Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 791: Tie Yis Great Mission

The bloodied Shuwei ran for the camp and his father, Chen Taihe, immediately helped him inside.

The world was robbed of all sounds. Everyone was shocked by both the scene and the sword technique.

They stared at him, agape – unable to regain their wits.

“How, how does he have it?!” One ancestor blurted in astonishment.

This was the strongest sword technique and merit law in Insane Court, an invincible dao left behind by Insane Ancestor. It was unique and majestic on top of being exceedingly hard to learn.

No one among the young generation could do it, not even Chu Qingling. She herself wasnt qualified to start this training.

Furthermore, this was one of the most guarded secrets in the system. Few could make contact with it, let alone being eligible to train. Only a tiny number of ancestors had this privilege.

For example, the Chen Clan had ancestors at the True God level, but none of them could learn this sword technique.

But now, this nameless youth had demonstrated his mastery over it. No one knew where he learned it from.

Of course, they didnt think he stole it. Not to mention that the merit law was guarded in the safest location, even if he could get it, how could a junior like him grasp the profundity of this sword dao without a teacher?

At the same time, they didnt think that an ancestor had secretly taught it to him. This was a huge deal – someone who knew this technique wouldnt dare to teach it to his disciple for it would be disrespectful to the forefathers. The consequence of this action would be grave.

His identity became even more of a mystery while the crowd thirsted for an answer.

“Just, just who are you?!” Chen Taihe was stunned too.

There was a disciple in Insane Court eligible to learn this technique that he didnt know about? In theory, all the ancestors in the system should be aware of this.

“Your killer.” Li Qiye chuckled.

Chen Taihes expression became ugly due to the difficult situation he found himself in.

If they were to concede, it would be a great blow to their reputation and prestige. The clans in Upper Faction would stop relying on them; they would lose their advantage in the competition for the throne.

But if they were to keep on fighting, they would need to pay a great price. The worst thing was that they still didnt know of this guys identity and background.

“Our clan isnt easily bullied even if you have the Wang as your backing. Were still someone in Insane Court.” Taihe uttered coldly.

He wasnt actually too confident in this threat. Nevertheless, such strong rhetoric was necessary for this situation.

“So what? Chen and Upper Faction? Just nobodies in my eyes, waiting to be bullied.” Li Qiye smiled in response.

The listeners were amazed because Upper Faction was made up of many clans and sects. Li Qiye wasnt only offending the Chen but also the rest of the members in Upper Faction.

Nevertheless, these people only glared angrily at him; few would dare to oppose him at this moment.

Li Qiye continued walking towards the Chens camp.

The remaining experts pointed their swords and spears at him. Alas, they kept on retreating, betrayed by their own fear of his power. This was an unstoppable momentum pushing a tide of steel back.

These experts glanced back at Taihe, waiting for a command. Taihe was deadly pale, wanting to give an order to fight the death but afraid that it might be in vain.

“Buzz.” Suddenly, a pillar as red as blood shot out of the massive abyss in Ivory Gap. Next, bloody mist and clouds instantly stained the sky red, resulting in a beautiful spectacle.

“Whats going on?” Everyone turned their attention towards the abyss. They could smell a medicinal appearance from this immortal-like brilliance.

“The scent of ginseng.” One guy tasted the air with the tip of his tongue and commented.

Smaller rays were now coming out of the abyss, different from the massive one earlier. They carried a sparkling and translucent glow just like crystals.

A figure finally rushed out of the abyss, only the size of a fist. This was a ginseng root with a humanoid shape with many tendrils growing from it. It looked a bit jolted, seemingly scared of something.

The strong medicinal smell overwhelmed the senses. Everyone felt as if they were on air, a sense of indescribable comfortability. They couldnt help but breathe in more.

“The blood ginseng!” It was obvious what this item was.

An ancestor instantly rushed towards the abyss in order to grab it. The rest of the crowd followed him.

The ginseng was horrified and jumped back deeper into the abyss.

“Where do you think youre going?!” The first ancestor gave chase.

“Dont let it run!” More jumped down into the abyss.

It was a scene of chaos, people toppling over one another in order to catch the ginseng. Some shouted and cried, wanting nothing more than to be the first down there.

They no longer cared about the battle. This fun show was not as important as the blood ginseng.

Li Qiye also stopped the assault with the appearance of this ginseng king. He leaped on top of a hill in Ivory Gap and crouched down for a look, not at the ginseng but something else.

He looked at the mud on the ground. It appeared normal at first, but one would quickly spot a thin line of metallic runes occasionally flashing and moving beneath.

His eyes became fixated on it. He was the first to spot this thing due to the trap he had laid on the dao foundation earlier.

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