Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 680: Rebirth

The ancestors were occupied with sealing the ancient world so this was the best time to invade the academy at its weakest. At this moment, a few teachers realized the incoming danger.

A few students didnt recognize the delicate situation and heaved a sigh of relief: “Looks like were saved.”

“Boom!” The void suddenly broke apart by someone above the academy.

The majestic yet terrifying aura of a Grand Emperor descended all over the academy. The guy had no intention of hiding his might and let it roam free.

Many were startled by this sudden intrusion and looked up in the sky. They saw a figure with fluttering black hair.

It was an invincible Devil Emperor with a dao portal right behind him. One could instantly use it to get here.

“Fellow Daoist Winged-Oblivion, why are you here?” The hoarse voice of the previous headmaster answered this appearance.

“Oblivion… thats the progenitor of the Oblivion Clan!” A student gasped in horror.

“Thats him alright. Twelve fate palaces and ten wills…” A student from Emperor Mansion nodded with a solemn expression.

“A ten-will Grand Emperor is here…” Some naturally turned pale.

Arrogance was the world of the hundred races right now. However, it didnt mean that the three races lacked footholds here. The Oblivion Clan was one example.

This ancient clan had four emperors on top of a great foundation. Thats the reason why they could stand strong at Arrogance.

Winged-Oblivion Devil Emperor wasnt here in person but with that portal, the real body could come at any moment.

“When a whale is about to die, the bloodthirsty shark will come running to have their fill.” The shadow of the emperor spoke: “And thats what the academy is, a delicious whale while Im a shark. The stench of blood is here and I am ready to feast.”

Oblivion stated his intention and ambition in a straightforward manner. This was a world where the strong prey on the weak. There was nothing shameful about this so he had no need to be a pretentious gentleman.

The students shuddered after hearing this. They realized that the progenitors words also represented his clan. It meant that as long as Oblivion took action, it meant that the other three emperors would be on his side as well.

There was no doubt that there were four emperors preying on the academy right now.

“Your ambition is quite grand.” The old headmaster declared sonorously: “The academy has stood strong for generations, it wont fall down now. Let go of this thought and leave in order to avoid a costly mistake.”

The old headmaster was still as confident as ever against a ten-will Grand Emperor and the ones behind him.

“Well just see about that, Fellow Daoist. I am patient and will wait for the whale to be exhausted. Thats how the sharks hunt their prey, waiting for the weakest moment and go together.”

Nevertheless, his words still struck the students mind. These ancestors of the academy were occupied right now so this was the best opportunity for the emperors.

Oblivion wasnt the first nor the last to covet the academy in the thirteen continents. So many were ready to pounce on it at the moment.

Though it had produced many High Gods and monarchs, these people might not be able to help the academy in time. In fact, to be perfectly frank, a few of them would already be considered kind not to backstab the enemies right now. The truth was that the academy was too tempting with its treasures.

“Poof.” A while after, a very faint noise popped in the sky like a hatching seedling coming out of the ground. Strangely enough, everyone could hear it.

This was indeed the case. A green vine was growing in the sky – one branch then one leaf at the start before taking roots everywhere.

It wasnt slowing that quickly but all eyes were on it since it was harmonizing with the grand dao, more than enough to open another world.

Lush it was then withering was next as if it was experiencing multiple cycles. The leaves on the branches turned yellow and fluttered away with the winds. Nevertheless, it has taken roots into the voids. The old branches had barks as tough as iron scales now. Suddenly, it ignited in entirety.

A figure appeared in this flame, seemingly coming from a thicket of an ancient past and had an aura of vicissitudes. With his appearance, the branches became all-encompassing, capable of understanding all locations in the thirteen continents.

“Fellow Daoist Bai Lian, excuse me for a lack of reception.” The old headmaster greeted the fiery figure.

“Immortal Emperor Bai Lian!” People were shaken to hear this name, including those hiding in the shadows. They realized some of the big shots were coming now. [1]

“An Immortal Emperor from the nine worlds…” The students were still nervous, not knowing whether he was here to help or to destroy the academy.

This was a rather famous emperor because he was a top alchemist. His peers would often ask him for help in pill-making.

He came from the Stone Medicine World and was the progenitor of the Bai Lian Clan. Rumor has it that he used to be a Hundred Refinement Vine Tree. It eventually found the dao and became the emperor. He could experience numerous cycles without dying but this was without verification.

“Youre too kind, Fellow Daoist.” The emperor said: “I am here with several friends, wanting to make a deal with the academy. Are you interested?”

These “Fellow Daoists” were naturally on the same level as him and should be emperors. It showed that he wasnt alone this time.

“What kind of deal?” The old headmaster asked.

“I heard your academy has a High Heaven Scroll, considered to be the greatest of all time. We dont want much, just this artifact alone. Of course, we wont be so inconsiderate. Give the scroll to us and we shall aid you in this crisis. What do you think?”

Everyone was startled to hear this because it was taking advantage of the situation, forcing the seller to bend to their whim.

Meanwhile, the hidden masters were talking to their own group about this particular artifact.

There have been rumors about it for a long time now – that this particular artifact was the strongest out of all the High Heaven Scroll in the thirteen continents. It was the defining item of the academy.

No one could give a definite answer to this particular rumor but many emperors were certain that there was a scroll here. They just werent sure whether it was the strongest or not.

1. Hundred Refinements/Best Refinement

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