Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 790: The Curtain Falls

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The two groups behind Shuwei armed themselves with shields. These shields were onyx in shade, created by ash steel refined many times into true metal.

They resembled the scales now on a dragon with flashing glimmers.

“Lets see what you got, Li.” Chen Shuwei shouted and lashed forward with his whip to initiate the formation.

“Boom!” The shields behind him exuded a dazzling radiance with dao runes. These runes came together to form a blindingly bright formation.

“Raa!” The mad roar of a dragon scared all the beasts and birds nearby, rendering them paralyzed on the ground while trembling with fear.

A gigantic dragon came into being, black in appearance with chilling metallic scales.

It had a long and thick pair of whiskers, seemingly containing the entire strength of the beast – capable of sweeping through everything. It presided in front of the camp like a great mountain. When it showed its sharp fangs, the ground was as fragile as paper, evident by the five deep marks.

People were naturally frightened. This dragon had the power to easily kill a minor True King.

Remember, Chen Shuwei was at this level. Even his two legions didnt have anyone above this realm.

However, their combined effort created a being far more powerful. He relied on the Dragonwhisker Whip to create a draconic formation, nearly multiplying their strength by a thousandfold.

“Strong indeed, funneling the power of several hundred experts into an imperial weapon. Even a True Saint wont be able to take it, this is something capable of fighting a True God.” A clan member was aghast.

“Eat this!” Chen Shuwei roared and the dragon imitated him before smashing its claw down at Li Qiye.

Space was shattering like glass even before the final impact. This was enough to crush the world itself to the horror of the crowd. Some grand True Saints werent confident in escaping unscathed.

“A bit interesting.” Li Qiye smirked without any batting an eye.

“Raa!” A draconic aura also crazily oozed from him in the shape of a wild dragon. It was strong enough to crush the sky vault.

“Raging Dragon!” The experts and ancestors here recognized the merit law. Some were still shocked despite it being his second time using the technique.

They thought about it and knew that it was impossible for them to reach this efficiency using the technique.

“Boom!” The raging dragon stopped the claw from the gigantic one. The world quaked by the impact.

It was a successful defense but the raging dragon exploded into multi-directional gales that cut through the trees nearby.

“Die now, brat!” Shuwei didnt expect for Li Qiye to easily stop an attack from their formation and imperial weapon.

The whiskers came down again from the sky. At the very apex, the two suddenly became infinitely larger like two mountain ranges slamming down, capable of crushing all of Ivory Gap.

“Rumble!” Their size wasnt the scary part compared to their imperial aura pouring down like a waterfall.

The strongest things in the formation were the two whiskers, containing both the power of the whip and the formation.

“Boom!” The crowd was astonished by this star-moving power. Some people couldnt help screaming.

“Thats too much.” A True Saint murmured before this attack. It was impossible to run from the two whiskers slamming down on both sides.

“Just a childs play.” Li Qiye casually raised his hand and created numerous sword hymns.

Countless swords flew to the sky and sang their song. Eventually, these heavenly swords expanded to a massive size, able to cut down the celestials above.

They culminated into a gigantic sword dao that could reach anywhere in the world.

“Boom!” The whiskers suddenly felt insignificant before this sword dao. It pierced through the whiskers and even gained more momentum. The gigantic dragon was the next victim to this dragon-slaying thrust.

The dragon was falling down but Li Qiye didnt stop there. The monstrous swords behind him slashed downward. Not to mention a dragon, even an army of gods would die instantly.

The beast was cut into countless pieces, resulting in a rain of flesh and blood.

At the same time, heads were flying in the sky. The experts from the Chen couldnt dodge this massacre. The swords decapitated virtually all of them as blood gushed from their open neck. The heads could actually see their severed body but couldnt say anything despite opening their mouth wide.

“Insane Sword Dao!” Han Feng from Ancient Temple was amazed.

Even the ancestors here gasped in response. The name of this technique was too much to take.

“Boom!” Shuwei was cut down from the sky and fell heavily into the ground, grievously injured.

He was the only survivor in this formation thanks to the timely protection of the Dragonwhisker Whip. Nevertheless, his head was nearly cut off so the pale youth was stricken with fear.

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