Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 777: The Bet Begins

problems first.” He nonchalantly replied.

Qingling stared at him in a daze, thinking that he had turned crazy at this moment to be able to make such a comment.

“Who do you think you are? A True Emperor, or a progenitor?” She snorted while revealing the realities of things: “The throne of the system cant be decided by one person alone. Even if the external powers choose not to participate, the ones in the court will struggle to the very end. The four great powers will balance out each other before deciding the next emperor through negotiation.”

The four great powers themselves had to reach an internal consensus through deliberation. For example, Sacred Institution was divided into the Northern Territory and Southern Courtyard. If Silver Fox from Northern Territory wanted the entire institution to help him, he must convince the Southern Courtyard to back him up as well. Otherwise, Southern Courtyard could have their own candidates, and the power of the institution would be divided.

“Thats because youre not me.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “Your rules are meaningless to me, I can appoint whoever I want as the new emperor. Sacred Institution? Upper Faction? Futile. There are countless clans and sects in this system, but only one dao source. As long as it is around, I am the lord of this place, understand?”

She stood there, confused and befuddled while staring at him in a daze. She was now confident that this was not an ignorant or an insane man. The problem was the content coming out of his mouth. She didnt know how this ordinary-looking fella was going to take care of the great powers and suppressing all the other clans and sects so that Wang Han can take the throne.

If someone were to be capable of this feat, it would be a True Emperor produced by the system. This was the only being who could be above the laws and force all other powers into submission. Otherwise, it would only be a fools daydreaming.

“Thats why you should be cherishing this opportunity and seize it.” Li Qiye raised another empty cup.

She inadvertently followed his command in a natural and instinctive manner as if she was his maid.

“Hmph. Egomaniac.” Her wits returned and she realized what had just happened.

“I dont know about that, but I do know that without training, you will not become a True Emperor regardless of your great talents and comprehension. There exists a tribulation, all will be for naught if you cant overcome it.” He said slowly.

“Nonsense!” She disagreed: “You dont think I know my own situation better than anyone?”

“Is that so?” He smiled in response: “I know that your two dao from True Emperor Chu and Insane Ancestor are not meshing well. The merit law from the emperor, regardless of how amazing and powerful it is, still originated from the grand dao of the progenitor. Thus, in order to go further, the most suitable merit law is still from the progenitors foundational methods. Unfortunately, there are too many fools in this world, only seeing whats in front of them. Instead of cultivating these foundational pillars, they chose to pick the high-level imperial laws. But if the foundational methods were useless, the progenitor wouldnt have used them to create the dao land here, shaping them into the very foundation of this place!” He looked at her and said.

She was certainly shocked because he had aptly revealed her current situation.

In fact, many ancestors were aware that the merit laws from True Emperor Chu were no match for the progenitor.

However, a few thought that she was too gifted. Cultivating these foundational methods would only be a waste of time.

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