Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 818: Four-eyed Basilisk

“Boom!” The planetary-scale attack had a world-destroying force. The buildings around crumbled instantly while the ground was being scorched.

The Pill King tried to stop this from happening since he wanted to see the completion of this cauldron.

The resonating blow didnt mean much to Li Qiye. He used one hand to control the cauldron and made a palm with the other.

“Boom!” A dazzling radiance came out from his palm in the form of a maelstrom. It was as if the dao source itself was within his grasp.

In the next second, a ray of light shot out. This was something that could cross through the endless river of time. No one could stop this strike.

“Thats the dao source in his palm!” Yang Radiance Buddha and the rest werent expecting this but it was already too late.

Not even in their dream did they expect for this guy to control the dao source so expertly. This was something that should be impossible but he had done it. Even a True Emperor would find it prohibitive to exhibit this level of control, let alone an unknown junior.

The ray of light slammed into their combined attack, resulting in a blast reverberating across the royal court.

Their attack shattered instantly along with their gigantic wall of shields. Several hundred ancestors were blown flying while vomiting blood from the impact, including the Buddha and Myriad-armed King.

All felt their blood and energy churning out of control, hence blood gushing up their throat.

“Clank!” Primordial laws appeared from the ground before they could get up and coiled tightly around them like iron chains.

“Activate!” They struggled to get free, evident by the loud screams – all futile.

“Poof!” Meanwhile, the flame was returning to the cauldron like a receding tide at the perfect time.

“Gather!” He opened the cauldron and placed the pills inside a bottle. This fourth tribulation cauldron was done quite well.

A moment later, he poured out one pill and took a careful look. There was a pill energy circulating on the surface in the shape of a dragon, occasionally issuing its roar. Even a True God would covet this level of pill.

“Wow, thats a good pill…” The Pill King widened his eyes and loudly praised.

He rubbed his palms together and smiled wryly: “Haha, Dao Brother, mind letting this old man take a look at your pill?”

His own allies were speechless. They were fighting to the death just now but he, on the other hand, was acting all chummy with the guy. Alas, they were aware of his love for alchemy because that was a necessary prerequisite for him to reach his current level.

Li Qiye glanced at the guy and casually tossed the pill at him.

He carefully caught it and took a look. His reputation was well-deserved since he recognized the peculiarities instantly: “The finest level. Even for a grand True God, if this is their first time using it, this pill can probably prolong their life by eight thousand years. Its extraordinary to be able to craft this pill given the shabby materials. Simply incredible and impossible to imitate.”

His allied ancestors glanced at each other since these Longevity Pills were very tempting at their age.

The Pill King returned it and cupped his fist with a smile: “Hehehe, Dao Bro… Senior, are you taking in disciples? Will you give me some pointers?”

This vexed his allies even more. Acting friendly was one thing, now this guy was looking like he wants to find a master.

“Not recruiting.” Li Qiye refused right away.

“How about a worker? To do labor and such?” The king scratched his head, unwilling to give up.

“Not recruiting.” Li Qiye repeated, not giving the guy a chance.

The king couldnt do anything but just stand there, his old eyes continued to turn, seemingly deep in rumination.

“Activate!” The ancestors on his side were mustering all of their strength to escape from the primordial laws. Alas, this seemed to be the toughest metal in the world. One could have a million techniques and would still be shackled like a child.

“Dont waste your strength.” Li Qiye nonchalantly looked at them and said: “This is the laws of Insane Ancestor that are directly connected to the dao source. Unless you can flip over the entire dao source, anything else will be futile.”

“Who are you?” Yang Radiance Buddha took a deep breath and asked with a respectful tone.

“Li Qiye, only a passerby, you havent heard of my name.” Li Qiye responded.

The ancestors exchanged glances. Some of them were quite knowledgeable, even about the matters in Imperial and Immortal Lineage World. This name did not ring any bell.

“Tell me now, should I stew or steam all of you?” He chuckled: “I havent tasted human flesh in a long time, and dont I miss that taste so much…”

He smacked his lips, seemingly recalling the delicious taste.

His act was certainly convincing since the trapped ancestors all thought, to their horror, that he was a cannibal.

“Do as you please. Since we dared to come, we are also ready for death.” The Buddha was an unyielding man and retorted.

Myriad-armed King uttered coldly: “So what if you kill all of us? Our lineages and the rest of Myriad Lineage will avenge us. This world will not allow for an evil sect to do as it pleases. Your wanton regard for lives will be punished!”

Insane Court still suffered from a bad reputation due to Virtue True Gods mess back then. This was unavoidable since this god and his followers truly devoured too many victims.

“One day, all lineages will flatten your Insane Court and remove the roots!” Another ancestor snorted.

“Oh? Maybe you guys are right, I should take the initiative and destroy your sects first.” Li Qiye leisurely smiled.

This fierce response came rather unexpected to the ancestors. This sounded like a challenge to the rest of Myriad Lineage. No sane man would do this.

Another ancestor retorted: “You can say all you want right now in Insane Court, but wait till you leave. There are plenty of dao sources stronger than yours.”

They could see that he was borrowing the dao sources power to defeat them. His own power might not be as impressive. Thus, once he left for the other system, not only that he wouldnt be able to use this dao source, he would also be facing the might of their own.

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