Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 615: Aghas

are to say anything.

“Is there anything else you would like, Young Noble?” She asked respectfully.

“No, just dont disturb me, Ill be researching in the upcoming days.” Li Qiye waved his hand and said.

“I will certainly pass on your message to the elders.” Qianxuan didnt dare to show any slight and told him. This supreme existence was surely going to do some incredible research here.

“Go now.” Li Qiye ordered.

Qianxuan didnt dare to waste his time. She told Xinxue a couple of things before drifting away like a goddess.

Xinxue stood there – petrified – after seeing the conversation between the two. Not to mention the students, even the teachers were respectful towards Qianxue due to her cultivation, background, and beauty.

But now, this ordinary-looking man, no, teacher, had this type of attitude towards Qianxue. He waved his hand as if her godlike status didnt matter at all.

“Little girl, why are you just standing there?” Li Qiye flicked her forehead and said.

She immediately regained her wits and turned red from acting so silly in front of a teacher. She spoke quietly: “Teacher, please, please come over here, to your place.”

There were too many empty rooms in this place. It wasnt a problem for Study Room to accommodate fifty thousand students. Thus, Li Qiye easily got a place.

Nevertheless, she still found the best pavilion for him. It took up an entire peak by itself and had a full view of Study Room. When standing in this place surrounded by clouds, one could actually reach for the stars.

Li Qiye didnt need to say anything. Xinxue moved around like a spinning top, cleaning and sweeping the pavilion until not a speck of dust remained.

After she finished, Li Qiye nonchalantly sat down and looked at the girl with sweats dropping down her forehead.

“Why did you pick Study Room? Others rather go to Hundred Halls or something else.” He carefully analyzed her.

She was nervous to be under his gaze. She felt as if nothing could hide from him, that she was staring naked before his all-seeing gaze.

“My…” It took a long time before she answered with a soft voice: “My family… cant afford the fees for Hundred Halls.”

She lowered her head in shame after admitting this. Li Qiye responded with a smile: “What do you like the most here?”

There was no oppressive aura or divinity, but his leisure stare was scarier than everything else.

She didnt dare to lie to him and whispered: “I like… reading the books here.”

“Hmm, there are indeed countless books here, some are quite interesting. Though they cant improve ones cultivation like the merit laws, but they can grant you a lifetime of benefit and higher vision. A few records from the emperors are especially profound and insightful.” Li Qiye nodded seriously.

She completely agreed with his statement so her eyes lit up: “Youre right, Teacher. There are so many things here, rumors about the emperors that no one else know about. Some even had stories about the nine worlds, the elders and seniors dont want to talk about this matter.”

The girl was a bookworm since an early age. Of course, the things she read were considered a waste of time by cultivators, such as historical scrolls.

Nevertheless, she viewed these books as treasures and always enjoyed reading them.

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