Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 787: Slaying God-Monarchs

The crowd nodded approvingly at the two formations piercing at Li Qiye. The Peng deserved their current status, proven by their battle abilities.

“Raaa!” As the two formations were coming closer, a dragon roar came out of nowhere. To be more exact, it was a raging dragon letting the world know of its madness.

In the blink of an eye, everyone saw Li Qiye disappeared and replaced by a massive dragon. It went wild and raised its claws. Its energy and sharp claws destroyed everything in its path.

The two formations in the form of a spear and saber were instantly broken. The troops returned but the raging dragon rushed forward. The ranks were in disarray.

“Ah!” Screams and blood were everywhere. The disciples of the Peng got their flesh torn to pieces. Blood went deep enough to fill the nearby gutters and ditches. The terrible stench made others want to puke.

More than one thousand disciples were being massacred in this manner. Their screams added to the horrifying atmosphere.

After finishing its task, the dragon disappeared and Li Qiye came back on more on top of the fleshy bits. He walked through the blood and carnage like a blossoming lotus. This was an asura coming from hell. His nonchalant and leisure expression instilled fear to the very soul.

“Raging Dragon!” The ancestors from the clans shouted. One of them gasped and stated: “This is definitely a main-branch disciple, groomed with all available resources!”

They thought about the Wang Clan. Raging Dragon was one level higher than Insane Force – one of the most tyrannical arts left by Insane Ancestor. Clans of the four great powers, such as the Chen and Wang, had access to this particular merit law.

However, not just anyone can cultivate this merit law. For example, many disciples could handle Insane Force, but not Raging Dragon. Only high-status and truly gifted disciple could do so.

In their clans, those eligible to learn this technique were definitely the most important disciples, such as Silver Fox Xu Zhijie and Grand Tutor Chen Shuwei.

At this moment, these ancestors confirmed that he was the next imperial candidate from the Wang!

It didnt take long before the Peng was annihilated, leaving behind only Peng Chujun. This was a scene of hell that made some of the spectators vomit.

“You…” Chujun was horrified and began to staggered backward as Li Qiye inched closer. Fear overwhelmed him.

Of course, the rest of the crowd felt the same way while staring at Li Qiye.

“You, youre too cruel!” He stabilized himself and decided to fight to the death!

“Cruel?” Li Qiye said flatly: “This is considered cruel? When one lives by the blade, they need to be ready to die to the blade. Such naive words coming from an old man like you. Without being cruel, others wouldnt have called me Fiercest. Killing like this is only an appetizer to me, not worth mentioning.”

Chujun trembled after hearing this.

“Fiercest?” People havent heard of this title before, but they surely would have it memorized from now on.

“Only an appetizer…” One spectator was shivering. Killing more than one thousand disciples was only an appetizer? Then how terrible would the main course be? Blood would probably fill the sky. He didnt dare to imagine such a thing.

Chujun was full of regrets. He had far underestimated Li Qiye, not expecting their legion to be unable to withstand a single blow!

“Unfortunately, its too late for regret now.” Li Qiye could read the guy and said: “More often than not in life, people only get to make a choice once. Theres no turning back now – one misstep and lose everything.

“Clank!” Chujun took out a sword with endless flame oozing from it. Even those far away could sense its incredible heat.

“Boom!” It exuded boundless light like the rebirth of a True God.

“A True Gods weapon!” An older expert recognized it right away: “Its from their progenitor, a third-level True God Treasure!”

The aura of a True God left other breathless. Chujun was channeling all of his energy into it so his progenitors will was awakening.

“Ill take you down with me!” Chujun roared, He had no other choice at the moment but to fight to the death!”

“Clank!” He unleashed a slash like the descent of a galaxy, capable of splitting the earth into two halves. Nothing could stop its sharpness.

Li Qiye simply spread his palm in retaliation.

“Boom!” In a split second, a massive tornado took form in the sky as if it was the end of the world. It could suck everything inside. The nearby area was completely ravaged and torn to pieces.

A monstrous sword emerged from the tornado as its symbol – containing all of its destructiveness.

“Insane Bladestorm!” An ancestor from Sacred Institution was horrified.

Those who recognized this move felt the same way. This was a defining sword technique of Insane Court, one of the three greatest sword techniques.

Moreover, only ancestors from the great clans could cultivate this particular technique. It represented the systems prestige and authority.

Thus, these ancestors were naturally aghast to see it from a junior.

“Boom!” The bladestorm stopped Peng Chujus slash.

His True Gods sword was indeed ferocious but was unable to stop the tornado. The sword was blown flying, same with Chujun who was now completely bloodied.

“Crack!” So many bones of his broke from the impact. At the same time, the sharp gales lacerated his flesh down to the bones. Some even penetrated his body completely.

“Bam!” He fell on the ground. It took a long time before he could climb up again. It was a miracle that he was still alive.

“You shouldnt have attack my followers. Today is your demise.” Li Qiye said as he walked closer.

Chujun was grievously wounded with no power to fight. He mustered all of his strength to crawl towards the camp of the Chen.

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