Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 786: Immortal Emperors Cage

The entire scene was quiet; only gasps could be heard. Li Qiye was unbelievably swift in his massacre of several hundred experts from the Peng Clan. Furthermore, these experts were relatively renowned too.

The crowd felt a chill by their neck after seeing the dead executioner, especially the clan members who had badmouthed Li Qiye earlier. They instinctively touched their neck, making sure that it was just fine.

Not to mention Grand Tutor or Silver Fox, even the hidden ancestors from Upper Faction and Sacred Institution were shocked.

Insane Force was not considered a top merit law among the ones left by Insane Ancestor, but a junior like Li Qiye using it to such a perfect level? No one from their faction would dare to say that they could use Insane Force better than him.

He casually threw down the executioner like trash before looking over at Peng Chujun: “Did you get a good look? Thats how I killed your son.”

“You!” Chujun almost vomited blood after hearing this as if a hammer has just struck his chest. He took several steps back to compose himself.

Li Qiye casually waved his hand and the shackles and chains on Shengping and Sijing crumbled. The two quickly got behind him.

“People say that I am merciless and cruel.” Li Qiye said: “That cant be further from the truth. So now, I will give you one chance. Commit suicide and I will spare your clan.”

A while ago, the crowd would sneer at him for making this declaration, but no more. All eyes were on Peng Chujun now.

His pale expression wasnt so pretty. He naturally couldnt commit suicide because his clan could still go for an all-out attack. He didnt believe that a nameless junior could destroy the clan.

“Lets go!” He shouted.

Metal plates rushed out of the ground and formed a prison, trapping the three of Li Qiye.

“Inferno Cage, huh? Looks like the Peng came prepared.” Silver Fox was surprised to see this. He glanced at Chujun before telling Grand Tutor.

“This is a treasure created by a True God from their clan, quite mighty.” An elder said with surprise.

Chujun snorted and said: “Little brat, Ill kill you today to avenge my son!”

“Im afraid you will never have the chance, wanting to trap me with these scraps?” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“Go!” Chujun gave the order after being looked down upon.

The experts from the clan ignited the flame in the cage. It didnt take long for a fire to come from all over the cage. It carried green rays resembling sharp blades, capable of flaying the flesh.

“The flame of a True God!” The older experts instantly knew what was going on.

This level of flame was capable of instantly rendering a weaker cultivator to ashes.

“Youre dead!” Peng Chujun declared while staring at the endless flame engulfing the group. He was eager to watch this grisly scene in order to satiate his thirst for revenge.

“So weak.” A leisure voice came from inside.

People looked at the cage and saw Li Qiye standing there nonchalantly. There was a faint glow exuded from him and enveloped Sijing and Shengping as well. None of them was touched by this flame.

Chujun was aghast and gave an order: “Add more power, kill them!”

Several hundred more disciples joined the ranks and poured in their true energy like a flood into the cage. The flame became empowered as a result after a loud boom.

This massive flame once again surged at the group and drowned them out completely. The howl of the flame resembled a raging fiery dragon, wishing to incinerate everything inside the cage to ashes.

No longer seeing anything but the fire let Peng Chujun heave a sigh of relief. Same for Grand Tutor and Silver Fox. They have considered Li Qiye to be the representative of the Wang Clan, a strong rival for them. His death would mean one less powerful enemy.

“Little animal, youre ashes now!” Peng Chujun was ecstatic – the joy of successful revenge permeated his very core.

“Boom!” After he finished speaking, the cage suddenly started flying.

The disciples empowering it were smashed to a pulp without the chance to scream. Some were rendered to mists of blood with haste.

“Deactivate it!” The shocked Chujun gave the order.

The experts from the back retreated then leaped to the sky in order to avoid the flying cage. However, it was flying with an unstoppable momentum just like a meteor.

“Bam! Bam! Bam!” Rains of blood ensued after the initial impact.

The ones that jumped into the sky werent spared at all. It was a scene similar to a boulder rolling over mud statues; they had zero chance to resist.

“Bam!” The cage finally slammed into the ground inches away from Peng Chujun. The frightened guy rolled back and escaped with the fastest speed.

The plates finally came apart and fell on the ground.

Li Qiye and his two followers were standing there – not even a single hair of his was burnt.

The crowd took a deep breath; some nearly dropped to the ground. Those who thought Li Qiye was only boasting had the biggest reaction.

“We cant let him live.” Both the young geniuses had a murderous glint in their eyes. Li Qiyes power had exceeded their imagination.

He was too big of a threat now. If he were to leave Ivory Gap alive, he could really become the future emperor. This was the best time for them to strike before the army of the Wang came along.

“Take him down!” Several elders roared after seeing Li Qiye so close to their clan master. They led the remaining disciples to kill Li Qiye, not giving him a chance to breathe.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” Two massive formations were formed – one in the shape of a spear and the other a saber. These were elite disciples instead. They have fought numerous battles for the court and showed their merciless prowess on the battlefield.

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