eath and felt relieved.
She really didn’t want to go back to the Li family’s dark little cage. 


“Auntie, I haven’t seen my little brother yet, so I’m certain that I won’t do anything stupid.”


Li Haitang had just come out for a while and was in no hurry to go back to the prison, so she delayed as long as she could, discussing with Liu, “Why don’t you go back first, eldest aunt, and I’ll go home later?”


“No, can’t, your grandma already reminded you about it.”


When it came to Li Haitang’s freedom, Liu’s feverish mind slowly became calm, and she had not forgotten her proper business.


When she returned to the Li family, there was still work for her to do, but if she wandered around, she could still be lazy.

After some calculations, Liu took Li Haitang with her and went straight to the village to the home of Mrs.


Madam Xu was not from Li’s village, but had relatives in the village, and she was a childless old woman so she stayed in Li’s village for a few months in one year.


She has been a tooth woman (woman trafficking in young girls) for decades, specializing in human trafficking and forcing a well-born girl or virtuous woman into prostitution, and does not care about her conscience as long as she is paid enough money.


Qin Counselor fell in love with Li Haitang.
He asked Granny Xu to match her with him.
The original body bitterly hated Granny Xu, but the Li family saw her as their benefactor.


“Ai yo, take a look, whose daughter is this? She’s so pretty!”


Granny Xu is feeding the chickens with a food bowl.
When she saw Liu leading Li Haitang to the door, her eyes lit up and she was busy praising her.    


Li Haitang was indeed not at all like the girls in the village, she had just turned fifteen and was like a budding flower, her face was white and naturally blushing red, and healthy looking.
When she stands in front of people, she immediately stands out, people could immediately tell that she was different, even her shabby clothes could not hide her figure.


Tsk, tsk, tsk, If you sell her to a ‘flower house’ and nurture her for a year and a half, maybe she’ll be a legendary tree that sheds coins when shaken—a ready source of money but what a pity that she was wasted on an old man.


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