Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 725: Ambushed


The two beasts were startled after remembering this. They have indeed never seen thirteen palaces before.

Everyone knew that twelve palaces were the extreme but Li Qiye had broken this belief, the only person to do so.

Thus, the two became skeptical about the current cultivation scene of the thirteen continents. The dark overlords were good examples as well. Perhaps there was a higher realm above having twelve wills?

“A few things remain ungraspable before having twelve wills. After fulfilling these requirements, they might be worth chasing, the reason why Immortal Emperor Min Ren and Deep South Divine Emperor chose to go on the expeditions.” Li Qiye added while the two were in a daze.

“How does one cultivate afterward? What kind of path is it? How come people never talked of this?” The dragon asked so many questions.

“Some things are purposely shrouded by others so the world does not know. For example, how much do you know about the first expedition?”

The two beasts pondered for a bit. There have been six expeditions in history. The second was started by Origin; third by Fei and Deep South; fourth by Gu Chun; fifth by Min Ren; and sixth by Qi Zhen…

However, nothing was written down for the first one. The starter and other participants remained unknown. If it wasnt for the first one, the one began by Origin wouldnt be called the second.

Why the lack of information? What was the purpose of hiding everything about the first expedition? Everyone was always curious about this mystery but according to Li Qiye, it seemed that the truth was closer than they thought.

Li Qiye changed the topic with a casual comment: “The existence of immortals might not be a good thing.”

The two didnt expect this. Becoming an immortal was the pursuit of many, the object of fantasy. The statement sounded like a rude awakening.

The group finally entered the depth of the ancient world. Alas, this was a quiet place unlike the liveliness outside.

“Hmm…” The two beasts took a deep breath.

This was a gray world with a withered tree towering to the sky, acting as a bridge towards the horizon. Its fallen branches were still big enough to look like huge mountain ranges spanning across the land.

“This is a divine tree, well, divine in our era, at the very least.” The dragon picked up a bark for a sniff: “Very similar to our own Golden Divine Trees. I know an imperial lineage of the heaveners with a tree similar to this, only eight meters tall though. Who knows if it is the same one.”

He was amazed by the sheer size of these branches after death and could imagine just how majestic it was during its prime.

If a Golden Divine Tree at eight-meter tall was considered a treasure, then this particular one was simply priceless.

The two beasts had no words to describe this broken world or their current emotion. If such a paradise were to exist in the present, people would be driven mad with greed.

“Wait a minute, a paradise for trees…” The two became ecstatic after realizing something.

“Thats right, the thing you are looking for is right here.” Li Qiye nodded and led the way.

The two calmed down and quickly gave chase with excitement. They have spent so much effort yet unable to find this thing. Today, they could finally accomplish their long-cherished wish.

As they delved deeper inside, there were more branches coming out of the mud all the way to the sky. They twisted and turned, resembling a massive briar blocking the way. The two beasts felt quite down because the branches have lost their divinity or they would still be very precious.

Finally, they reached a precipice made out of branches. There seemed to be a nest down below.

“The thing youre looking for is down there. Good luck.” Li Qiye pointed over yonder.

They looked forward and only saw the fog. Perhaps there was an endless world looming below with numerous branches.

“I can feel its breath.” The dragon focused his gaze and became serious.

“Right, just as Ive remembered.” The tiger arched its chest, seemingly becoming several thousand years younger.

“I have carried out my promise taking you two here.” Li Qiye told the two.

The two bowed towards him and said: “Your Excellency, you are a great benefactor to our races, well form a shrine worshipping you in the future.”

“Go now.” Li Qiye chuckled and left.

The two glanced at each other afterward. The tiger asked: “Old Dragon, are you ready?”

“Million years of searching just for today, lets go.” The normally elegant dragon was rather fierce this time around and turned into a dragon to jump into the abyss.

“Im coming!” The tiger didnt want to fall behind and roared, revealing its true form and jumped into the world below with the dragon.


Meanwhile, Li Qiye was heading for a different place, even farther inside. He climbed up the sky and reached a gigantic planet above. There was nothing here since no creature could survive in this place.

“Activate!” After a brief survey, Li Qiye shouted and created the dao and laws.

The planet creaked heavily and split apart, allowing him to enter inside. It had been blessed before by an apex existence of his epoch so it was impregnable.

A jade pond was inside with surging liquid. This liquid serum was unique, pure with a tinge of gold.

“Using the momentum to bring back the soul for a body creation…” Li Qiye said.

He then took out the yellow cloth and the figure appeared again: “Looks like your father predicted your fate so he left behind this for you.”

The girl was silent for a bit before speaking: “Just put me in the pond.”

He smiled and placed the cloth inside. Mists started coming out as it sank to the bottom; perhaps these strands of vapor were her soul being taken out of the cloth.

The figure became increasingly smaller as more mist came out.

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