Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 615: Aghas

Li Qiye put down his hand and didnt give the flying Chensheng a second glance. He simply said: “Im not that forgiven of a person. A disobedient boy deserves a slap.”

The students here were scared out of their mind. This was the first time they saw a teacher hit a student so hard. This guy didnt go easy at all.

“Go back.” Yu Qianxuan looked at the students and ordered.

“Young Noble, please enter. I represent the academy to welcome you in as a teacher to our humble abode.” She then told Li Qiye.

Li Qiye nodded at her before turning to Yao Ting and get her a playful flick: “Little girl, try your best in order to not bring shame to your ancestors. Come find me if you need anything.”

With that, he followed Qianxuan into the entrance.

Yao Ting stood there in a daze, unable to digest what had just happened. In the beginning, she thought that he was only an ordinary expert, not someone who could become a teacher at the academy.

Keep in mind that the teaching requirement was unreasonably high at the academy. In terms of cultivation alone, they needed to at least be High Gods. So now, one could easily extrapolate his power level. It was quite silly for her to help him previously, so she thought.

Meanwhile, Yan Chensheng had already run long ago, carried away by his friends. He wanted to teach Li Qiye a lesson but he ended up losing all face with no way of paying the guy back. Even if he was more furious, he could only swallow his anger.

Qianxuan led Li Qiye towards Study Room. It was still ten thousand miles away despite being the closest to the southern gate.

One would be completely surrounded by nature while traversing through this place. Enormous rivers and divine peaks in the clouds, mountain ranges seizing the land and trees covering the sky. All in all, the sceneries here were majestic.

Buildings and pavilions scattered on top of these landmarks. Cities on the river and peaks, filled with people and merchants. This was pretty much a country without the governing infrastructure.

“Study Room only has three students.” She explained during their walk: “Is that alright with you, Young Noble?”

“Thats fine.” Li Qiye didnt mind: “Time is changing, everyone is in a rush to cultivate nowadays, forgetting about a few other things. But perhaps not, maybe people have always cared more about immediate and obvious benefits, and Im only looking through rose-tinted glasses.”

“I heard the elders say that in the older eras, there were more students in Study Room.” She smiled wryly.

How many would actually want to learn history at the academy? They were here to cultivate and learn merit laws and techniques. The former seemed to be a waste of time and effort in the eyes of cultivators.

“Thats the difference between ordinary people and sages.” Li Qiye continued: “Some people understood this and could handle the boredom, so they eventually stood at the apex. The emperors left behind Study Room not only for others to remember them or to be written down in the historical annals.”

“If people could understand this, they would never lament a lack of techniques to learn.” She nodded, much more aware than others due to her origin: “Mortal Reversion Ancient God is one of them.”

Everyone knew that Study Room recorded the deeds of the emperors and the tales of the thirteen continents. They believed that this was a library in order to pass on the tales and majestic achievements of the emperors.

Alas, the academy was a monstrous and ancient existence. It left behind something like Study Room and listed on the same level as the other four classrooms? It surely had its reasons that ordinary people wouldnt understand right away. Only those who could handle the loneliness of the dao could benefit from this place.

Mortal Reversion was the perfect example. His techniques werent from Study Room, but he was able to focus all of his time into research here. Ultimately, he gained the most complete version of the Mortal Reversion Art in the world, establishing an incredible foundation for him.

“Nothing we can do about it, people can do whatever they want.” Li Qiye leisurely said.

“Is there something you want while staying at Study Room?” She asked.

“Just meals should suffice, nothing else.” Li Qiye chuckled and said.

She didnt know what to say. A character like him wouldnt have come to their academy for no reason. No one at that level would have so much free time. Alas, she had no way of guessing his intentions. Neither did the elders at the academy.

“Whats wrong? Go ahead and speak.” Li Qiye smiled after seeing her hesitation.

“The elders want to know if you actually need anything. They can help you find it.” She said with prudence.

“I know.” He smiled: “Those geezers are restless, thinking that Im up to something, but thats quite normal. Is Asura still alive?”

“Ancestor Asura is still in this world.” She shuddered after hearing about this existence.

“Take this to him, hell know who I am.” He casually handed her an item before ordering.

She took a gander at it but couldnt see anything special before putting it away: “Rest assured, Young Noble, I will give it to the ancestor. Is there anything else you want?”

“Not right now, let me rest for a few days.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “Little girl, I know you have questions. Thats right, Im indeed here to find something, but the elders wont be able to help me. Even emperors like Fei and Deep South couldnt research it, let alone them.”

This nonchalant statement made her astounded. These were top existences that have started an ultimate expedition. But now, he said that they couldnt find this item? Just what could this mystery be?

“What now? Since when did the academy become so careful? The relationship between it and the repository is strong, but even without your sects help, no one can touch the academy anyway. Since when is it afraid of others?” Li Qiye continued.

She hesitated because certain things shouldnt be said.

“I see, a few things have changed.” Li Qiye said: “The era is changing and so is the academy. Perhaps this is a type of tribulation.”

The topic was too heavy and outside of her jurisdiction, but she felt that he had guessed a few things.

Study Room was different from the other classrooms, desolate and not as crowded.

It was built among the hills scattering everywhere. Just like that, one could see buildings on top and even around the sharp cliffs.

Stone bridges connected the perilous gaps. Lonely stony paths connected everywhere while the leaves fell from the trees. This place looked quite serene.

It was as if this place didnt wish to be disturbed. People walking here felt an urge to soften their pace.

But once inside Study Room, only those who were strong enough could sense something special. Ordinary cultivators couldnt feel this aura at all.

“So many emperors have stayed here and left behind their marks. Fei and Deep South truly toiled to leave behind this land. Unfortunately, the future generation doesnt understand it.” He chuckled and said.

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