Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 571: Swallowing Three Ancestors

“Buzz.” Seals of death appeared everywhere in the form of intersecting lines. This profound death energy permeated the entire place. At this moment, the wildland became a death zone.

The amount of death energy under Li Qiyes possession was unreal and could reach all the corners of the world, allowing him to support the re-animation of any creature, regardless of their power.

“Rumble!” The entire area quaked once with sands flying everywhere. The ground would suddenly rise as if countless dead creatures wanted to crawl out from being affected by his death energy.

Alas, without the summoning of the Death Chapter, they couldnt actually come out.

“Zzz.” In this split second, things got out of the ground in all four directions.

To the south was a tiny pig the size of a face-washing basin. It was pink with runes around its body. Its ears were huge, nearly covering half of its body. There was also a horn growing on its forehead with a holy glow. This pig was extremely cute, not ferocious at all.

From the west side, a creature resembling a praying mantis came out. Its entire body was separated and floating in the air, yet still connected as one. This was similar to how a puppet connected by invisible strings would look.

On the north side came a sturdy bull, a specimen of physical prowess. Alas, when it was coming out, one could hear sands rustle because its body was actually made from sands. Some specks would occasionally fall down.

Finally, the last creature was to the east – a tiny insect only the size of a palm with a green hue. It was quite fat with many fleshy pockets like an overweight caterpillar.

Li Qiyes energy was strong to the point where these creatures came out in their living state instead of being skeletons.

They instantly rushed to Li Qiyes front and faced the four emperors.

“Let them be your warm-up. If you cant even take them on, then youre not worth my time.” Li Qiye sat there and declared.

Everyone was stunned to hear this. Two insects, one pig, and one bull to face four emperors? Thats too illogical.

Outside of the bull, none of these other things seemed strong at all. The emperors could probably crush them with one stomp.

However, the four emperors didnt share this belief. Despite a lack of frightening presence, intuition told the emperors that these dead creatures were quite frightening.

Furthermore, even people with their vast knowledge have never seen these dead creatures before and had no clue of their origin.

“Fellow Daoist, what are they?” Sentry Arrow stared prudently at the four monsters and still spoke in an elegant manner.

“They are known as the Four Beasts and have once ravaged an era.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “They controlled four different powers.”

Li Qiye usually responded in the same manner as his enemies. If they were polite, so was he. If they were rude, he would be ruder. Arrogant? Hell defeat them in that department.

“That little horned pig is in charge of strength. The mantis is in charge of space. That bull is in charge of belief.” Li Qiye introduced them with a cool demeanor: “As for that caterpillar, it is the master of time and the leader of this group, far stronger than the other three. They wont be weaker than emperors.”

It sounded like Li Qiye was talking to an old friend, not a mortal enemy.

Of course, emperors had their style and he had his own unique style. The former faced hardship before reaching their level, so someone as shallow as Wildlad was basically one in a million.

After hearing the introduction, the crowd still didnt see how they were powerful. The bull was impressive looking but it was still made out of sands. Just one touch would make it crumble.

Four Beasts? More like four pets.

However, the emperors remained cautious. Tamedragon High God felt the same way. Experts at their level could detect a general level of power.

“Ill start.” Sentry Arrow instantly picked his opponent, the caterpillar – strongest of the four.

The other three gauged their own strength versus the remaining beasts and picked their foe.

Like Li Qiye had said, if they couldnt defeat these four creatures, they wouldnt be able to get to him.

“Thump.” One emperor took a step forward and an armor automatically wrapped around him. He became quite majestic and muscular just like a jade pillar or a golden mountain.

He chose to fight the mantis so his first step was done to seal the spatial area around him.

“Buzz.” Next, this spatial area turned into a terrible dimensional storm with multiple layers collapsing on each other.

In this split second, the emperor and the mantis disappeared. They took their fight to a different spatial sphere.

“Lets go!” The Grand Emperor who chose the pig roared. He took out a celestial shield and slammed forward with an unbelievable amount of power straight at the pig.

This was enough to break through all things. Even a divine wall would collapse to pieces.

However, the pig simply knocked against it with its horn.

“Rumble!” Both the shield and the emperor went flying into the peaks nearby.

Everyone was caught off guard. A three-will emperor was blown away by a little pig?

“Boom!” The emperor rushed out from the pile of rubbles. He was completely fine since he had a body as tough as metal. Slamming through those peaks didnt affect him much.

In a split second, the little pig has already appeared in front of him. It didnt have any wasteful moment, only using its horn against him.

Its power was strength so just the little touch of its horn could pierce through the earth. This was a physical force of indescribable magnitude.

“Activate!” This emperor turned his three wills into a divine wall, capable of expelling everything.

The majestic power of the wills seemed so endless for all emperors. This was the source empowering them.

“Bang!” The horn slammed into the wall. The emperor still staggered several steps backward despite having the protection of the wills.

This showed both the pigs power and the might of the Heavens Wills. Earlier, the celestial shield instantly shattered but his wills were just fine. Nothing was more precious and powerful than these wills for an emperor.

“Die!” The emperor retaliated with another attack fueled by an imperial art. His hand turned into a mighty axe and cut down vertically at the pig.

The pig squeaked and rushed straight at the axe. In just a short time, the two were evenly matched.

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