Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 564: Kun Peng Versus Golden Dragon

“Only wish to live on?” Li Qiye chuckled: “I have no intention of verifying your claim. I only want to say that before the darkness is gone completely, I must deliberate whether to massacre all of you first. Why is it that other beings in the world dare to approach me, but not your group?”

He went on in a relaxed manner: “It is all because of your origin. I have an immovable and eternal dao heart even in the face of total destruction. I come and exist with the world, an everlasting watcher. But you all, you come from the darkness, needless for me to expand on this. These are two opposite paths, which is why my dao heart is your nemesis.”

“Because of this, I dont mind that you all wish to survive, but a potential alliance with the darkness makes me wish to kill. The reason why I havent done so is not out of mercy, but that I believe that everything is possible in this world.” He stared intensely at them and finished.

“Everything is possible indeed.” The leader said: “Were here not to make ourselves more powerful or pray for a new force. We are praying for the true creator to point us towards the light, to deliver us from being an incomplete creation.”

“Were just like you and the others in the thirteen continents. We have flesh and blood, life and soul! We desire to live like an ordinary race instead of living in this pitiful manner in the shadows as nauseating abominations! We wish to walk in this world again without facing prejudice.”

He became more emotional: “Thus, we pray for a new chance at a normal life, for the creator to perfect our race.”

Li Qiye flatly answered: “I dont care whether you are telling the truth or not, but either way, I can only tell you the bad news. What you wish for is merely daydreaming. If your true creator could have perfected your race, he wouldnt need to wait till today.”

The Forsaken Bloods were not part of the thirteen continents. They were created instead of being born in a natural manner from the heaven and earth.

All along, the Wild Bloods couldnt leave the wildland but they always had this ambition. In this epoch, an incredible man had a strange idea and planned together with an overlord of the wildland. Their goal was to create a Wild Blood that could leave.

Just like that, a bizarre race was born – the Blood Forsaken.

Creating life was not permitted; only the heaven and earth had this privilege. Ones power and resources were meaningless.

But this overlord and the madman were heaven-defying enough. They actually managed to create a new life. Alas, it was an incomplete one due to the forbidden nature of the act. They had a hard time reproducing; the birth of a new required the death of an old – a devouring type of reproduction.

Furthermore, both of these beings paid a heavy price. Even though they hid in the remote region of the wildland, they still suffered the Heavenly Execution.

From then on, they were never seen again. As for the Blood Forsakens, true to their name, they were abandoned as a cheap imitation. Their lack of reproduction was their biggest flaw, one that was impossible to fix.

The members shuddered after hearing Li Qiye. They had a difficult time accepting this reality.

Living normally like the other races has been their goal all along. But the only person that could fix their race was their overlord creator. As for that ambitious madman, they had no idea who he was.

Thus, after a long period of preparation, their race came prepared this time around, hoping for their creator to finish what he had started.

The members had nothing to say, such a blow was too much for them to take.

“No way!” One expert blurted out. His voice lacked conviction for he had already known the answer long ago. Now, Li Qiye had extinguished their ray of hope as well.

Li Qiye chuckled and said: “If they had this capability, would he be hiding underground for generations in this place? Do you think they dont want to leave? Its just that theres nothing they can do against the villainous heaven.”

Even if they didnt believe Li Qiye, they could still speculate and agree with his logic.

Li Qiye glanced at them and said: “Regardless of your intentions, if your race truly wishes to live normally in the thirteen continents, I can point you on the right path.”

The group instantly exchanged glances with each other after hearing this.

Li Qiye didnt care for their permission and continued on: “Your races ultimate problem is because of the lack of permission from the world and the villainous heaven. No one can fix your flaw since it is a punishment. But there is a simple way. Forget your origin, weaken your instinct; be close to the world and its momentum, as long as your heart is bright, you will see light everywhere…”

Li Qiye explained a new profundity to the group. He didnt come up with it just now but this has been an area of research done by countless people in the past. Li Qiye simply analyzed them and came up with a new way.

It wasnt out of mercy either. He thought that it was a path worth trying and further researching.

The Forsaken Blood was an incomplete imitation. If they wished to change for the better, Li Qiyes idea was worth trying.

He was different from the overlord of the wildland. This overlord wanted the race to be a test, hoping that this race could help him leave the wildland. As for that ambitious man? He had his own motives.

As for Li Qiye, he simply wished to see the transformation of a race, to see if this path was possible in the first place.

If the Blood Forsaken could become something similar like the other races, it meant that there was a possible path outside of the worldly restrictions.

Li Qiye didnt wish to participate himself, only telling them the way. They must be the ones to walk it themselves.

The members here were still skeptical and darting their eyes at each other before turning at Li Qiye. They werent sure at all about his idea since it was virtually impossible.

“Why are you telling us this?” The leader spoke with doubts.

Li Qiye answered with a smile: “Who else am I going to tell if not your group? Is there a second imitation race in this world? Even if the idea is amazing, it is limited to being a worthless theory without actual testing.”

The members had nothing to say. He was simply using them as an experiment.

“Boom!” He closed the black coffin and threw it at the group. This scared the soul out of them as they quickly caught it since it was too important to them.

“Go, regardless of your intentions, I will give you a chance by not slaying everyone here. Leave this place before I change my mind!” Li Qiye declared.

The members finally carried the coffin and left this place. Even though they were absurdly strong, his aura was dreadful to them. They didnt wish to oppose him and rather try his idea instead.

After their departure, Li Qiye looked at the altar and smiled coldly with a bright flash in his eyes: “Enough sleeping, time to get some air.”

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