Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 719: Grand Birthday

The world was hushed into silence. A dark overlord left in indignation after nearly losing his life while leaving behind his heavenly treasure, the Death Coffin!

The overlords by the dark portal had nothing to say either. The outcome of this battle was unexpected; they thought their side would certainly win.

After all, that guy was oppressively powerful on top of having True Bones and the coffin. Not too many in this realm would be able to take him!

However, he still ran in defeat while suffering grievous losses. Years and years and he might not even be able to reach back to this top form again.

“Unfortunately, he wanted my dao heart for himself. If he were to work with you all and share some soups, then maybe I could have been destroyed.” Li Qiye smirked before the dao portal.

“Boom!” He got no response from them and the portal crumbled.

They didnt wish to take action due to not knowing whether Li Qiye had other ace cards or not. Plus, his group had the upper hand right now. If they were to come unprepared, they might be walking into a trap and be toyed with like their brethren just now. A quick cost analysis made them leave right away.

The second Li Qiye dispersed as well and the crystal pillar returned to Li Qiyes palace.

His real body glanced towards the horizon, aware of the person who stopped the dark overlord from escaping earlier. He gently sighed and became relieved – at the very least, she was still alive.

“Boom!” At this time, World Emperor finally made it to this spatial coordinates.

“World, you want to fight again?” Mortal Reversion stopped his path. Immortal Monarch Yi Ye joined in as well.

World became serious after seeing these two.

“Geezer, youre here at the perfect time.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “How about a deal?”

“I, Qian Daoxin, will not negotiate with you.” World said sternly.

Everyone held their breath while watching these two. They all felt bad for World because he was alone working for the three races. Meanwhile, the Dark Crow had both Mortal Reversion and Yi Ye. His camp was certainly stronger.

“Dont be so sure, Geezer. Your descendant is in my hand, its not good to say no so quickly.” Li Qiye smirked.

“Dark Crow, kill me then, see if I utter a single scream! A Qian is never afraid of death!” Sword Emperor shouted.

Their group was pinned to the ground by the executions and couldnt escape.

“How brave, Qian descendant, but dont be hasty now. You might not be afraid of death, but your ancestor might not want that to happen.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Clank…” Li Qiye channeled the twelve laws and pierced completely through Freesky and Oblivions groups.

“No!” They screamed, knowing that it was over. Their wills were being sucked away – all was for naught.

“I hate scums like them most.” Li Qiye said emotionlessly while looking at the corpses.

The surviving Grand Emperors such as Darkness and the ones from Celestial Court felt the fear of death, knowing that it was before them.

“Geezer, can we talk now? Of course, Im patient enough to kill them one by one until you decide to talk.” Li Qiye said.

World remained cold: “Let go of this idea, I wont be negotiating with you!”

“Is that so?” He looked over at Sword Emperor: “Such a good boy, a bit arrogant and crazy, but quite a firm dao heart. If I kill him, your clan will be without a successor.”

“Do it, Crow! My clan has plenty of descendants; they will surpass me in time!” Sword remained staunch.

“I will, but saving you for last.” Li Qiye said before turning his eyes towards the other Grand Emperors from Celestial Court and Heaven Authority.

“Brother, there is no lack of firewood as long as the verdant hills remain. We heaveners require capable talents; a few things could be regained again, but talents are hard to groom.” Darkness told World.

World also looked at the emperors from Heaven Authority while they stared back at him. He was the only one who could save them right now.

“What do you want?” He acquiesced in the end.

“I know your clan has an item, something I want, of course you get it.” Li Qiye smiled.

“No.” World refused instantly. Their clan would never hand over the thing he wanted. In fact, he already had a good guess when the crow wanted to talk. There was only one thing from their clan that could tempt the crow.

All eyes were on World; they didnt know what this item was.

“I rather die instead!” Sword screamed. Though he has never seen the real version, he was aware of its importance. It was priceless to their clan and only World knew its location.

“Brat, you have a big mouth.” Li Qiye sealed Sword completely before clapping with a smile: “Dont worry, Im not asking for much, just a copy will be fine.”

World pondered for a bit, seemingly hesitating.

“Brother, you can get it again in the future.” Darkness hurriedly told World.

World glanced at the group once more before gritting his teeth: “Only if you release all of them!”

“Youre being greedy, Geezer. But alright, Ill make an exception since you are essentially my father-in-law. Nine, you may pick nine. As for the rest, I will have to apologize for refusing. This is me being quite generous already.” Li Qiye teased.

“Your Majesty!” The surviving emperors addressed him in the most respectful manner!

World eventually spoke with a dark expression: “Fellow Daoists, I have tried my best.”

He eventually picked nine Grand Emperors including Darkness and Sword along with seven members from both Celestial Court and Heaven Authority.

“Im a man of my words.” Li Qiye laughed and removed the executions on them: “Congratulation, gentlemen, for surviving.”

Sword and the others slowly retreated behind World Emperor, ready to listen to his orders henceforth.

“As for the rest, Ill send you guys off now.” He then smiled at the ones left behind.

These ones closed their eyes, knowing that no one would be able to save them today. World had tried his best to protect the heaveners in order to leave behind sparks for the future.

“Pluff!” The twelve laws pierced through their body and dragged out their wills.

The survivors watched this scene with difficulty. This would have been their fate as well.

“Brother, I owe you my life again.” Darkness bowed deeply at World in order to show gratitude for his concession and sacrifice.

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