Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 777: The Bet Begins

Both Silver Fox and Grand Tutor were actually older than Chu Qingling but they were only minor Young Kings.

Nevertheless, they were considered experts among the young generation. This was the reason why they were candidates for the emperor position.

Even the late emperor was only a Grand Saint back then. However, she was a True Saint or even stronger at such a young age. This was indicative of her wonderful dao, power, and talents. No wonder why the ancestors all viewed her with such high regards and thought that she could become a True Emperor. [1]

This was indeed the truth. The only thing she was lacking was experience and time.

The fury of a True Saint was naturally terrifying. Thats why everyone backed off and maintained a safe distance.

“Youre not my opponent.” Li Qiye leisurely said without looking at her.

This only made people think that he was even crazier. She was strong enough to beat many members of the older generations. Only ancestors could take her on.

“Leave!” She uttered coldly with a frightening aura. The weaker disciples felt their legs growing weak.

The doors were pushed open as everyone ran out. Some even rolled on the ground, knowing that this place was about to be a battlefield. If they didnt make it out in time, they could be rendered to mists of blood.

“Boom!” The windows and doors were shut tight after everyone left. The entire inn seemed to be sealed now.

“Dont worry, Ill give you some face by keeping the beating behind closed doors.” She asserted.

If it wasnt for Wang Han asking her to take care of this brat, she would have beaten him into submission, unable to leave his bed for months.

Few knew that she had a good relationship with Wang Han. However, one was from the Wang Clan while the other from the Chu Camp. Moreover, Wang Han was in charge of the secular institution while Qingling focused on becoming a True Emperor. Thus, these two rarely had opportunities to meet. Nevertheless, their relationship remained tight.

Wang Han was accused of misconduct by the high elders and was in danger of being deposed. She managed to get a maid to bring a letter to Qingling, telling her to take good care of Li Qiye. Of course, this letter didnt include information about Li Qiyes identity.

Qingling was being nice enough to help Li Qiye out this time so that he wouldnt fall under the combined siege from Upper Faction and Sacred Institution.

“So I should be thanking you? What an interesting little girl.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “However, your skills right now arent enough to beat me. Even if you become a True Emperor, it still isnt possible, unless you were to have the same fortunes and creations as Insane Ancestor, that might be challenging.”

Qingling herself finally thought the guy was crazy. She didnt think that she could take anyone on in this world. Furthermore, she even believed when the guy said that she wasnt his match right now.

But the consecutive boasting was too much. Even a True Emperor wasnt his match? Only someone like Insane Ancestor was qualified to take him on? The guy must have a bad case of delusional grandeur.

Not to mention Insane Court, but even in all of Three Immortals, how many would look down on True Emperors like this? As for a progenitor? No one would dare to challenge one. Progenitors were untouchable existences. Only at the highest realm would one truly understand how strong a progenitor was. But now, this nobody was doing so. He must be tired of living.

“So ignorant.” She couldnt understand his confidence and said coldly: “Your words alone are deserving of death. If it wasnt for Her Majestys request, you would have died here today.”

She couldnt get why Wang Han respected this guy at all. The queen was smart enough to know better. How did this brat convince her otherwise?

Li Qiye wasnt surprised by her response and said: “If it wasnt for Wang Han, you wouldnt have the fortune of today. Come, pour my drink already.”

She nearly vomited blood from anger, especially because of his lazy and relaxed demeanor. Everyone would want to punch this annoying face.

“General Chu, please do it.” Yang Shengping handed her the pot and blinked at her repeatedly.

This wasnt an attempt at pleasing Li Qiye or to take her down a notch. He did it because he was aware of Li Qiyes true identity.

Shengping wasnt a big shot at Insane Court but he was aware of her potential and wanted for her to become a True Emperor. After all, as a member, he wanted the court to grow stronger. That would only make the future more promising for Grand Sword.

Shengping didnt want a seed like her to be destroyed here. That might be the result if she were to anger Li Qiye. This was why he handed her the cup. It was a signal, an attempt to help the courts future.

Li Qiye naturally understood this and only smiled.

She had an illusion while holding the wine pot. This feeling was too strange; it all felt so natural as if this was how it should be. Her pouring the wine for Li Qiye wasnt something out of the ordinary at all.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye continued to do his thing over there with Sijing.

Qingling stared at him and asked herself:Is this guy mad?

But he certainly wasnt crazy. That relaxed demeanor couldnt be from a madman. What else could he be though? He had the composure of someone who wasnt afraid of Mount Tai falling down.

A madman wouldnt be respected by the queen whose abilities she knew too well. Wang Han must have reasons for doing so.

Li Qiye tapped on the table and ordered, interrupting her train of thoughts: “To the brim.”

The girl seemed to be possessed and actually walked up next to him, pouring wine into his cup. Every action felt so natural. She was no different from a maid serving him, and he was fully deserving of this blessing.

The atmosphere resembled the flow of water – in accordance to the order of this world. No one should be surprised by this scene.

Anyone else would find this treatment from her a supreme honor, but not Li Qiye. His presence here made the unreasonable reasonable, the illogical logical.

After pouring several more cups, she finally escaped from this stupor and gritted her teeth from anger. Since when did she follow orders like a maid? His attitude as if this was completely normal infuriated her even more! She was ready to take this anger out on someone.

1. A word is missing for the realm of the late emperor. Im guessing it is Saint, could be King as well but that seems too weak

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