Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 67: Violet Yang Ten Sun 1

quietly whispered with a lack of confidence: “Does Huang Yuxuans group have any chance at all?”

“Im afraid not. Fierce is too monstrous. The wisest thing to do when you meet someone like him is to run instead of opposing him unless death is on your mind.” An expert who had seen Li Qiye in action before shook his head: “Alas, the abyss cannot let this go so Yuxuan cant escape death. They cant be blamed either due to their position as rulers of Godhalt.”

A paragon who knew that Li Qiye had slaughtered God-Monarchs before emotionally commented: “If Li Qiye can be suppressed, Yuxuan will at least have a chance to escape. Otherwise, theres not much else that can happen.”

“Buzz!” The group activated their divine reflections. It shone brightly and appeared like a great tree blotting out the sun.

“Roar!” A gigantic divine beast rushed out from this mirror. A beastly aura engulfed the world with its coming.

After seeing the beast, someone exclaimed in horror: “A Pixiu!”

“The divine reflection of the Spirit Abyss… Remember, the Dream Empyrean are the ones who can exert these reflections to their highest potential. They can even derive a divine beast out of it. Such an accomplishment is indeed amazing.” A sea demon spoke with a tinge of envy.

A divine reflection was unique to charming spirits; they granted them a great advantage over the other races. The reason why they produced so many grand completion Immortal Physique users and physique laws was also due to their divine reflections.

In Heaven Spirit, the abyss and the empyrean were considered to be the most gifted lineages at using their reflections. Some even believed that they were able to use these reflections to their maximum potential.

“Bang!” One Pixiu stepped out after another to form the formation. The rest of the disciples disappeared, leaving behind only gigantic beasts to face Li Qiye.

This was Huang Yuxuans Pixiu Formation. It relied on their reflections to turn into Pixiu laws. They would utilize the power of these legendary divine beasts to kill their enemies.

These monsters exuded a terrifying aura, especially the one from Huang Yuxuan. It was even bigger with a body of a mountain. One stomp from it could render any enemy into a pulp!

“Pixiu Formation, quite an illustrious one.” An expert commented: “I heard Huang Yuxuan used this formation to trap the Extreme Yang Monarch back then. The monarch couldnt break out even after spending three days. Its a pity that this group has met the wrong person. Theres no way that this formation can trap him!”

“Roar!” All the Pixius in the formation roared at the same time. Their cries echoed across the world. Just this was enough to scare all of their enemies.

“Rumble!” Next, the earth quaked with loud blasts as the beasts advanced. Their sheer numbers and size made everything else seem insignificant. Even the most powerful cultivator would be torn to pieces.

In fact, ordinary paragons would be aghast when faced with this type of formation. It could even contend against God-Monarchs.

Li Qiye simply smiled and slowly reached out with his right hand in the face of the incoming horde of Pixius.

“Boom!” His right fist spontaneously combusted. With a series of explosions, it started to tremble as if he couldnt control his own fist.

“Boom!” In a split second, this fist was burned to the limit and exploded. This explosion was very powerful like a sun that used up all of its refined sunfire. All of the power within erupted right away.

Such a violent explosion had unimaginable power. A terrifying refined sunfire rushed out like a towering flood towards the Pixiu Formation. This fiery storm immediately drowned the beasts, causing them to disappear in a flash.

“Whoosh, whoosh!” The solar storm eventually returned to his right hand alongside all of its power.

At this time, everything was annihilated, not even ashes were left behind. Huang Yuxuan and several hundred disciples from the abyss disappeared completely.

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