Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 765: Sacred Ancestor

The workers paused after hearing this newcomer. After all, they had no reason not to sell so they looked at Li Qiye.

It was Young Lord Peng who already had two prior conflicts with Li Qiye so he was quite antagonistic.

Right now, he saw that Li Qiye was interested in the rock so he wanted to buy it right away!

Wang Han was not happy about this. Though the Peng was powerful, they were no match for the Wang. They were only relying on one of the other four great powers of Insane Court, the Upper Faction.

“Young Lord Peng, dont be so unreasonable. Take one step back and bask in the immensity of the heaven and earth.” Wang Han said with a serious tone.

“A servant like you dares to talk to me?” Peng Weijin snorted at Wang Han and told the workers: “How much is this? Pack it up for me.”

“Young Noble, this rock is priced at 1,300,000 saint true coins.” The worker immediately said.

“Thats fine, I want it even if it is only a useless piece of rock.” Weijin was naturally pained after hearing this sky-high price but he still bought it in order to keep up the facade.

He thought that Li Qiye wouldnt be able to beat this price so the rock was his for sure. Though it was painful paying so much for one, he would feel much better after taking the guy down a notch.

“Hmph, you all probably dont have that much spending money but as for me, when Im in the mood, spending several millions is no big deal!” He sneered while looking at Li Qiye.

The guy looked so ordinary. What was he relying on to act like a hidden master earlier?

Li Qiye didnt bother giving him a single glance. He grabbed the rock from the hand of the worker and took a careful look.

“Back off with your dirty paw! Thats mine now. Assistant, pack it up for me.”

“Three million!” Wang Hans expression darkened. Being disrespectful towards Li Qiye was the same as being disrespectful towards her. She told the worker: “Assistant, I will pay three million. Pack it up for my Young Noble!”

Weijin turned ugly after hearing this because Li Qiye didnt look at him at all, only his servant was naming this crazy price. It was as if he wasnt qualified to talk to Li Qiye, only enough to talk to a servant.

“You!” He glared angrily at Wang Han.

He was at a difficult position and couldnt back off because of face. Three million was a ridiculous price. If it was a precious item, then it would be more tolerable to gather this sum. But the problem was that it was only a rock. Spending more than three million was too wasteful.

True coins were the currency of Three Immortals. They also had more uses such as acting as the building blocks of a dao lineage or as the fuel for a formation.

This coin was created from the essence of a true stone – each of them must adhere to a specific size, three inches long and nine maces. [1]

Anyone in Three Immortals could refine these coins. However, the requirements were absolute or it wouldnt be usable in the market.

The value of a true coin was predicated on its quality. For example, one at the saint level was created from a true stone of the equivalent level. One couldnt use a saint-level stone to refine a god-level true coin.

They could be carved on supreme formations to act as the fuel, just like the stones. However, it was much more powerful and extravagant to the point of being wasteful.

The Peng was rich and Weijin never had a lack of money, but it wasnt worth it spending three million coins for one rock.

“3,100,000!” He gritted his teeth and went all out. If he was going to go big, then he would go all the way. Many people in life acted in this manner, unable to swallow their anger.

“5,000,000!” Wang Han said flatly. Li Qiye didnt need to bother with such a trivial matter.

The Peng was no match for the Wang in terms of wealth. As the queen of the system, Wang Han herself was quite wealthy. How could a young lord like Weijin match her in this regard?

“You!” Weijin couldnt handle this exorbitant sum.

“10,000,000!” Wang Han ignored him and actually doubled the bid on herself. She could afford it easily and just like him, she wasnt someone who could swallow this anger.

Weijin was shuddering with rage due to the slap just now, leaving him no room to back down.

He could still hang on at five million, but ten million was simply too much, not to mention that they were bidding on a simple rock. It would have been better if it was Li Qiye “slapping” him since he provoked the guy first. But now, a servant was doing so! The whole thing was utterly humiliating.

“Just a lowly servant, daring to act like this! Its not the place for you to speak!” Weijing directly scolded, no longer putting up a courteous act.

Shengping and Wang Han naturally didnt like this. She was still the queen of the system, representing its authority and prestige. Thus, this insult was a big deal.

It didnt matter who was going to rule in the future but she was still representing the orthodox branch right now. No one would dare to address her in this manner, not even the ancestors who wanted to take over. Insulting her was the same as insulting the dao system.

This could go either way. If they decided to ignore it, then it wasnt a big deal. Or, they could pursue it to make a grand event.

“Peng Weijin, you are out of line!” Shengping shouted and gripped his sword hilt, eager to fight.

Weijin had no fear of Shengping. The guy might be stronger but his clan was countless times stronger than Grand Sword. Plus, they had the Upper Faction behind them.

“Shengping, you think youre a big deal? Only a high-level hound at best!” He snorted: “Killing you is akin to crushing an ant in our clans eyes.”

“So bold!” Wang Han uttered coldly: “You think your Peng Clan can do whatever it wants in the royal court?”

“And if I do?” Weijin proudly said: “We might not be able to do whatever we want, but killing a lowly servant like you is too easy!”

“Bam!” Wang Han slapped and made him flying with blood gushing out from his mouth.

“I will kill you!” He cried out with a twisted expression after losing several teeth and lunged forward.

Alas, he stopped in his track because he saw a royal badge in Wang Hans hand.

He turned pale, understanding the significance of this particular badge. The queen of the system was here.

He dropped to the ground and crazily bowed his head: “Your Majesty… I, I was blind to have offended you, please spare me, please spare me!”

He was scared out of his mind, not expecting this servant-in-disguise was actually the queen of the system!

His clan was powerful but offending the queen meant death. Not even Upper Faction could save him.

Wang Han maintained her death stare in response.

1. A mace (Chinese: 錢; pinyin: qián; Hong Kong English usage: tsin;[2] Southeast Asian English usage: chee[3]) is a traditional Chinese measurement of weight in East Asia that was also used as a currency denomination. It is equal to 10 candareens and is 1⁄10 of a tael or approximately 3.78 grams.

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