Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 574: Meeting The Lost Mythical Island Again

This insect formation had quite a battle record too after taking down many ancestral grounds from great powers. Generational resources and blessings of the sages were all trampled, leaving many without homes.

As mentioned previously, it even took down an imperial foundation left behind by a Grand Emperor and flipped it to the sky. One could easily imagine how fierce it was from this tale alone. Thus, the experts nearby quivered. Some felt a deep hatred while grinding their teeth since they were victims of this formation in the past.

“Let the wretched be judged by the holy light.” Li Qiye glanced at this gigantic insect and said.

“Rumble!” The world quaked as the insect ran for Li Qiye. Despite its massive size, its agility was still incredible just like a falling star with a mountain-crushing momentum.

It raised its sharp fangs straight at Li Qiye. The main space instantly collapsed from this particular move.

However, he nonchalantly flapped his wings forward and blew the insect flying out of the wildland, creating a huge crater.

“Boom!” The insect crawled up again for a second assault.

With the same disdain, Li Qiye used his holy wings again. They pushed down and made it sink deeper into the ground, creating thick cracks from the impact point.

The insects four legs struggled crazily in order to escape. Alas, it was of no avail.

How could the High Gods power be enough to resist this holy power? It had swept through multiple generations and opposed the darkness of an epoch.

The crowds lower jaw was hitting the ground after seeing the easy submission. This was one of the cavalrys ultimate moves! Some emperors didnt wish to mess with this formation either, but Li Qiye was having such an easy time.

“Well see how long you can last.” Li Qiye declared before his wings became more resplendent.

“Rumble!” The earth sank down even more with the insect. Now, cracks were appearing on its thick carapace. If this went on, this creature would be done for, smashed by the holy wings.

“Will Combination!” Suddenly, Sentry Arrow Devil Emperor shouted.

“Bang!” The four emperors seemingly became nothingness as if their body was melting. Their wills soared to the sky and with a deafening blast, fourteen wills fused together in an amazing spectacle. Everything became insignificant before this single will; it seemed to be able to crush everything with ease.

“Buzz.” Though the emperors have disappeared, the arrow was still there. The single will was controlling the tiny arrow.

It started spinning like crazy but it wasnt the only thing. The world, sun, moon, laws, and dao were all rotating with it.

“Whoosh!” No one could see the shooting arrow since it was empowered by fourteen wills, not even ordinary High Gods.

After some poofing noises, the four beasts fell to the ground and turned back into death energy scattering to the wind.

With another wind-breaking trajectory, the arrow went straight for Li Qiye with a murderous momentum. Not to mention low-level High Gods, even Tamedragon would shudder before this attack since he wouldnt be able to block it.

It was indeed a technique capable of slaying gods and emperors. Though the spectators couldnt see the attack at all, they could definitely sense that death was the most likely outcome.

“Boom!” Sparks went flying. The attack was ineffective, stopped by one of Li Qiyes holy wings.

Everyone lost their mind after seeing this, including Sentry Arrows group. This was their most powerful attack yet it didnt leave a single mark on Li Qiye.

“Not bad. Since you all were capable of killing the four beasts, you are qualified to witness my abilities.” Li Qiye nodded approvingly.

With that, he dispersed his wings and holy light, reverting back to his original appearance.

“Boom!” The Skyplowing Insect was freed and immediately crawled back up.

At this time, the four emperors and nine High Gods returned to the scene.

“Lets go!” Before the emperors did anything, Tamedragon shouted and began to flee with his brothers.

They were truly scared. In the beginning, they thought that there was a chance of victory when working together with Sentinel. Now, it was clear that they have underestimated Li Qiye.

This group wasnt heroic at all. At the first sight of trouble, these bandits would immediately run. Honor, fame, and prestige werent worth a single coin in their eyes.

“Boom!” But they slammed into an invisible wall and were pushed backward.

“Activate!” The group roared, wanting to break through the barrier. They used all types of laws and their strongest weapons to make it out.

Alas, the result was still the same. The invisible wall had cut off their retreat path. People could enter but no one could leave. The aghast group finally realized that they had entered a trap set by Li Qiye.

The spectators looked down on this contemptible action by the High Gods. In the beginning, there was a grand and righteous rhetoric of killing evil for Pures sake. But now, they ran faster than anyone after seeing the enemys strength.

Even the four emperors were coldly looking at them. No wonder why they couldnt become emperors.

“Dont think about escaping now.” Li Qiye nonchalantly added.

The gods were pale. They glanced at each other and Tamedragon stepped out with his fist cupped at Li Qiye: “Senior, your dao is invincible in this world. We juniors have broadened our horizon and are completely overwhelmed with respect and awe.”

“Is that so?” Li Qiye couldnt help but smirk after seeing the shift in attitude.

“We juniors are frogs under the well, not knowing that you are an unbeatable immortal in the contemporary.” The High God smiled: “Our ignorance had offended you, Sir, who comes from above. Please forgive our insolence and punish us.”

The High God put on a subservient act in order to beg for mercy, a distinct contrast from his aggressive act prior.

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