Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 68: Violet Yang Ten Sun 2

too used to being arrogant, its about time someone gives them a taste of their own medicine.” Some were secretly gloating with glee.

It was virtually impossible to not be annoyed with the abyss after coming to Godhalt, but they had no choice other than to play the part. Only the truly powerful would be fine with not giving the abyss any consideration. The majority had to pay tributes and protection fees.

This prompted dissatisfaction for many. Alas, this was Godhalt, and it had become a custom of sorts. People could only endure this tradition.

So now, when Fierce was causing trouble for the abyss, many felt very happy. Even though they didnt dare to express this publicly, they were feeling quite good inside. It was about time for someone to teach this overbearing sect a lesson.

The Illustrious Inn was the largest inn at the Divine Tree Ridge. It was opened by the withered and built on top of a tree that pierced the sky.

At this time, the entire venue had been reserved by the abyss sect master, the Spirit Beastmaster, who was receiving guests. Of course, only those with great backgrounds were eligible for such treatment, such as ancestors from imperial lineages.

The beastmaster was drinking tea with an ancestor at this moment. The ancestor was from the Ancestral Terra — an immensely prestigious background.

If this was any other place, a sect master wouldnt be qualified to sit; they wouldnt be on the same level as this ancestor. However, at Godhalt, even a behemoth like the Ancestral Terra had to give the abyss some face. After all, the disciples of the Ancestral Terra were still suppressed by Godhalt. They needed the abyss help to lift this suppression.

There was a darker side to all the tributes and gifts that get handed to the abyss. Those who enter Godhalt without visiting the abyss wouldnt receive any help from them. Moreover, this sect would purposely cause trouble or even rob them. A common fate would be getting killed in order to keep this a secret. This was precisely why many cultivators went missing at Godhalt. Outside of the dangers looming on this continent, a considerable amount of outsiders were robbed and killed by the abyss. In fact, the majority of visitors were aware of this, but no one dared to expose it since they still needed the abyss assistance while visiting Godhalt.

The beastmaster was talking about worldly affairs while keeping this ancestor company. Rumor has it that this persons heavenly reflection could summon various divine beasts and use their power. Because of this, others referred to him as the Spirit Beastmaster.

At this time, the beastmaster suddenly put down his teacup and looked outside. His eyes immediately turned cold.

Two people came inside the inn — Li Qiye and Ye Xiaoxiao. Although the master had never met Li Qiye before, he had seen his portrait. He knew what happened the moment Li Qiye showed himself.

“You must be that Spirit Beastmaster.” Li Qiye stood there and glanced around before staring at the beastmaster.

Many cultivators were watching from afar. They all followed Li Qiye here and hoped that he would be able to teach the abyss a lesson.

“Li Qiye!” A murderous glint emerged in the beastmasters eyes. He understood that his disciples were finished off.

This made him gnash his teeth in anger. At Godhalt, who would dare to touch their tigers whiskers? But now, not only did Li Qiye kill their disciples, he also killed the beastmasters direct disciple, the next sect master!

“Yes, thats me.” Li Qiye leisurely smiled: “I heard your abyss wanted me to confess my crimes.”

The beastmaster coldly uttered: “Its too late for that now!”

“Oh, I see.” Li Qiye chuckled before continuing: “I didnt want to confess anyway. Its only the Spirit Abyss, theres not much to it.”

The spectators had grown accustomed to his arrogance. They felt that this was only natural. It would be strange if Li Qiye wasnt this aggressive.

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