these recent things the most, but since Translator Jiang asked, let me talk about it.
It doesn't matter, between disliking and liking, there is probably nothing comparable.” He said, paused, and did not forget about etiquette, “Sorry for wasting Miss Jiang's time.”

After he finished speaking, he turned to leave.


Jiang Muying was unhappy for an afternoon.
Seeing that Gu Yunzheng was indifferent, she resigned when she got off work.

The communication work in the hospital was chaotic for a time, and the assistant went around to contact the translator but couldn't find a suitable one.
He wanted to find Su Wei'an for emergency response, but the phone number was turned off from the original shutdown to an empty number.

He said strangely to Gu Yunzheng: “I don't even need a mobile phone number.
Does Su Yi have already left Central Africa? It's really strange, except for the time when she was injured and hospitalized, how long has she been in Central Africa, why is she in such a hurry? gone?”

Gu Yunzheng didn't speak.

Fortunately, the translator who was sick before was fine and came back soon.

One month after that, when the aid mission to Africa ended, he led the team back to Huaren Hospital in China.

Everything went back to the way it was before.
He didn't have any news of Su Wei'an, and the people around him never mentioned her again, as if she had never appeared.

One month after returning to China, Gu Yunzheng had run out of vacation and had to work the night shift.

It was nearly 12 o'clock in the middle of the night, and the hospital ward building was very quiet.
Gu Yunzheng was reading in the doctor's office.
Liang Youzhen, a graduate student who was on the front line in the opposite ward, quickly walked into the room and greeted Gu Yunzheng first: “Hello, Teacher Gu.
.” Then quickly walked to Du Yuncheng, who was also on duty today.

Due to the presence of Gu Yunzheng, Liang Youzhen lowered his voice, but he couldn't hide the excitement in his tone: “Du Yuncheng, do you know who is in the emergency room now?”

Du Yuncheng asked nonchalantly, “Who is it?”

“Su Wei'an! She seemed to suspect that her father had a brain hemorrhage.
She followed the ambulance to take his father to the emergency room!”

Du Yuncheng suddenly stood up from his chair and asked, “What?”

“It's more than that.
Do you know who is on duty in the emergency department in our department today?”


“Wen Ran, she follows…”

He Xiaoguang!

Thinking of this, Du Yuncheng couldn't help shouting “Oops” in his heart, this is the real enemy Luzhai, he hurriedly said: “We…”

Before he finished speaking, Gu Yunzheng, who had always been as steady as Mount Tai, suddenly stood up and rushed out of the office like a gust of wind.

Their hunch was correct.
Before Gu Yunzheng arrived at the emergency room, he saw a lot of people surrounded by that place from a distance.

“My father doesn't usually have such high muscle tension, nor does his tendon reflexes become so hyperactive.
Huntington's performance shouldn't be like this.
There must be a problem here.
Observation won't help!” It was Su Weian's voice…

He Xiaoguang showed no signs of weakness: “Your mother said that the patient had a similar state before, and it can be relieved on its own, indicating that the patient's current symptoms are probably caused by the patient's original disease, you just learned some fur, here Show off what?”

The word “show off” was said by He Xiaoguang extremely frivolously, and the irony in it was obvious.
Wen Ran, who followed He Xiaoguang's side, seemed to comfort Su Wei'an properly: “We can understand your mood, but you have to believe it.
Professional judgment!”

Su Wei'an ignored Wen Ran's hypocrisy and also understood that He Xiaoguang's intentional embarrassment to her at the moment was clearly public revenge, but she just couldn't understand why the doctors on duty so happened to meet these two people.
A plot that can only be made up in a TV series, she has long heard that evil will be rewarded, but she did not expect that one day this evil will turn back and report to her!

She tried hard to calm herself down and said, “I just learned a little bit and know that at this time, I should first make a differential diagnosis and rule out those diseases that will cause serious consequences.
You just glanced at my father and said that you want to observe it.
I can't believe such an irresponsible attitude, I want to see the third line today!”

Knowing that it is unreasonable to talk to him, and entanglement with him like this will only delay his father's treatment opportunity, Su Wei'an can only pin his hopes on the superior doctor who is on duty today.

How could He Xiaoguang agree? He refused without thinking: “This is a patient whose diagnosis and treatment methods are clear to me.
I won't go to my superior just because of your harassment.
Since you are so powerful, please do it!”

“Your diagnosis is just guesswork!” Su Wei'an blushed because of anxiety, gritted his teeth, and said ruthlessly, “He Xiaoguang, if there is any accident with my father this time, I will definitely use all my resources.
The method tells you that you will never be a doctor again in this life!”

She raised her eyes and met He Xiaoguang's eyes, sparks splashed everywhere, and the air seemed to be filled with the smell of gunpowder.

All of a sudden, the sound of inhalation was heard everywhere, and everyone looked at this thin-looking girl in shock.

Because she was removed from the title of associate professor, this anger has been held in He Xiaoguang's heart for more than a year, and now it has not diminished.
I can't afford it.
Su Weian bumped into his hand at this time.
Even a student like her who dropped out of school dared to threaten him like this?

Without hesitation, He Xiaoguang pressed the call for help by the wall.

Soon, several tall security guards rushed over.
He Xiaoguang pointed at Su Weian and said to them, “There is a doctor who disturbs the normal working order of the emergency department.
Take her out to me!”

How could Su Weian beat these security guards? She was frightened and angry, and the adrenaline in her body had soared to its peak, but there was still nothing she could do.

Seeing that the situation was about to get out of control, the scene was chaotic for a while, and a tall and straight figure walked out from the crowd, the buttons of the white coat were neatly fastened, meticulously, and his face was expressionless, but with a kind of anger and self-esteem.
In the field, the people around couldn't help but keep silent.

He walked straight to the patient's bedside and asked He Xiaoguang calmly, “What's wrong?”

this sound…

The moment he saw who was coming from the gap between the two security guards, Su Wei'an froze in place.

Gu Yunzheng.

He Xiaoguang was also surprised.
He looked at Gu Yunzheng, who was supposed to be in the ward, but didn't know why he suddenly appeared in the emergency room and prevaricates: “There are some differences in the opinions of the family and the doctor, and there is trouble here, I asked the security guard to ask her first Go out and calm down.”

Gu Yunzheng frowned, and said coldly, “I asked you what happened to the patient?”

He Xiaoguang felt nervous, hesitated for a moment, and then explained lightly: “This is a patient with Huntington's disease for two years.
He was admitted to the hospital because his daughter found that he was in a rigid state, but his spouse said that he had experienced such symptoms two or three times before.
It will resolve on its own after a period of time, so I decided it was a problem with the primary disease and let them observe first.”

Gu Yunzheng did not speak immediately, but repeatedly checked Su's father's muscle tension, then lifted the quilt and checked the pathological signs of the lower limbs, which were positive.

Gu Yunzheng frowned and said, “Send it to the CT room immediately!”

He Xiaoguang was startled: “CT can't see Huntington's…”

“But CT can see cerebral hemorrhage!”

In front of so many people, He Xiaoguang only felt shameless and said stubbornly: “The patient's face is symmetrical and there is no sign of cerebral hemorrhage.
This is just Huntington…”

Gu Yunzheng's complexion became more and more gloomy, and he said, “What are Huntington's signs?”

He Xiaoguang was silent, his main focus was craniocerebral tumors, and he was not familiar with neurodegenerative diseases, not to mention that Gu Yunzheng was not asking about symptoms but signs…

Gu Yunzheng's tone became more severe: “You can't even remember Huntington's physical signs, so how dare you say that the patient's rigidity is caused by Huntington? Isn't it common sense to rule out more serious diseases at this time?”

Although it was a question, Gu Yunzheng didn't want He Xiaoguang's answer.
He immediately turned to look in the direction of Su Wei'an's mother and asked, “How long has the patient been in this state?”

Mother Su was stunned for a moment, and Su Wei'an on the side said first, “It's been almost 3 hours.”

Although he heard her voice, Gu Yunzheng didn't look at her, but continued to ask Mother Su, “How long did it take for the patient to recover on his own when this state appeared before?”

Mother Su glanced at Su Wei'an, hesitated, and replied, “More than an hour…”

He Xiaoguang's face turned pale.

Gu Yunzheng didn't even want to look at him, he immediately pointed to the security guard next to him and said, “Help me send the patient to the CT room!” Then he ordered Wen Ran next to He Xiaoguang: “Inform the emergency operating room to prepare an operating room immediately.

The CT image came out soon, and hemorrhage was really found in the basal ganglia area, and from the image, the blood loss was more than 30 ml, which met the standard of surgery.

When signing the consent form for the operation, Su's mother's hand was shaking a little.
While Su Wei'an comforted her mother, she handed the signed consent form to Gu Yunzheng.
She tried to calm down, but she lowered her eyebrows in a rare manner.
Eyes, even the tone softened a lot: “Please.”

Mother Su didn't think that Father Su would be so serious this time.
At this moment, she was so worried that she couldn't let go of her heart.
She almost cried to Gu Yunzheng, “Please, the doctor must save my husband…”

Su Wei'an supported her mother because she knew that Gu Yunzheng seldom wasted time comforting her family.
She patted her mother on the shoulder, trying to soothe her mother's emotions, but at this moment she heard Gu Yunzheng say: “I will definitely Do my best to do the surgery, please don't worry too much about the family.”

Xu Shi rarely said such words, Gu Yunzheng's tone was a little stiff, but the consolation in it was full.

Su Wei'an looked at Gu Yunzheng somewhat unexpectedly but saw that he didn't seem to know her, so he didn't pay attention to what she meant, and just looked at her mother.

Mother Su nodded gratefully.

The operation was performed by Gu Yunzheng himself, without giving He Xiaoguang a chance to take the stage, Du Yuncheng entered the operating room as an assistant, and after thinking about it, he still said to Gu Yunzheng: “The girl just now was our classmate Su Weian, and this patient belongs to her.
Father, please…take more care.”

Gu Yunzheng moved his fingers slightly and quickly fastened the straps of the surgical gown.
Without turning around, he asked in a cold voice, “I didn't hear you say this to me before.
Does she have any special relationship with you?”

Du Yuncheng was a little embarrassed to ask such a straightforward question, and replied, “That's not true, it's just…”

He didn't say any more, but what he wanted to say was that Gu Yunzheng had already guessed seven or eight points.

“you like her?”

Gu Yunzheng is such a smart person.
Since he wants to ask him for help, he seems insincere when he hides some things.

Du Yuncheng took the oval forceps handed by the nurse, and while disinfecting the patient's scalp, he seemed relaxed: “I liked it.
She is smart, hard-working, and straightforward.
You don't think she looks gentle and quiet.
It's better to see the injustice on the road, if I get into trouble, I will look at you and laugh obediently, I really have no temper with her…
But she didn't like me, and then suddenly dropped out of school, no one in our class knew about it Why? I learned today that her father is suffering from Huntington's, and I always think it might have something to do with it.
It's not easy to come to her and her mother, so I want to ask you to take care of me.”

Apart from work, this is almost the longest conversation between them, not to mention hearing Du Yuncheng praise a person like this, and bowing his head to beg him for this person. It seems that Du Yuncheng really cares about Su Wei'an.

Gu Yunzheng looked at the film and asked casually, “Just like it?”

Du Yuncheng was silent for a moment, then lowered his voice: “I have a girlfriend.”

Being in the same department, Gu Yunzheng knew a little bit and asked, “The girl who is with He Xiaoguang?”

Du Yuncheng was silent for a while before answering: “Yes, Wen Ran and Wei'an were good friends originally, but because of Teacher He's topic, it seems that there were some misunderstandings.”

Gu Yunzheng sneered: “Misunderstanding? When did you become so naive?”

Du Yuncheng did not speak.

He has naturally seen Su Wei'an working hard on the project in the laboratory and library, but Wen Ran and Teacher He Xiaoguang spoke the same words when they mentioned this, and they both accused Su Wei'an of coveting the first part of the article without much effort.
Only the author's signature caused the two sides to turn against each other.
He was not naive, but in the current situation, he could not find any other explanation that he could accept except the word “misunderstanding”.

After hesitating for a long time, he finally said, “Things in this world are not black and white, right or wrong, no matter who is at fault in this matter, they have their own difficulties.”

Gu Yunzheng looked at his self-deception, and said coldly, expressionlessly, “You haven't changed for so many years.”

After so many years…

In that boring summer many years ago, in my grandfather's old house…

Du Yuncheng's face turned pale in an instant.

Dead silence.

Although it was summer, the atmosphere in the operating room was depressing and cold like winter.

Except for the surgical instructions, the two people have no unnecessary communication.

Gu Yunzheng's movements were extremely fast.
Even in a dangerous part like the medulla oblongata, his movements were still orderly.
Du Yuncheng looked at it and suddenly remembered what his father, Dean Du, had said to him before he entered neurosurgery this time: “Although I know that Yun Zheng's child has never been harmonious with you, his surgical ideas and techniques are among the best in this hospital's neurosurgery department.
I asked them to separate you and follow him.
You should take this opportunity.
Learn more from him, it will help you in the future.”

My father said it right.
Whenever he followed Gu Yunzheng to the operating table, Du Yuncheng always felt that the gap between them was not just a few years old.
He has worked hard since he was a child and won countless honors and applause, but he has never been able to prove himself in his heart.
Whenever others praise him with a smile like a spring breeze, when he is young and successful, he will come to his mind.
The human face, obviously expressionless, but couldn't say where he was looking at him with a cold sarcasm, obviously didn't say anything, but it was crueler than saying anything, because Du Yuncheng saw himself in his eyes, But so.

That was his half-brother, Gu Yunzheng, whom few people knew about.

The operation ended 4 hours later.
It was late at night.
The corridor was very quiet.
The door to the operating room opened.
The chief surgeon Gu Yunzheng and his assistant Du Yuncheng came out first.
Mother Su and Su Weian hurriedly got up and surrounded them, feeling a little anxious.
Waiting for them to announce the results of the operation.

It was Gu Yunzheng who spoke up: “The operation was successful, but it is still impossible to determine how much damage this bleeding has caused to the patient.
The patient may recover completely after the operation, but there may also be some residual functional damage, which requires further observation after the operation.

Mother Su nodded tremblingly and said, “When will my husband wake up?”

“It may be within 24 hours after the operation, or it may be a few days.
Depending on the patient's condition, we will first send the patient to the ICU, and then transfer the patient to the general ward after the condition is stable.”

Su Weian remembered that his mother had mentioned his father's previous situation, and always felt a little uneasy, so he asked Gu Yunzheng: “My father had similar symptoms twice before, but the symptoms were relatively mild and relieved on their own.
Is there any connection to brain hemorrhage?”

Mother Su was also puzzled: “Yes, doctor, what is the cause of this bleeding?”

Gu Yunzheng looked at the nervous mother Su and replied in the simplest possible language: “During the operation, we saw an aneurysm formed and ruptured on the blood vessel.
Although it is rare for the aneurysm to cause cerebral parenchyma hemorrhage, it is currently This possibility is the greatest, and we have clipped the responsible aneurysm during the operation, so there is no need to worry.”

“Aneurysm?” Su Wei'an frowned, only feeling strange, “My father just had a CTA of the head before he participated in the drug trial more than half a year ago, everything was normal, how could such a serious aneurysm form in just a few months? ?”

Gu Yunzheng repeated the most important words to Mother Su with some doubts: “Drug test?”

Mother Su nodded and replied, “It's Professor Wen's drug trial on Huntington from Zhanghe Hospital.”

Gu Yunzheng pondered for a while, and said to Mother Su, “It's already very late, you all go to rest for a while and show me the previous inspection and test data when it's convenient to see if there are any problems.

Mother Su nodded gratefully and thanked him repeatedly: “If you didn't show up today, I'm afraid something big would happen.
Thank you Dr.
Gu!” Then she greeted Su Wei'an: “Wian, come and thank Dr.

Su Weian knew very well how important Gu Yunzheng's sudden appearance to her and her father was in the emergency room.
He Xiaoguang avenged his personal revenge and even called the security guard.
At that time, she had nothing to do.
If it wasn't for Gu Yunzheng, she couldn't imagine how things would change.
What it was like, she didn't know why Gu Yunzheng appeared in the emergency room at that time, she told herself that maybe it was just a coincidence, as, for the rest, she didn't dare to think too much.

She looked at Gu Yunzheng, pursed her lips slightly, and said earnestly in a low voice, “Thank you!”

Gu Yunzheng nodded politely to Su's mother and glanced at Su Wei'an, but it was only a brief glance as if he was looking at someone he didn't know.

Or maybe he just wished they had never met.

After all, she left without saying goodbye to China and Africa, and she asked for it by herself.

Gu Yunzheng then left.

Seeing Su Wei'an bowing his head, he just walked over with Du Yuncheng, who did not speak behind Gu Yunzheng, to comfort Su Wei'an: “Don't worry too much, Gu …
The teacher's operation was done very well, and you also know that the ICU does not allow family members to stay with you.
I'll watch it for you, and I'll let you know as soon as my uncle wakes up.”

Just as Su Wei'an was about to say “thank you”, her mother's body shook.

They had had such a big fight with He Xiaoguang before, and then spent most of the night in fear and worry, almost exhausting the whole person.
At this time, Panasonic's breath was followed by a feeling of spinning around the world.

Su Weian hurriedly stretched out his hand to support his mother, but Du Yuncheng was faster.
He supported Su's mother and walked to a chair aside, and asked, “How are you?”

Mother Su took a few deep breaths and felt a little relieved.
She shook her head and said, “I'm fine, I'm just a little tired, thank you.”

Su Wei'an subconsciously touched the pocket, but it was empty, but Du Yuncheng took out candy from the pocket of his white coat and handed it to Mother Su.
It wasn't any other candy, it was a big white rabbit.

Su Wei'an glanced at Du Yuncheng somewhat unexpectedly, and his eyes met, but the next moment he looked away at the same time.

The mother, who didn't know why, glanced at it and said, “It's a coincidence that we also like to carry this candy with us for Ann.”

Actually, it's no coincidence.

Su Wei'an knew very well when Du Yuncheng's habit started.
In her senior year, they represented the school in a competition.
Due to her physical problems since she was a child, as long as she was nervous, she was prone to hypoglycemia, so she always kept a large piece of white paper in her pocket.
Rabbit, but it is inevitable that there will be some omissions.
In one game, she was completely dizzy because of dizziness.
It was all due to Du Yuncheng.
She prepared an extra piece of candy, but she didn't expect that he still keeps this habit.

Su Wei'an thanked Du Yuncheng as if nothing had happened, took the candy, and fed it to Su's mother, Du Yuncheng glanced at his watch, it was only 4:00 in the morning, and it was still a while before dawn, he said to Su Wei'an: “Auntie is now healthy If you are weak and need rest, it is not easy to take a taxi at this time, or I will take you to Dr.
Corey's lounge to rest for a while, and then go home after dawn.”

Su Wei'an frowned slightly and hesitated, but Mother Su said first: “This is too much trouble for you, I have nothing to do, we…” She said, just as she was about to stand up, her legs softened, He fell back into the chair.

Du Yuncheng hurriedly said: “No trouble, Su Wei'an and I were classmates, so we should take care of them.”

Mother Su was slightly surprised: “Classmate?”

Du Yuncheng responded: “Six years of classmates.”

Six years…

After saying this, even Su Wei'an felt a little emotional.
In addition to the two years since she left, they have known each other for eight years.

Du Yuncheng looked at her, hoping that this classmate's friendship could dispel her concerns.

He had already said this, and his mother had difficulty even standing at the moment.
She really needed a place to lie down and rest.
Su Wei'an hesitated for a while, but accepted Du Yuncheng's favor and said, “Thank you.”

But Su Wei'an forgot one key thing.
Du Yuncheng was not the only one in the neurosurgery department.
When she remembered this, she was already standing at the door of the doctor's duty room.
The door of the doctor's office next to her was open.
Looking inside, I saw Gu Yunzheng writing records in front of the computer.

When Du Yuncheng pushed open the door of the duty room, he bumped into He Xiaoguang, who came out of the room.
The other party was obviously just woken up from his sleep.
Du Yuncheng politely called out, “Hello, Teacher He.”

He Xiaoguang yawned and rubbed his eyes in response, but was stunned when his vision became clear and he saw the person behind Du Yuncheng.
The next moment, his eyebrows seemed to be tied into knots, and he pointed at Su Weian and her Mother said: “You…”

Du Yuncheng hurriedly explained: “Wei'an used to be my classmate.
Her mother is a little weak now.
It's night again, and it's a little inconvenient to go home.
I'll take them to the duty room for a short rest, and ask Teacher He to forgive me.”

Du Yuncheng said it smartly, how could He Xiaoguang not know that Su Wei'an was a student here before, but Du Yuncheng pretended that he didn't know what happened at the beginning and separated the grievances between the two, plus he was Du Yuncheng.
The dean's son, He Xiaoguang, couldn't directly retreat as he did to others.
Although he was dissatisfied in his heart, he had to be objective and fair on the face.

He said, “After all…” This is where the doctor rests, so it's not suitable for outsiders to come, right?

Before he could finish speaking, he heard Gu Yunzheng's slightly solemn voice from the doctor's office: “Doctor He, just now your female student came to tell you what happened to the 9th bed?”

His tone was very calm as if he was just asking casually.

He Xiaoguang was startled, and he couldn't care about Su Wei'an and her mother, and hurriedly said, “I'm a little dizzy, I'm about to see it.”

After he finished speaking, he hurried to the ward.

A word that seemed to have nothing to do with her, but it solved her siege.
Su Wei'an looked into the office, Gu Yunzheng was looking at the display screen in front of him intently, and his eyes did not look away.
She laughed at herself in her heart, maybe His words had nothing to do with her.

Du Yuncheng helped her to help her mother Su to lie down on the innermost bed in the duty room.
Su Weian thanked him, and he just smiled and said, “I'll go to work first.”

The mother was really tired, and she fell asleep after lying down for a long time.
At first, Su Weian was worried that He Xiaoguang would have another conflict when he came back, so he forced himself to stay awake.
However, after waiting for a long time, no one entered the duty room.
Unable to bear the heavy tiredness, he fell asleep.

When he woke up again, it was already bright, Su Wei'an opened his sleepy eyes, and saw Du Yuncheng entering the room lightly, with a bag of breakfast in his hand.

Seeing that she was awake, Du Yuncheng whispered apologetically, “Did I disturb you?”

Su Wei'an shook her head and glanced at her watch.
It was 7:00 in the morning, and it was almost time for the early shift.
There were going to be more people here.
She hurriedly woke up her mother: “Mom, it's time for us to go home.”

Du Yuncheng put the breakfast in his hand on the table and reassured them: “It's okay, there's still a while, don't be in such a hurry, let's go after breakfast.”

Su Wei'an looked at Du Yuncheng and said apologetically, “I'm so sorry to trouble you to bring us breakfast!”

Du Yuncheng smiled calmly: “No trouble, Gu Yunzheng in the middle of the night yesterday…
Doctor Gu asked us to go to the office to help him sort out this month's cases together.
He said he wanted to express his gratitude, so he ordered a lot of breakfast.
I will borrow flowers to offer to Buddha, you are welcome.”

Su Wei'an frowned lightly and asked, “Organize the cases?”

Du Yuncheng yawned, “Well, maybe it's the first month after coming back from Central Africa.
Gu Yunzheng seems to be paying more attention this time.
He called Teacher He and us to help and spent the night.”

It turned out to be the case.
She also said why she stayed here so peacefully and quietly all night last night.
It turned out that it was Gu Yunzheng who called everyone else away.

Su Wei'an lowered his head and said softly, “Thank you.”

Du Yuncheng, who didn't know why, waved his hand again and said, “It's okay.”

Su's father woke up on the second day after the operation.
After two days of observation in the ICU, there was no major problem.
He was transferred to the general ward, and Su Weian and his mother went to the hospital for care.

This matter quickly spread throughout the hospital.
Everyone knew that the female student who reported to the associate professor of neurosurgery came back and threatened to sue He Xiaoguang and that he would never be a doctor again.
Every day, there are many people who do not know each other.
“Passing by” at the door of Su's father's ward to watch this lively event.
The neurosurgery doctor even heard of Su Wei'an for a long time.
After all, this was the culprit that caused the whole department to be scolded and deducted bonuses at the general meeting of the hospital.

As soon as Su Wei'an and his mother packed up the things in the ward, they heard two people talking outside the door of the ward which was not closed tightly: “Is this the student who wanted to claim the author's signature and reported He Xiaoguang?”

“That's it, a letter went directly to a foreign magazine, isn't it amazing?”

“But why did she drop out?”

“Who knows? I feel guilty that I can't stay any longer, right?”

“It's bad luck for He Xiaoguang to meet such a student.”

“Who said no.”

Their voices were not too loud, not too small, just enough for the people in the room to clearly understand.
Mother Su looked out of the door in surprise and asked, “Wei An, who are they talking about?”

Su Wei'an was folding one of his father's clothes, frowned, and said without raising his head: “Don't worry, it has nothing to do with us.”

Although she said that, the worry in Mother Su's expression did not subside at all.
She couldn't bear to look at her daughter.
Since Father Su was found to be ill, Su Wei'an has not mentioned her own affairs to the family for a long time.
Occasionally, when we chat, we always report good news instead of bad news.
Mother Su has no way of knowing what happened in these years, but the name “He Xiaoguang”, mother Su, has an impression.
I remember when Su Wei'an first joined the research group before, she was very I mentioned it to them excitedly, but why…

The two people outside the door seemed unfinished and had no intention of leaving.
Su Wei'an endured and was about to walk over to knock the door open when he heard a cold voice from outside: “The two doctors are in charge of me.
What are you talking about at the door of the ward so lively?”

Gu Yunzheng's eyes seemed to sweep over them inadvertently, but the two of them kept silent.

I always feel like Gu Yunzheng is…

One of them responded quickly and hurriedly said: “It's nothing, we went to the operation, Dr.
Gu will be busy first.”

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