Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 729: Alchemy City


Not only was the prince excited about the possibility of his family being alive, the fact that someone else could survive from the final battle also meant that this epoch could still be saved.

“But if people have returned, why were their epochs still destroyed? Why couldnt they guard it?” He thought about something else.

“Thats the most interesting part, and one of the reasons why I want to go to Nonexistence.” Li Qiye chuckled: “If Im correct, some have made it to the end of the ultimate expedition and left successfully.”

“What? If thats the case, why didnt they return and protect their epoch?”

“No one knows.” Li Qiye shook his head: “Well, leaving doesnt mean abandonment. This is why the ancient world is still around.”

Many epochs have been destroyed but there were remnants, for example, Hope or the wildland. Nevertheless, there was no life in those places.

This ancient world was an exception. It certainly didnt belong to the current epoch yet it was full of life. No one knew how or why someone was able to leave it behind in this manner.

“Because of this, someone was able to reach Nonexistence from this place, no, more than just one. Nevertheless, even the lord of an epoch must go alone on this journey. Being able to take people with them would be too unbelievable.” Li Qiye said.

“Wait, why didnt everything end after someone came back from the expedition? Why did they still let the cycle continue?” The prince found this illogical.

“Isnt that interesting? What would you do after reaching that height?” Li Qiye asked.

“Guard my epoch and stop the collapse.” The prince immediately blurted out. This was the goal of so many wise sages. People have spent too much effort on this path, including his father and grandfather.

“But someone chose against that.” Li Qiye said: “Maybe he moved his epoch or only worried about himself, or maybe, he chose to abandon everything.”

“Why abandon everything?” The prince didnt get it. If he had such power, he would definitely never give up on his own epoch.

“Im not them so I dont know.” Li Qiye said flatly: “Perhaps he found that the world isnt worth saving, or perhaps he felt that something even worse would come of it. Or, he is actually guarding his epoch even now, we just dont know about it.”

The prince didnt respond since he couldnt look further into this issue despite his considerable power.

“Then what would you do, Your Excellency?” He asked with a serious expression.

“You want to know whether Ill guard the epoch?” Li Qiye shook his head: “I wont, but I wont just leave either. The final battle is only the beginning for me personally, so Ill keep on fighting. Thats my answer.”

“Keep on fighting.” The prince was shaken. Viewing the ultimate expedition as another starting point? When will it end for him?!

The prince nodded, finding it unnecessary to comment any further.

Just like that, the two talked about other things, such as preparing another strategy for the academy again for the darkness in the future. It needed to survive the dark years in order to become the guiding beacon for everyone else!

“Boom!” Suddenly, a loud explosion resounded from the depth of the ancient world with chaos energy oozing out.

A nest from this place flew out, made from some unknown immortal wood. Laws and wondrous light floated around it. It seemed capable of gestating some incredible items.

A massive dragon and tiger were shouldering this nest, using the strongest technique in order to raise it. Alas, the nest didnt want to leave and dropped down again.

Detonations continued as the two beasts repeatedly struggled to move the nest.

“Thats incredible.” The prince praised.

All the ancestors looked over; they didnt know the ancient world still hid this level of an item.

“Look like they found it.” Li Qiye smiled: “Thats the ancestral nest of their races, their origin, and birthplace.”

“Returning to the source…” Asura appeared and joined in: “Maybe we will be able to do that one day.”

“Lets not do that.” Li Qiye laughed: “Returning to the source might not be good for us, a bloody, abyssal jaw is probably waiting for a bite.”

Asura was surprised but Li Qiye had no intention of elaborating.

“Up!” The two roared and used all of their power and technique, not even minding burning their longevity blood.

“Boom!” The entire ancient world trembled. Something seemed to have been uprooted completely. Next, the two were finally able to raise the nest fully to the sky.

They crossed through space and appeared above the academy while carrying the massive nest, blotting everything out.

“Your Excellency, well be going now.” The dragon was ecstatic and told Li Qiye: “If you need us in the future, our two races will be under your command, to the death!”

Despite shouldering the heavy nest, they still bowed towards Li Qiye for what he had done for them!

This nest was too important and would change the future of their races completely.

“Go now, congratulation. Your races will prosper with many children from now, heading straight for the apex of this era.”

The happy beasts roared and left with the nest.

“We should go too.” Everything was done here so Li Qiye gave the command.

“Boom!” The academy once again sealed this world. It disappeared and the academy leaped out of the nine firmaments!

In the next second, the sceneries changed completely. The ancient world was nowhere to be found and they were back in Arrogance. Everything was still the same in this place.

“Were back!” The crowd rejoiced after seeing the familiar landscapes.

This naturally attracted others attention and caused quite a stir.

Many experts didnt know what was going on with its overnight disappearance. People were nervous since it was the symbol of the hundred races.

Its return calmed people down and they quickly came to congratulate. Alas, for the sects with monarchs attacking the emperors, they were scared out of their mind. The return of the academy meant that their ancestor monarchs had been killed!

This was a terrible development for them! All they could do now was wait nervously for the inevitable wrath!

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