Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 767: Invincible Bones

He didnt leave the room for the next several days while trying to digest these new memories. They included secrets that others wouldnt even realize were important. Only someone of Li Qiyes level could see through the clues.

It wasnt only due to his experience but in this world, no one understood Xiao Shi more than him. He meditated on his bed, as still as a statue, with a momentum piercing through time.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes as if something got his attention. He got up and went outside.

“Young Noble!” Zhu Sijing shouted, pleasantly surprised.

She was worried that something had happened since he didnt leave the room at all. This was a huge relief for her.

He didnt say anything outside of a command to Yang Shengping: “Prepare a carriage to leave the palace.”

Shengping went to carry it out right away. He didnt know what Li Qiye wanted to do but prying wasnt the right choice here. It didnt take long and he chose the driver position as well.

They left the palace and eventually stopped by a mountain to the west.

This place was blessed with lush vegetation and foliages. Many trees grew in this area but for some reason, the leaves here all had a faint tinge of red to them. The entire mountain looked like it had a shade of red as a result.

When the wind blew, these leaves would flutter and from the distance, creating a scene resembling waves of blood.

Li Qiye got off the carriageand looked at the mountain with a penetrating gaze.

“This place?” Shengping was surprised to see the chosen destination.

Sijing came along and felt something amiss: “This mountain is quite strange, I hear someone screaming.”

“None.” Shengping shook his head and smiled: “You must be hearing the leaves unique to this area. Maybe the waves of blood make you think you are hearing angry shouting.”

“Maybe.” Sijing replied.

“No.” Li Qiye said: “She can hear something you cant, not because of a superior sense but rather her race and its innate talents. This is one of the reasons why people think this race is creepy. Shes actually telling the truth.”

“There are screamings?” Shengping was startled and at the same time, curious about this innate talent.

He was aware of the races unpopularity. Rumor has it that a Mutebane was unlucky. Nothing good would happen when one was around. But now, it sounded like there was something else going on.

Sijing was surprised as well since she didnt know of this particular gift. After all, her race was few in number and scattered all over Three Immortals. She thought that she was only hearing things earlier.

Li Qiye was already climbing up the mountain while the other two were lost in thoughts so they had to catch up.

At the ridge, he saw a stone tablet. It was flat and old without any symbol or word. His gaze became penetrating once more.

“The angry screaming is coming from below this place.” Sijing said.

“Hmm, there is a legend like that in this place. Maybe it is real.” Shengping batted his eyes and said.

“Well, what is this place?” Sijing became curious.

Shengping smiled wryly: “This mountain is named Relinquished Bones. A very amazing forefather from Insane Court is buried here.”

Sijing became even more curious: “Ancestor, shouldnt the forefathers be buried in a shrine or cemetery? Why here? Is this his tablet?”

Shengping didnt know how to answer because it was something people didnt want to talk about in Insane Court.

“Because hes a sinner, not eligible for an official burial ceremony.” Li Qiye said flatly.

Shengping forced a smile, not knowing what else to add. The girls interest grew even more. Grand Sword was a tiny place so she didnt know too much about the rest of Insane Court.

She stared with anticipation at Shengping, wanting to know if it is true or not.

He sighed, realizing that Li Qiye wanted to help the girl so she needed more knowledge about the system before earning a spot in the upper echelon.

“Yes, the Young Noble is right.” Shengping had to reveal: “The old ancestor buried here is very powerful – Virtue True God. He was one of the most gifted ancestors and created a heaven-defying merit law. Alas, this method was sealed later on; no disciple is allowed to cultivate it. You must keep this in mind.” He warned.

“Why is that?” She inquired.

Shengping wasnt in a position as a junior to criticize an old ancestor. The true god still contributed greatly to the dao system before.

“Because he entered the heretical path.” Li Qiye helped him out.

“Yes, Heretical Blood Devour is a forbidden art in our system. Anyone who is found in violation would either be banished or have their cultivation destroyed.” Shengping warned again.

So it turned out that the merit law created by Virtue True God was named Heretical Blood Devour – derived from the Mad Scripture.

Mad Scripture was created by a True Emperor with the title, Madblood. This particular emperor had quite an accomplishment on the path of insanity and madness, but Virtue took it even farther.

“Why is it a forbidden art?” It was her first time hearing about this merit law.

“It requires directly drinking the enemys blood, allowing the user to go crazy. The more blood, the more ferocious and crazy, which results in more power. Because of this, many in our system have cultivated it. Alas, it bred animosity from the other dao systems due to its cruelty. Later on, we had no choice but to destroy it.” Shengping was sentimental having to talk about this past that should be forgotten.

Because of Insane Courts declination, Virtue was hellbent on taking this power back to its golden day. His merit law allowed him to have a virtually unstoppable eruption of power.

Other members of the system followed his path later on. He and his group were unstoppable and defeated the enemies from the other systems, massacring them in the process.

However, the cruel nature of this art was considered heretical by the other systems. Just like that, the reputation of Insane Court faltered. Many systems in Myriad Lineage decided to form an alliance and attacked Insane Court. They declared their intention of destroying such a heretical lineage.

Insane Court had no chance of stopping this alliance. A full-scale war would certainly meant destruction. Because of this, the previous protector of the dao source, Asura Heavenbattler, had to kill Virtue!

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